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Acupuncture (AP) is a form of traditional Chinese medicine, which uses fine needles to stimulate AP points that lie on specific lines or meridians. Once placed, a small electric current can be used to stimulate the points through the needle or the needle may be twitched or oscillated by hand.

Signals from AP needles probably enter the spinal cord through Ap-fibers, causing inhibition of onward transmission of painful stimuli at both a spinal and central level, via descending pathways and central endorphin release. Conditions said to respond well to AP include osteoarthritis and headaches [8].

The list of alternative therapies grows each year; osteopathy and chiropractic have long held a place in the management of muscu-loskeletal disorders. In recent years, homeopathy, reflexology, aromatherapy and others have all claimed their place in the sun in the field of chronic disease.

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