Radiographic Synopsis

1. Radiolucent intramedullary foci; fragmentation and dissolution of portions of a bone; extension to a contiguous bone; fractures; permanent deformities (massive osteolysis ofGorham)

2. Focal areas of medullary osteolysis; coarse trabec-ulae; bone expansion; cortical thinning; longitudinal bone collapse; loss of dentition (familial expansile osteolysis)

3. Mixed pattern of osteolytic and osteoclastic lesions (juvenile hyaline fibromatosis)

4. Arthritis; periarticular osteolysis; oligodontia (Kirghizian dermato-osteolysis)

5. Varying degrees of bone dissolution; osteoporosis; irregular sclerosis (late stage) (posttraumatic osteo-lysis)

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