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Theodore R. Fields and Nicholas P. Scarpa


Disease., classification Acutegout

Asymptomatic., ..hyperuricemia Interyalgout Chronicgout, The prognosis

The first clinical description of a syndrome called podagra, a classic pattern of gout, was in the fifth century b.c. Despite its early recognition, gout continued to plague humankind until the middle of the twentieth century, when practical and effective therapy emerged. The introduction of allopurinol and nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) has made it possible to alter the course of the disease dramatically.

Gout is a heterogeneous disorder with primary and secondary forms characterized by hyperuricemia and urate crystal-induced arthritis.

I. Epidemiology. In the United States, approximately 12% of family members of gout patients are affected. Ninety percent of primary gout patients are men. The peak age for the first attack of gout is during the fifth decade. Primary gout is thought to be a polygenic disease.

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