Saturn Types

Saturn types are usually the least attractive of the planetary types. They possess typical Vata frames, being overly tall or short, thin and bony. They may have large noses or large teeth. Their hands and feet tend to be large. Their skin is often dry, rough or cracked and tinged brown or black. Their hair is often brittle and their nails may be cracked. However, when Saturn's influence is modified by Venus, they can possess a certain beauty or mystery, though they generally remain on the lean and dry side.

Saturn types are the most disease prone of the planetary types. They often have low vitality and poor endurance. They run cold in terms of both temperature and temperament and have poor digestion and poor circulation. They tend towards constipation and to the accumulation of waste materials in the body. When Saturn is strongly afflicted, they are often chronically ill and may die young. They are prone to degenerative diseases like arthritis or nervous system disorders. However, a strong Saturn does give good longevity and the ability to survive disease and hardship.

Psychologically, Saturn types are serious minded. They are at best practical and realistic, at worst pessimistic and may suffer from depression. They are generally introverted and solitary and either selfish or detached. The many difficulties they have to face in life can make them insensitive to the needs of others. They may be miserly and over calculating. As what they gain in life only comes through much effort, they are generally unwilling to share it and do not like to give it up. They tend to worry, fear or anxiety, seldom smile and are rarely really happy or carefree. While they work hard, they often fend up in servile roles and seldom get the recognition that they deserve.

However, a more expressive and sensitive Saturn type does exist, particularly if Saturn's influence is mollified by Venus or Mercury. They can become good doctors, artists or philosophers, with a strong work dedication and selflessness. Higher Saturn types are yogis, ascetics or monks who renounce the world, preferring solitude. They possess detachment and are free of their emotional nature. They are beyond the concerns of the world.

Lower Saturn types may be criminals, underworld figures or tyrants (particularly when the influence of Saturn combines with that of Mars). They are suspicious and paranoid, greedy and selfish. They are trapped within the narrow bounds of their own ego and bodily concerns and cannot get out of them by their own action.

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