Radiographic Synopsis

AP projection

1. Progressive disappearance of carpus/tarsus; involvement of adjacent areas; proximal tapering of metacarpals/metatarsals (hereditary multicentric osteolysis with nephropathy)

2. Collapse and resorption of the carpotarsal bones; widening and cortical thinning of tubular bones without proximal tapering; osteoporosis (hereditary multicentric osteolysis of Torg)

3. Early-onset carpotarsal osteolysis; osteopenia; un-dertubulation of bones; sclerotic cranial sutures; brachycephaly; broad medial ends of the clavicles (idiopathic osteolysis, Saudi Arabia type)

4. Progressive carpotarsal osteolysis; elbow osteoly-sis; osteopenia; severe joint contractures (Winchester syndrome)

5. Soft tissue swelling; osteoporosis; joint-space narrowing; carpal bone destruction; ankylosis and permanent joint deformities (juvenile chronic arthritis)

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