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The book Yin and Yang balance: achieve health, wealth, and body balance through Yin and Yang balance will help you discover the art of Yin and Yang balance for assistance in achieving calmness and peace. In the current world that is full of uncertainty, find out how to live in harmony and peace, and ultimately boost your quality of life presently through Yin Yang balance. The book is meant for anyone who has faced the following problems in their lives: the feeling of helplessness and inability to act in the face of uncertainty, or lack of a proper support system required to help you cope with your life. If you don't have the tools and techniques needed to help you surmount your problems and remain calm or you have no clue when it comes to dealing with your current condition, then this book will be an excellent pick for you. The EBook is available for download online. More here...

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Yin Yang Mastery

This complete course comes with books, eBooks, online videos, and DVDs and CDs to help you get the most out of the course. If you have ever felt helpless and uncertain, or did not know how to stay calm in the face of troubling circumstances, this course is for you. You will gain a complete understanding of the balance of your life, and how best to make everything fall into place with your life. You don't have to waste time trying to balance useless elements of your life All you have to do to achieve ultimate calmness and peace is to use this course to figure out where your inner peace lies. This course does not bring about change all in a second It takes real discipline and commitment to get the peace that you crave. However, when you have gotten this balance and peace, you will wonder how you ever got along without it. This complete course can solve your anxiety, stress, and worry problems and replace them with peace and tranquillity. More here...

Yin Yang Mastery Summary

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Kidney Syndromes and Chinese Nutrition

Qi vacuity is a relatively mild disorder of the network. It can develop into a more serious disorder with yang vacuity symptoms if it persists and the damage increases. More severe damage can injure the organ system structure and present with the same symptoms as yin vacuity. Progression of disorders is not always so clear-cut and may involve gradual transitions and the involvement of other networks. The most common cause weakening the energy exchange of the kidneys are the strong demands made on the body by our civilized world. Both mental and physical overexertion often lead first to kidney qi vacuity, then to kidney yang vacuity, and with prolonged overexertion and stress, finally to kidney yin vacuity. Too much work under time pressure, a hasty, unbalanced and insufficient diet, and not enough time for rest and relaxation can weaken kidney energy within weeks or months. If such constant exhaustion is not balanced or taken care of, serious disorders can develop in...

Chapter The Origins of Qigong

Chinese Emperor Surgeons

Although some combined it with their Taiji Quan and other martial arts practice. Then doctors of traditional Chinese medicine started to join in, because their work is based on traditional medical principles like the flow of Qi, the Five Elements, and Yin and Yang (see Chapter 2). Their patients were introduced to Qigong to help them recover from their illnesses, and many improved more quickly than if they had been treated with Western medicine or even Chinese herbs. Old masters of the craft such as Yang Mei Jun, Gou Lin, Ma Li Tang and Que Ya Shui shared their families' skill to help unhealthy people, especially those who had suffered under the Cultural Revolution. At the same time, Taoist and Buddhist monks and nuns came forward to help and to perpetuate their knowledge. When you learn about Qigong you will come to understand the basics of Chinese medicine, which uses natural methods to treat and heal and to balance the internal organs through herbs, massage, moxibustion,...

Chapter The Benefits of Qigong Practice

First, Qigong makes my body strong and healthy. I have more energy for everyday life, -because Qigong follows the natural way to strengthen the internal body. Based on Chinese medicine, Yin and Yang, the acupuncture points and channels, and concentrating on the breathing, mind and movement, Qigong brings the body back to normal, working with nature to follow the universal rhythm.

Secret of the Inner Smile

Inner Smile

The arteries are said to belong to yang energy and the veins to yin energy. The arteries therefore have a positive charge and the veins a negative one. When you smile and fill your heart with love you increase the rate of blood circulation and with it the exchange of yin and yang chi in the bloodstream. So smile into your heart and feel the loving energy of the smile spread throughout your circulatory system.

Dancing and Bone Chi Kung

In many indigenous cultures the emphasis lies on the community as a whole and its relation with the Universe. This is why the dance is the most sacred form of expression. It opens a space to experience the divine directly within the vibrations it generates and in the unity of Yin and Yang it enhances. In such a form of dance, people are not only involved as individuals separate from each other, but they also experience their unity and connections with others as a community and with the Universe. In this way a regenerative process is set in motion and the unity of the community with the Universe is reaffirmed. If we lead the flow of the Chi with our Yi, the dance may turn into a kind of single cultivation practice, as we unite Yin and Yang within ourselves. Or, as men and women dance together they let mind, body and breath mutually adjust in the dance. For these reasons more recently these dances have been called sacred dances . The transformational process regarding the life force is...

Chen Hunyuan Tai Ji Quan

Taoists and Buddhists spend their entire lives trying to reach Wuji - a state of emptiness. Only Wuji goes on forever. If Wuji suddenly changes and becomes something, Taiji, then the process will continue, become Yin and Yang, which becomes Si Xiang (Four dimensions), which become Bagua (Eight Gua), which becomes Sixty-four Gua (8x8), which becomes three hundred and eighty-four Yell' (64x6). From this you can find out about everything, understand the entire universe. On the other hand Taiji, the symbol, does not mean Yin and Yang. This is the wrong concept and misunderstanding of Taiji. Taiji means Yin and Yang still moving, not clear and settled. Yin can be Yang and Yang can be Yin. When I ask people how they feel when looking the Taiji symbol, they often say things like, Very harmonious or Very balanced . The Taiji symbol actually makes you confused, and even dizzy if you concept of Taijiquan is 'it makes people healthy , and because it looks very gentle it has bccome very popular....

The year of the Monkey arrives

Dayan Qigong

It will be Yang in nature, more masculine, active , outgoing. In the Chinese system Yin and Yang are always together to balance each other. Qigong translated means 'energy skill exercise'. It consists of movement and meditation. Moving the body you can help the qi to flow, and by keeping still you can gather qi. Thus the method follows the principal of yin and yang to develop the qi.


Colds, arthritis, depression, tumors, etc, are simply the symptoms of the imbalance of Yin and Yang. This blockage keeps energy from flowing freely in certain energy channels. These energy channels run throughout the body to keep it fully functioning. There are twelve main channels, plus eight reservoir channels. The main channels carry energy to wherever energy is needed in the body. Extra energy in the main channels flows to the reservoir channels. The body draws on energy in the reservoir channels when the main channels run low. We are from the universe. We live in this body in the universe. And we will go back to the u niverse, too. Before, we h ave ou r i ndividual b odies to ex perience th is lif e. Everything in the universe is made up of Yin and Yang energy coming together. These two are alw ays at tracted t o eac h ot her. W hen t he Yin and Yang en ergies m ove an d

Iquan Form

Wushu Posture Form

All five schools originated from one 'breathing skiil', created to prevent stagnation of bodily fluids, prevent iilness, and cultivate Qi. As the various benefits, or 'potentials', became known and recorded, training methods became more specialised, hence the diversification a nd need to categorise the separate styles. However, the boundaries are not so distinct i.e. there are Daoist and Buddhist styles of Martial Qigong, morality stressed in Confucianism is also important within other schools, and all attempt to balance yin and yang, and improve the human condition etc. Ultimately, they all returnto one-simply 'Qigong'. Each school is one path to the top of the same mountain, and the route taken is immaterial as long as it is followed to the summit

Understanding Qigong

The upper part of the body belongs to Yang energy. The lower part of the body belongs to Yin energy. Breathing in is a part of Yin energy. Breathing out is Yang. One of the reasons we get sick is that Yin and Yang energies are not communicating well. By pulling your lower stomach in a little as you inhale and letting it out as you exhale you are enhancing the communication of the Yin and Yang energies. You're taking an active part in balancing your Qi. Remember, Qigong is all about balancing your energy. When your conscious mind is in total control there is no way for your Yin and Yang energies to find balance. The benefits you will receive from this balance are enormous. This alone will take you a long way towards realizing our goal of enhancing every aspect of the quality of your life.

Many ways one way

Form Qigong

As time went by, the movements and dances began to evolve into a more systemised skill. The people of the Yellow River were great observers of nature. So they came to understand that there are two sides to everything. They saw that as summer passes, winter comes breathing in, we must then breathe out we have life, but we also have death. They called this phenomenon Yin and Yang, or the observation of opposites. Yin means dark, soft, hidden, slow, and represents the female. Yang means bright, hard, open, fast, and represents the male. The concept that everything in nature has an opposing force is the foundation of all Chinese culture. It is also the basis of all developments in Chinese medicine, cooking, Qigong, martial arts and philosophy. Around the same time that Qigong began, these concepts were compiled in a book called the Yijing. Yi means change and Jing means classic book, so the title means The Classic of Change. (You may know the book as the I Ching or Book of Changes.) The...


Swimming Dragon Qigong

Qigong is an ancient Chinese skill which is based upon the principles of Yin and Yang and the Five Elements. We know, that Yin and Yang is a balance of hard and soft, dark and light, movement and stillness. Therefore, if we are doing Qigong, this is Yang and active. Movement helps us to release the negative energy in our body and open the channels and acupuncture points so that Qi can flow smoothly and positive Qi can be gathered to replace the ill energy released. Once we have gathered this good energy, we need to take care of it. We would not leave a thousand pounds of money laying on a table for just anyone to take, so we should consider the Qi we have just worked hard to accumulate as something even more valuable. We need to keep it where it is safe and can be stored for later use and our bodies have conveniently provided just such a place. It is called our Dantian. This is the same as the principle of Daoism. Wu Wei means nothing. Yin and Yang means cause and effect. Yin and Yang...

Energy Balancing

Acupressure manipulates the same points as acupuncture but uses the hands and fingers instead of needles. Shiatsu is a Japanese therapy and a form of acupressure. Qigong is practiced by millions in China. It is a system of gentle exercise and breathing techniques that restore the circulation of energy. The theory behind qigong is that the energy or life force that is inherent in all matter has two aspects, yin and yang. Illness, whether physical or emotional, develops when the energy flow between these two opposites moves out of balance or is depleted. Because of its ease and slowness, qigong can be practiced by all ages including the elderly, helping them maintain their strength and agility. Among the conditions that are benefited by the discipline are gastrointestinal ailments, ulcers, arthritis, high blood pressure, and heart disease. T'ai chi also incorporates the life force and yin-yang principles in its exercise program and can be practiced by all age groups as well as the...


Acupuncture People with arthritis frequently use complementary and alternative therapies such as acupuncture, an ancient chinese art that seeks to correct imbalances in the flow of energy by selecting appropriate acupuncture points for stimulation. Such stimulation often involves the puncturing of the skin with needles. However, practitioners can also use needle manipulation, heat, pressure, suction, and electrical current to stimulate the chosen points. The concept of yin and yang is the most important theory in traditional chinese medicine. It claims that all things have two aspects, yin and yang, that are at the same time both opposite and dependent on each other. They are in a constant state of change and balance. Disease results from loss of this balance, and treatment is directed at restoring it. Qi is the life force that governs the functions of the organs and flows through meridians or channels to all parts of the body. Pain results from

Yin Yang Balance

Yin Yang Balance

Achieve Health, Wealth And Body Balance Through Yin Yang Mastery. Cut up on the old stone drums of Republic of China, inscribed in books handed down through thousands of years, traced on ancient saucers and on saucers made today, is a sign and a symbol. It is woven into textiles, stitched into embroideries, emblazoned over house gates, wrought into shop emblems, a circle, locked together inside it yang and yin yang, light, yin, dark, each carrying inside itself the essence of the other, each shaped to the other

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