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Evaluation of the skeleton aims at verifying whether joint fixation is due to an anatomic anomaly (for example, congenital synostosis) or to a deficit of joint function in the absence of primary structural causes. In joint contractures occurring as part of a primary disease the radiographic findings are those of the underlying disease process.

1. Multiple flexion deformities; widening of meta-physes and epiphyses of the phalanges; platy-spondyly; premature osteoarthritis; osteoporosis (progressive pseudorheumatoid arthropathy)

2. Flexion contracture of the interphalangeal joint of the 5th digits; arachnodactyly; dolichostenomelia; patella dislocation (Marfan syndrome)

3. Multiple, symmetrical joint contractures, commonly involving all four limbs (shoulders, elbows, hands, wrists,knees and hips); severe foot equino-varus; absent limb muscles; gracile bones; fibular hypoplasia; scoliosis; hip and patella dislocation (amyoplasia)

4. Congenital contractures of the fingers and toes, isolated (arthrogryposis, distal type I) or associated with fused cervical vertebrae, kyphoscoliosis, congenital hip dislocation, cleft lip and palate, and micrognathia (arthrogryposis, distal type II)

5. Arachnodactyly; dolichostenomelia; progressive kyphoscoliosis; patellar dislocation; congenital contractures of both hands, camptodactyly (congenital contracture arachnodactyly)

6. Multiple flexion contractures; multiple pterygia; camptodactyly and syndactyly; characteristic facies (multiple pterygium syndrome)

7. Joint contractures; myotonia; blepharophimosis (Schwartz-Jampel syndrome)

8. Joint contractures; fixed facial expression; blepharophimosis (Marden-Walker syndrome)

9. Multiple congenital joint contractures; pulmonary hypoplasia; unusual facies; lethality (Pena-Shokeir syndrome)

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