The ankle

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Anatomical features 256 Soft tissue injuries of the ankle 257 Injuries of the lateral ligament 257 Inferior tibiofibular ligaments 257 Medial ligament 257 Achilles tendon (tendo calcaneus) 258 Achilles tendinopathy 258 Acute traumatic Achilles tendon rupture 258 Insertional tendinitis 258 Other common conditions seen around the ankle 258 Tenosynovitis 258 Footballer's ankle 259 Osteochondritis of the talus 259 Snapping peroneal tendons 259 Osteoarthritis 259 Rheumatoid arthritis 259 Tuberculosis 259 Shortening of the Achilles tendon (tendo calcaneus] 259 Guide to painful conditions around the ankle 260

Inspection 261

Tenderness 261

Lateral ligament 261-262

Inferior tibiofibular joint 263

Movements 263-264

Achilles tendon 264-265

Tenosynovitis 265-266

Peroneal tendons and articular surfaces 266-267

Radiographs 267-268

Pathology 268-270

Photos Achilles Tendinopathy Surgery

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