The Nail Of The Great

Ingrowing of the great toenail gives rise to pain and a tendency to recurrent infection at the nailfold. If infection is not a problem, skilled chiropody treatment (e.g. by nail training using a prosthetic device) is usually successful.

Where infection is marked, avulsion of the nail to permit drainage and healing is often required. In chronic cases, ablation of the nailbed (e.g. by phenolization) may give a permanent cure.

Gross thickening and deformity of the nail (onychogryphosis) may also be treated by ablation of the nailbed or by regular chiropody.

Subungual exostosis, often a source of great pain, is treated by surgical removal of the exostosis.

Deformities of the nails may result from mycelial infections and are very resistant to treatment.

Irregularity of nail growth is a common feature of psoriasis and is usually associated with skin lesions elsewhere. There may be an accompanying psoriatic arthritis.

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