Hell Really Exists

Hell Really Exists

Koonika Miidu is the author and the creator of this helpful program. The author of this program wants to show you that the Hell really exists and no one can change that reality. Though, he believes there's a way you can be saved from it and that is exactly what this program is all about. The program contains a lot of information to help you discover the confirmed facts about hell. There are testimonies from people that have visited hell and come back. Those are the people that want to show you the reality and also advise you to stop gambling with your soul. It is very easy to be convinced that this program is for Christians only. Hell is not for a specific religion. As a matter of fact, every person regardless of their religious background should take caution. The Hell Really Exists program is available in downloadable PDF formats. This means you need an Adobe Acrobat reader so you will be able to download and read it. As a matter of fact, you will get some other DVD format programs with testimonies from over 70 people that wishes to help you along the way. Read more...

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Devils Claw

Devil's claw (Harpagophytum procumbens) is a traditional southern African herb used to treat pain and upset stomachs. Its name comes from its clawlike fruit, which resemble the feet of birds. Ten clinical studies conducted between 1982 and 2000 have found that devil's claw can benefit people with rheumatoid arthritis, low back pain, and various other rheumatic complaints. In the June 2000 issue of Phytomedicine, French researchers reported using devil's claw to successfully treat ninety-two people with os-teoarthritis. The subjects were given either 435 mg of powdered devil's claw or conventional drug treatment daily. By the end of the four-month studies, people taking devil's claw had significantly less pain and greater mobility. They were also relying on fewer anti-inflammatory drugs and painkillers. Similar results were noted in a broader study, which included 122 patients with either hip or knee osteoarthritis or both.

Devils flaw

Devil's claw grows in the grasslands of southern Africa and has been used there as a topical treatment for ulcers and wounds, and taken internally for fevers, allergies, digestive problems and as a pain reliever. Numerous scientific studies confirm its benefits, most notably as an effective analgesic and anti-inflammatory for arthritis pain and backache. Some studies have shown devil's claw to be ss effective as pharmaceutical painkillers ind anti-inflammatory drugs.

Chapter The Origins of Qigong

Chinese Emperor Surgeons

The development and appreciation of Qigong continued unabated until 1966, when the Cultural Revolution began and most of China's traditional culture was outlawed. All study of Taoism, Confucianism and Buddhism, for instance, was prohibited some monks and nuns were forced to abandon the religious life and were only allowed to study Marxism. Anything relating to the old way of life in China, including Qigong, was condemned or 'sent to hell', as the Chinese would say.

Phratry A unilineal descent group composed of a number of supposedly related clans sibs physical biological

Forces, gods, spirits, ghosts, or demons. renal. Pertaining to the kidney. sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS, cot or crib death). The sudden death of a young infant or child which is unexpected by history and in which a thorough post-mortem examination fails to demonstrate an adequate cause of death. supernatural. Believed to be not human or not subject to the laws of nature. supine. Lying with back downward.

Origin bcttanical facts

Meals to freshen their breath, and the Roman physician Galen prescribed it for epilepsy and as a diuretic. In Europe during the Middle Ages, parsley was regarded as the devil's herb and was believed to bring disaster on anyone who grew it unless it was planted on Good Friday. Nevertheless, medieval abbess and herbalist Hildegard of Bingen and the 17th-century herbalist Nicholas Culpeper prescribed it in various forms for heart and chest pain and for arthritis. During the late 19th and early 20th centuries, parsley was prescribed for a variety of medical conditions. However, none of these uses is recognized in modern medicine. Today, parsley is used primarily as a flavoring agent and a garnish.

The kallikreinkinin system in human disease and experimental models

There is increasing evidence for the role of the kallikrein-kinin system in human disease. The kallikrein-kinin system appears to exert a significant effect in various surface-mediated defense reactions including hereditary angioedema (HAE), systemic inflammatory response syndrome (SIRS), previously known as sepsis, cardiopulmonary bypass, rheumatoid arthritis and inflammatory bowel disease. HAE is a congenital condition associated with a deficiency or defect in Cl-INH. Acute attacks of HAE have been well documented to be associated with activation of the kallikrein-kinin system. BK liberation is believed to be a major mediator of the edema seen in this condition. Activation of the kallikrein-kinin system has been postulated to be one of the mediators of SIRS. Historically, studies of patients with SIRS, showed that factor XII, PK and Cl-INH were decreased. However, whether activation of the contact system was an early event or a result of complications associated with SIRS was not...

Harpagophytum procumbens Traditional Antiinflammatory Herbal Drug with Broad Therapeutic Potential

Abstract Harpagophytumprocumbens (Devil's Claw) is a traditional African herbal drug used by the natives of the Kalahari and Savannah desert regions to treat a variety of ailments. In Europe, the anti-inflammatory properties of Harpagophytum procumbens extracts (Hp) have been the basis for its popular use in the treatment of inflammatory disorders of the musculoskeletal system and of low back pain. This is the subject of a draft monograph recently issued by the European drug authorities (EMEA). There is good clinical evidence for Hp's use in treating painful osteoarthri-tis, but more evidence (such as from phase-III trials) is needed before Hp can be considered a standard treatment of osteoarthritis and other chronic inflammatory diseases. Here, the published evidence is reviewed that reveal the anti-inflammatory effects of Hp including inhibition of key mediators and promoters of inflammation. The relevance of these effects for the therapeutic use of Hp in osteoarthritis is...

Metabolic Acidosis due to Gluesniffing

Hyperchloremic Metabolic Acidosis Tube

The initial mechanism for the acidosis in patients with proximal RTA is the loss of HCO3 in the urine. In contrast, once a steady state supervenes, chronic metabolic acidosis is sustained because the rate of NH4+ excretion is much lower than expected in this setting 30, 31 . As mentioned above, these patients will have hypercitraturia despite having metabolic acidosis. The defect in proximal HCO3- re ab sorp tion can be demon strated by finding a FEhco3 that exceeds 10 - 15 during NaHCO3 loadtng. This, however, need not be performed because the diagno tis is usually evident when large doses of NaHCO3 fail to the PHCO3 the normal range. Proximal RTA can occur as an isolated defect 160 or as part of a generalized proximal tubular cell dysfunction (Fanconi's syndrome with a glucosuria, phos phaturia, aminoacidosis, uricosuria and citraturia among others) 156 . The major causes of proximal RTA in adults include increased blood levels of monoclonal immunoglobulins found in patients with...

Commonly used interventions currently unproven

Concluded there was some evidence to support the use of avocado soybean unsaponifiables, topical capsaicin, and devil's claw. For example, an analysis of three trials involving capsaicin showed that the odds ratio favoring capsaicin affecting pain was 4.36. However, the numbers of trials and their size were insufficient to determine a definite benefit from any of these specific herbal treatments.

Psychogenic considerations

So-called 'growing pains' of the lower limb are common in children, and the physical examination and investigations are normal. Parents need to be reassured that it is a benign condition while recognising that emotional factors may be quite significant. As Apley pointed out, 'physical growth is not painful, but emotional growth can hurt like hell'. 4

Echocardiography in Rheumatic Carditis

However, the logistic problems of allowing the use of echocardiography for the detection of rheumatic carditis include the likelihood of detecting carditis in almost every RF patient (because of the sensitivity of Doppler echocardiography for the diagnosis of clinically inaudible trivial MR) or overdiagnosis of physiologic valvular regurgitation as organic dysfunction. Also, availability of echocardiographic facilities is a remote possibility in the developing countries where a majority of the RF-RHD patients live. Doppler echocardiographic evidence of trivial-to-mild MR can be observed in up to half87 and tricuspid regurgitation in up to three-fourths of the normal population even AR has been reported in normal people.88 The prevalence of regurgitation is likely to be higher by color flow Doppler examination and in febrile patients (with hyperdynamic circulation) suspected to have RF. Various authors have tried to distinguish benign valvular regurgitation from organic rheumatic...

Neuroanatomy of Pain and Neuropathology of Herpes Zoster and Postherpetic Neuralgia

Connection Between Cox And Nociceptors

The pathology of PHN is just beginning to be understood 23 . Smith 28 found cystic distortion of thoracic SG removed 2.5 months after the onset of HZ, and persistent chronic inflammatory cells. In a patient with removed SG 2 years after the onset of PHN he found 'ghost cells', hypothesizing that the altered structure of surviving cells might contribute to the intractable pain. Furthermore, DH atrophy and cell, axon and myelin loss were encountered in PHN patients. Interestingly, a greater loss of small cutaneous nerve endings in skin biopsies obtained from patients with HZ who developed PHN was demonstrated 29 . 1 Dworkin RH, Johnson RW A belt of roses from hell pain in herpes zoster and postherpetic neuralgia in Block AR, Kremer EF, Fernandez E (eds) Handbook of Pain Syndromes Biopsychosocial Perspectives. New Jersey, Erlbaum, Hillsdale, 1999, pp 371-402.

Psychopathology Theories Of

Is medical physiological or psychological functional for instance, if the therapist asks the client, If you did not have this symptom condition, what would you do A client's reply such as I would go back to work to provide for my family may reveal that the symptom condition is psychological, but a reply such as I would feel comfortable and not be in so much pain may indicate that the problem is medical). Different historical perspectives and theories of psychopathology have been proposed, ranging from beliefs in demons, witches, and supernatural powers inhabiting the afflicted person, to use of mental status examinations by judges to distinguish mental retardation from mental illness cf., malevolent personality theory - holds that evil personalities are not explained by reference to the devil or to mental illness, but rather by choices the person makes between good and bad behaviors, beginning early in life malevolent personalities are said to possess traits such as contempt for...

Glossary of Terms Literary Medical and Scientific

Derived from Joseph Heller's novel Catch-22 a contradictory situation, paradox, or absurdity in which the only solution is denied by a circumstance inherent in the problem and is therefore impossible to achieve. Dante's Inferno. Part I, Hell, of the Divine Comedy. Virgil conducts Dante (1265-1321) into Hell where damned souls suffer eternal punishments appropriate to their sins. In the anteroom reside those who did nothing in life, neither good nor evil. Then follow nine levels of Hell, descending conically into the Earth. galvanism. Relating to the 1790s work of Italian physician Luigi Galvani who jolted frog muscles with an electrostatic spark, demonstrating twitching nerve impulses. In Frankenstein galvanism implied the release, through electricity, of mysterious life forces. hippies. A 1960s counterculture group that took psychoactive drugs, wore psychedelic clothing, and as nonconformists reacted against wartime by engaging in peace demonstrations. Paradise Lost. John...

Iridoid and secoiridoid glycosides

Iridoid Glycoside

Devil's claw (Harpagophytum procumbens) Harpagophytum procum-bens is native to South Africa, Namibia and Madagascar, and traditionally used in the treatment of osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, indigestion and low back pain. This plant contains 0.5-3 per cent iridoid glycosides,

In Vivo Anti Inflammatory Effects of Hp Extracts and Harpagoside

Most of the standard anti-inflammatory in vivo models depend on chemically induced tissue damage and measurement of the inflammatory response in oedema. In the rat model of formalin-induced arthritis, parenteral administration of an aqueous extract of Hp (20 mg kg) was as effective as the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) phenylbutazone, but harpagoside was ineffective 17 . In Freund's adjuvant model of arthritis, again in rat, injections of an ethanolic extract of Hp, at 25, 50 and 100 mg kg, was demonstrated to exert a significant analgesic and anti-inflammatory (anti-oedematous) effect following both acute and chronic treatment (20 days) 18 . A number of studies reported significant anti-inflammatory effects in the carageenan-induced rodent oedema model following parenteral administration of an aqueous ethanolic (60 ) extract 19 , of an aqueous extract 20, 21 and of a non-characterised extract 22 . However, in the same model, oral administration of various extract forms...

The Cult Of Asclepius God Of Medicine

As demonstrated in the history of other civilizations, what is now called modern scientific medicine has not totally displaced traditional, folk, or religious approaches to healing. Thus, it should not be surprising that Hippocratic medicine did not totally displace religious medicine in the ancient world. For chronic, episodic, and unpredictable conditions, such as arthritis, gout, migraine headache, epilepsy, impotence, infertility, and malaria, when patients felt that the physician was ineffective, magicians and priests could always offer hope and even the illusion of cure during the intervals between attacks. Some historians believe that the increase in magical and superstitious medicine during the age of Hippocrates may have been due, in part, to the growing burden of malaria. Still, despite the differences between Hippocratic medicine and religious medicine, Asclepius and Hippocrates shared certain basic assumptions about the best approach to healing. ''First the word,''...

Nutrition Malnutrition Health And Disease

As sailing ships replaced oared galleys and long ocean voyages became possible, the old army sickness became known as the sailors' disease. Nostalgic visions of graceful tall ships notwithstanding, these sailing vessels were more accurately called floating hells. The common sailor could expect accommodations that were dirty, damp, vermin-infested, and a moldy, monotonous diet of salt pork, indigestible oatmeal, and ship's biscuits. Lord George Anson, to whom James Lind dedicated his Treatise on Scurvy, lost more than half of his men to scurvy during his voyage of circumnavigation in 1741. Deaths of sailors were so common that they were hardly worth noting. As long as one in five ships returned with a cargo of spices, the sponsors of an expedition could make a good profit. Between 1500 and 1800, scurvy killed more sailors than all other diseases and disasters combined. Thus, it is not surprising that naval surgeons were among the first to provide good clinical descriptions of the...

Group A streptococcus

Several immunologic diseases result from infection with S. pyogenes, the group A streptococcus. Acute glomerulonephritis, characterized by hematuria, proteinuria, hypertension and edema, may appear 6-14 days after infection caused by a limited number of group A streptococcal serotypes. Attack rates are related to the magnitude of the immune response, with high levels of antibodies to streptococcal cell membrane antigens being found in the serum of affected patients. Electron microscopic demon

United States Schedule 3 Pain Relievers

Figure 6.3 Devil's claw is found primarily in the African deserts. The dried root is said to reduce the pain of osteoarthritis, although researchers are not sure how the herb works. Figure 6.3 Devil's claw is found primarily in the African deserts. The dried root is said to reduce the pain of osteoarthritis, although researchers are not sure how the herb works.

Modern man

I'm talking about our current society starting with the industrial revolution. We have gone mad. We have totally lost touch with our part in the cycle of Nature. In fact we now pretty much believe we are above nature. People think meat comes from the supermarket shelf and milk comes in a neat plastic bottle. We have refined the hell out of our food. Refined sugar and white flour are everywhere. Thinking we know better we have replaced the old fats used for over a hundred thousand years with modern processed vegetable oils.

Saturn Types

Lower Saturn types may be criminals, underworld figures or tyrants (particularly when the influence of Saturn combines with that of Mars). They are suspicious and paranoid, greedy and selfish. They are trapped within the narrow bounds of their own ego and bodily concerns and cannot get out of them by their own action.


Informal Names Bad Seed, Big Chief, Black Button, Britton, Buttons, Cactus, Cactus Head, Challote, Devil's Root, Dry Whiskey, Dumpling Cactus, Half Moon, Hikori, Hikuli, Hyatari, Mescal, Mescal Beans, Mescal Buttons, Mescalito, Mescy, Nubs, P, Pellote, Peyotl, Seni, Shaman, Tops

Four Social Classes

The high failure rate at our school resulted in many teenage boys being stuck in the third or fourth grade for years. On one occasion, when I was challenged by a gang intent on revenge because I had answered too many questions in class, I enlisted the body-guarding services of one of these giants. My bodyguard, who had promoted himself as 140 pounds of walking hell eventually dropped out of school before reaching junior high. I often wonder if he ever regretted having been denied the pleasure of studying algebra. to desist. As an afterthought. he would add If you think it's hot here, just wait 'till you get to where most of you are going One young man of my acquaintance rose from his seat, shouted What the hell am I doing here , and never darkened the church door again.

Subject Index

Rickettsii dermatitis, 165, 242 dermatophytosis, 128-30 dermatosis, 263 desert sores, 95 desquamation, 289 devil's fire, 120 dew poison, 165 diabetes mellitus (DM), 88-92 candida infection and, 132 characteristics, 91-92 eclampsia and, 111 gangrene in, 137 gestational, 88, 91 glomerulopathies, 145


Local names like Devil's Leaf (Macmillan), Devil's Apron, or Naughty Man's Plaything (Parish) show how disliked the plant is. Naughty Man is a common euphemism for the devil. The gardener will perhaps ask himself where they came from in the first place. The answer from the Highlands and Islands is either that they sprang up where Satan and his angels fell to earth on their expulsion from heaven (on 3rd May) (Swire. 1964), or that they grow from the bodies of dead men, or more specifically, from dead men's bones (Beith). Similarly in Denmark, for there they used to claim that nettle clumps grow from the shedding of innocent blood. Nearer the mark is the Lincolnshire belief that they grow spontaneously where human urine has been deposited (Gutch & Peacock), nearer, because nettles thrive in nitrogen-rich soil, particularly around deserted human habitations. In Scandinavian mythology the nettle stands for the god Thor, and that may account for the old custom...


The experience talking with many people as well as my own personal experience has, for the most part, not been a pleasant one. I am not condemning all of the dispensaries, for I have not been to them all. Some of them have seemingly lost their spirit along the path towards compassion and bumped into the grand ole demon, MONEY. They have neglected to unite and stand together, so there is no united front. United we stand ,divided we fall.


Overall, current evidence from clinical trials suggest that devil's claw may be a useful treatment for arthritis however, it is suggested, as with many herbal medicines, that evidence of effectiveness is not transferrable from product to product and that the evidence is more robust for products that contain at least 50 mg of harpagoside in the daily dosage (Chrubasik et al 2003a, Gagnier et al 2004). An observational study of 6 months' use of 3-9 g day of an aqueous extract of devil's claw root reported significant benefit in 42-85 of the 630 people suffering from various arthritic complaints (Bone & Walker 1997). In a 12-week uncontrolled multicentre study of 75 patients with arthrosis of the hip or knee, a strong reduction in pain and the symptoms of osteoarthritis were observed in patients taking 2400 mg of devil's claw extract daily, corresponding to 50 mg harpagoside (Wegener & Lupke 2003). Similar results were reported in a 2-month observational study of 227 people with...


Drugs that have been used to manage symptoms of patients with osteoarthri-tis include NSAIDs, COX-2 inhibitors, and glucocorticoids. Herbal products include green tea extracts, SKI306X, and devil's claw. Nutritional supplements that have been studied in osteoarthritis patients include glucosamine and chon-droitin sulfate, MSM, SAMe, and collagen hydrolysate. Research with these drugs and supplements has provided varying results about their efficacy in patients with osteoarthritis additional research is needed to determine the optimal treatments for patients with this disorder.

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