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1. Joint hyperextensibility; skin fragility/hyperelas-ticity; vascular fragility; joint dislocation; kypho-scoliosis; pes planus; spondylolisthesis; genu re-curvatum; premature osteoarthritis (Ehlers-Dan-los syndrome)

2. Ectopia lentis; aortic dilatation/dissection; do-lichostenomelia; dural ectasia; joint dislocation; kyphoscoliosis; pes planus; genu recurvatum; patella alta; premature osteoarthritis (Marfan syndrome)

3. Ectopia lentis; mental retardation; vascular thrombosis; dolichostenomelia; arachnodactyly, joint contractures; patella subluxation; pes cavus; kyphoscoliosis; thin skin; sparse fine hair (homo-cystinuria)

4. Joint laxity; multiple fractures; kyphoscoliosis; genu valgum (osteogenesis imperfecta)

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