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1. Be Your Own Doctor with Acupressure

2. Be Your Own Doctor with Foot Reflexology

3. Be Your Own Doctor with Magnet Therapy

4. Nature Cure for Common Diseases

5. Juice-Diet for Perfect Health

6. Efficacy of Fasting

7. Prevent Heart Disease and Prolong Life

8. From Fat to Fit

9. Backache : Prevention and Cure

10. Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Without Any Fear

11. Panacea on the Earth : Wheat Grass Juice

12. Vision Training Programme

13. Care of the Eyes

14. Incurable Disease? Don't Despair

15. <\uto-Urine Therapy

16. Be Your Own Doctor Using REIKI

17. Yoga: Yogasanas and Pranayama for Health

18. Holy Basil Tulsi

19. The Pregnancy and Baby-Care Book

20. Health in Your Hands (Reflexology): Volume 1

21. Health in Your Hands: Volume 2 (Parts 1-2)

22. Defeat the Dragon

23. Homoeopathy for Common Diseases

24. Acupressure Chart

25. Shivambu Geeta

26. Defeat Depression

27. A Unique Remedy for A Hundread Ailments: Fasting

28. Health Aerobic and Beauty

29. Arthritis? Try Yogasanas

30. Health at Your Fingertips

31. Our Valued Treasure-Our Children

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