Palma Christi Castor Oil Packs

Dr. William McGarey, holistic physician and founder of the Association for Research & Enlightenment Clinic in Phoenix, Arizona has this to say of his nearly fifty years of healing experience:

Of all the many therapies I have used in my practice, none can compare with castor oil in its healing qualities and its variety of therapeutic applications. Sometimes it seems as though castor oil is good for everything that ails us. At the clinic we use it externally and internally, often experimentally, and we almost never fail to get good results.

Its Latin nomenclature translates as The Palm of Christ' and derives from its long standing as a traditional healing modality of many ancient cultures.

McGarey goes on to explain that' . . .the elimination internally and regeneration of the tissue are primary effects when castor oil is applied to the body. If this principle is exercised in therapy, much can be accomplished in the body's healing process/

Applied externally, as poultice, three to four layers of wool or cotton flannel soaked in warm castor oil are applied under a heating pad directly to virtually any part of the body requiring help or healing. Castor oil packs catalyze a dramatic reversal of many injuries and disease conditions, among them: abrasions, adhesions, appendicitis, arthritis, cancer, cholecystitis, cirrhosis of the liver, colitis, constipation, contusions, cysts, epilepsy, fractures, gallstones, gastritis, hepatitis, hernia, Hodgkin's disease, hookworm, incoordination, intestinal impaction, lesions, lumbago lym-phitis, migraine, multiple sclerosis, neuritis, Parkinson's disease, pelvic cellulitis, poor elimination, scleroderma, sluggish liver, sterility, strangulation of the kidneys, stricture of the duodenum, toxemia, tumors, ulcers, and uremia.

Castor oil packs are a particularly excellent systemic lymphatic stimulator, especially when placed upon the lower abdominal area.

Further reading:

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