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Kidney Syndromes and Chinese Nutrition

Qi vacuity is a relatively mild disorder of the network. It can develop into a more serious disorder with yang vacuity symptoms if it persists and the damage increases. More severe damage can injure the organ system structure and present with the same symptoms as yin vacuity. Progression of disorders is not always so clear-cut and may involve gradual transitions and the involvement of other networks. The most common cause weakening the energy exchange of the kidneys are the strong demands made on the body by our civilized world. Both mental and physical overexertion often lead first to kidney qi vacuity, then to kidney yang vacuity, and with prolonged overexertion and stress, finally to kidney yin vacuity. Too much work under time pressure, a hasty, unbalanced and insufficient diet, and not enough time for rest and relaxation can weaken kidney energy within weeks or months. If such constant exhaustion is not balanced or taken care of, serious disorders can develop in...

Keeping up appearances

Good posture will allow your Qi to flow without stiffness in your muscles and all your joints will have the relaxation and flexibility to move in all kinds of ways. Today, the most common blockage is in the neck. This will affect the energy going to the brain and also to the eyes, ears, nose and even the teeth. It can even affect your taste. We can see people who have neck problems through their poor posture or dropped heads.

What are the benefits of yoga for seniors

Yoga involves safe and gentle movements that effectively tone and strengthen muscles, increase flexibility and restore vitality. These benefits provide greater control over the body, which can help improve seniors' ability to move around safely. Yoga can also improve breathing, encourage relaxation and help people better cope with discomfort or pain. In addition, practicing yoga can help alleviate specific physical conditions suffered by many seniors, such as the symptoms of arthritis.

Secret of the Inner Smile

Inner Smile

A relaxed mental attitude and the thirty-six deep abdominal breaths will help to calm your mind and begin to relax your body. But to achieve full calmness means more than simply relaxing tense muscles and jittery nerves. To gain a deep and lasting state of relaxation requires that we develop a feeling of peace in our innermost parts. Only when our vital organs like the heart, lungs, liver, kidney and stomach, nervous system and circulatory system are feeling relaxed, can we psychologically feel serene. To reach these organs, the ancient Taoist masters discovered a simple secret, the inner smile . These two systems are linked with every organ and gland in the body, which are given commands through the nervous system to speed up or slow down the activity of the body as needed. Thus it is through the link between your eyes and your nervous systems that your entire range of emotions and immediate physical reactions are controlled. By relaxing your eyes with the inner smile, you free your...

Michael Tse Qigong Blood Pressure

Michael Tse Bio

In Qigong for Healing and Relaxation world renowned Qigong Master Michael Tse introduces a new series of easy Qigong movements. These movements, because of their simplified form, enable you to focus energy on a particular part of the body for healing and relaxation. This fully illustrated guide to better health is suitable for people new to Qigong as well as more experienced students. healing and relaxation healing and relaxation

Importance of the Microcosmic Orbit

The way to open the Microcosmic Orbit is by sitting in meditation for a few minutes each morning as you practice the Inner Smile. An essential Taoist technique, described in detail in Taoist Ways to Transform Stress into Vitality, the Inner Smile is a means of connecting visual relaxation and the ability to concentrate. Allow your energy to complete the loop by letting your mind flow along with it. Start in the eyes, and mentally circulate with the energy as it goes down the front through your tongue, throat, chest and navel and then up the tailbone and spine to the head.

Dancing and Bone Chi Kung

The Nei Kung practice of the Bone Marrow Nei Kung, by gentle Chi pressure and infusing the bones with Chi, serves to regenerate them by renewing the blood. It requires a form of deep sensing meditation which can only be realized in a state of deep relaxation. Then even the hardest elements in our body yield to the force of the gentle, and what was dying comes to life again, as the stone yields to the water.

Macrovascular Disease

There are a few points worth noting from a clinical point of view. The coexistence of autonomic neuropathy can reduce chest pain as a symptom of angina or myocardial infarction. Thus, the more subtle symptoms of breathlessness, tachycardia, fatigue or a general feeling of being unwell are often the only indicators of cardiac ischaemia. In the elderly, these may be attributed erroneously to the aging process. Cardiac failure and atrial fibrillation are common cardiovascular problems in elderly people and are even more prevalent in those with diabetes. Apart from that due to ischaemic heart disease and hypertension, a form of diabetic cardiomyopathy seems to exist and is characterized by diastolic dysfunction with impaired relaxation of the ventricles. Atrial fibrillation has been shown by the UKPDS to be common in diabetes and is associated with an eight-fold increase in cerebro-vascular events.

Radionuclide infection scanning

Bilateral Fluid Signal Masses

Differential tissue relaxation times. Normal fatty bone marrow exhibits a bright signal intensity on T 1-weighted sequences, with a slightly less bright signal on T2-weighted sequences. Conversely, pathologic processes (infiltrative disease, infection, bone marrow edema) will exhibit a low signal on T 1-weighted 6. Gadolinium diethylenetriamine pentaacetic acid (GD-DTPA) is an MRI contrast agent that, when used in typical doses (0.1 mmol kg of body weight), acts primarily to shorten T1 relaxation times. Thus, regions that readily enhance with contrast will appear bright on T 1-weighted images. In the evaluation of the postoperative spine, contrast may help to distinguish scar from recurrent disk herniation ( Fig 3 2). Postoperative scar is felt to enhance with contrast by virtue of the rich vascularity of epidural granulation tissue. Conversely, the avascular adult disk will not demonstrate similar signal enhancement. A contrast-enhanced MRI examination performed long after surgery...

Warfarin Sodium Coumadin

Vasoactive agents are useful in the management of systemic and pulmonary hypertension, Raynaud's phenomenon, and congestive heart failure. Vascular tone may be relaxed by (a) inhibition of sympathetic function (e.g., prazocin), (b) direct relaxation of smooth muscle (e.g., hydralazine), (c) calcium channel blockade (e.g., amlodipine, diltiazem, nifedipine, verapamil), and (d) inhibition of ACE (e.g., captopril, enalapril). The use of ACE inhibitors, in particular, has drastically changed the outcome in diffuse systemic sclerosis. Included below is a small sampling of available agents.

Further Along the Yoga Path Suggested Reading

Mukha shvanasana), 162 wheel (cakrasana), 166-167 chakra-releasing poses, 233 open, 234-235 prana arch, 233 corpse pose (shavasana), 220-221 body relaxation, 222-224 challenge of, 222 mental relaxation, 225-227 quest for peace, 227 Eightfold Path, 68 forward bends coping with grief and loss, 314 corpse pose (shavasana), 126, 220-221 body relaxation, 222 facial, 224 lower body, 223 upper body, 223 challenge of, 222 during pregnancy, 285 male yogis, 297 mental relaxation, 225 dreams, 225 mental breaks, 226-227 quest for peace, 227 cow pose (gomukhasana), 199-201 currents, nadis, 74 ida, 74 pingala, 74 sushumna, 74 yoga, 260 diseases, 262. See also illnesses downward facing dog pose (adho mukha shvanasana), 216-217 senior yogis, 309 drawing breath exercise (ujjayi), 77 dreams, mental relaxation, 225 dress, 111, 113. See also attire duhkha, 244-245 dvapara yuga, 54 dvesha (rejection), 40 face, relaxation during corpse pose standing half bound (ardha baddha padmottanasana), 152 lower body,...

Acetabular Reconstruction Fixation Methods in Simple Fracture Patterns

Leg holder to allow flexion of the knee. These tactics allow for relaxation of the sciatic nerve (Fig. 2). Alternatively, others (D.S.) utilize a five to six-inch stack of folded towels placed deep into the groin between the legs. Gentle downward pressure at the flexed knee reduces the weight of the femoral head on the acetabulum. The stack of towels combined with longitudinal and lateral traction via the trochanteric Schantz pin results in very good joint exposure for many posterior fractures (Fig. 3). The lateral position also allows neutralization of the weight of the gluteal musculature and does not require an assistant for retraction. While proponents of the prone approach state that access to the notch and inner pelvis is difficult with the lateral approach, we have not found this to be the case. Also, if the need for an extended trochanteric flip osteotomy is needed, it can be done easily, and the spectrum of treatable fractures with this tactic is extended. Finally, if needed,...

The Welltempered Spirit

Chinese Medcine Research Model

In the Western medical model, various factors are involved in our immunity the lymphatic system, red and white blood cells, and neurobiological phenomena, such as stress and relaxation, which weaken or strengthen our resistance to infection. The healing power of Zhan Zhuang is partly due to its impact on the cardiovascular system. In the relaxation phase, electrocardiograph measurements show

Paramagnetic Iron Oxide Crystals

Paramagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles are a new class of magnetic contrast agents that are finding increasing applications in the field of diagnostic and molecular imaging based on magnetic resonance (MR) 13 . Traditional MR imaging agents rely on the interaction of the proton density, i.e., water molecules and the magnetic properties of the tissue. These paramagnetic agents accelerate the rate of relaxation of protons in the longitudinal direction resulting in bright images and hence are highly dependent on water molecules. However, the super paramagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles by the virtue of their nanoscale properties disturb the magnetic field independent of their environment and hence are not dependent on the presence of water molecules. They are also called negative enhancers 24 as they act as negative contrast agents and appear dark where they are sequestered. The traditional MR agents such as gadolinium-diethylenetriamine penta-acetic acid (DTPA) enhance the signal from the...

Nonpharmacological Treatment

The same progression of responses observed with normal grieving (shock, anger, denial, resignation, and acceptance) is seen with chronic illnesses such as RA. Patients commonly fear becoming crippled, an issue that needs to be explicitly addressed by the family physician by providing education about the disease and available treatment options. It is important to consider the diagnosis of depression, and to treat if present. Sexuality may be affected because of pain, constitutional symptoms such as fatigue, and poor self-image secondary to deformities the patient's partner may be reluctant to engage in sexual intimacy from fear of causing discomfort. As long as it does not prevent obtaining needed treatments, acting as normal as possible, rather than thinking of oneself as a rheumatoid patient, is often psychologically healthy. Families often need help coping with patients, particularly those with severe disease. If the RA patient becomes overly dependent on family or on the physician,...

Disease considerations

The most common causes of morbidity and mortality in the USA are associated with modifiable riskfactors obesity, sedentary lifestyle, smoking, and poor diet (source Exercise is important as a preventive measure as well as a treatment option for certain diseases, combined with a healthy, balanced diet, relaxation practice, and continued supervision treatment from a physician. Exercise prescriptions can be modified for those people who have a diagnosed disease. Exercise guidelines are given in Table 2.4 for select diseases.

Raynauds Phenomenon Glossary

Dystrophin A muscle protein localized in surface membranes which is the product of the Duchenne Becker muscular dystrophy gene. Individuals with Duchenne muscular dystrophy usually lack dystrophin completely while those with Becker muscular dystrophy have dystrophin of an altered size. It shares features with other cytoskeletal proteins such as SPECTRIN and alpha-actinin but the precise function of dystrophin is not clear. One possible role might be to preserve the integrity and alignment of the plasma membrane to the myofibrils during muscle contraction and relaxation. MW 400 kDa. nih

The answer is a Fauci 14e p 504 Tierney 39e p 650 Vitamin C may cause a falsenegative test The falsepositive rate for

The answer is b. (Fauci, 14 e, pp 1592-1593.) The risk factors for gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) include obesity, pregnancy, sclero-derma, and diet (caffeine, alcohol, nicotine, chocolate, fatty foods). The most common etiology of GERD is transient lower esophageal sphincter (LES) relaxation, but it may also be due to hiatal hernia and acidic gastric contents. The sour taste of GERD is often referred to as water brash. A complication of GERD is Barrett's esophagus. Atypical symptoms of GERD may include asthma, chronic cough, chronic laryngitis, sore throat, and chest pain. Peptic ulcer disease (PUD) produces epigastric pain that typi-

Psychosocial Management of Pain

There is a strong psychological overlay to pain. Pain experiences have the potential to limit an individual's engagement in functional activities and social interaction. This affects the meaning and quality of life and needs to be addressed systematically in providing intervention. Pain can have a significant impact on the client's engagement of activities and involvement in social participation and resuming productive roles. Strategies used to manage the acute phase of pain become detrimental in managing chronic pain. These include guarding the body part, decreased activity, and rest. Cognitive behavioral approaches have been found to be effective in helping individuals become aware of the connections between thoughts, feelings, and behaviors and how these three combine to influence the effective management of pain (Kavanagh 1995, Strong 1998, Wiskin 1998). Occupational therapists are concerned with helping clients become active participants in their care and promoting increased...

My mistaken view of injuries

18.103 Now I know that much if not most pain comes from muscle spasms caused by irritated trigger points, which can be treated with trigger point therapy. e muscle spasms then calm down and the pain disappears. What usually used to fix itself due to the relaxation following rest (but with age it takes longer to happen, if it happens), I can now often fix almost immediately with trigger point therapy I administer myself. And I am not an expert. I have learned a little about the therapy and how to find the trigger points in some of my own muscles, and yet I can perform little miracles. You will likely need a few weeks of daily and serious practice before you can do something similar. But first you will need to study a book on the subject.

Table 813 Sources of neuropathic pain

Treatment should be initiated early in the course of illness for optimal results (e.g., when amitriptyline is initiated within 3 months of developing the rash of herpes zoster infection, patients are less likely to develop the complications of postherpetic neuralgia) (Bowsher 1997). Restriction of and delays in the efficacy of TCAs in producing analgesia would be expected if they are administered after significant peripheral and central pathophysiologic mechanisms have set in. There are emerging data suggesting that anticonvulsants (e.g., pregabalin, gabapentin) may likewise have a preemptive analgesic role (Dahl et al. 2004). Other treatment interventions that may mitigate the pain experience include TENS, biofeedback, relaxation training, and hypnosis.

Bottomline Bodybuilding

L-Theanine has been found to promote relaxation without any sedative effects. People with chronic anxiety have reported relief from the use of 200mgs daily -- in some cases superior to that of treatment with anti-anxiety medication. May be anti-catabolic. Taken with Inositol and GABA at night may add to the depth of sleep and increase release of GH.

Hyaluronan Structures in Solution Relevance to Tissue Biologic Functions and Aging

Stiffness can be relieved by base, whether it originates from hydrogen bonding or hydrophobic interactions. The hydrogen bond network would be disrupted as the base (e.g., OH ) replaces the hydrogen acceptor of the existing hydrogen bonds. Thus, the size needed for stiffness is altered and relaxation occurs (42). The intramolecular hydrogen bond pattern of HA proposed by Scott and co-workers (3,4) appears in Fig. 1. If stiffness originates from hydrophobic interactions of the acetamido methyl of D-GlcNAc, a basic reagent may introduce relaxation, as it abstracts methyl protons of the acetamido moiety. Such process would break the van der Waals interactions responsible for the stiffness (43). Methyl protons of the acetamido moieties are acidic, because they are a to the carbonyl (C O) group (44).

Free Radicals and Antioxidants

The unpaired electron is symbolized with a dot superscript. Thus, reactive oxygen species include the superoxide radical (O2), the hydroxyl radical (HO'), and others. Reactive nitrogen species include the nitric oxide radical (NO') and others. These free radicals are produced by many cells in the body and serve some important physiological functions. The superoxide radical and nitric oxide radical produced in phagocytic cells such as neutrophils and macrophages, for example, help these cells to destroy bacteria. The superoxide radicals in phagocytic cells can be thought of as nonselective antibiotics, killing any infecting bacteria (as well as the neutrophils) and perhaps also injuring surrounding tissue cells, as these radicals contribute to the inflammation reaction. In addition, the superoxide radicals promote cellular proliferation (mitotic division) of fibroblasts, so that scar tissue can form. The superoxide radicals have similarly been shown to stimulate proliferation of...

Using Mdma In Alternative Medicine

AW I don't know that I would put it in alternative medicine. I think it has a place in medicine. I wouldn't make a distinction there. For me, the interesting thing is that if the set and setting are properly attended to, MDMA can produce a state of great relaxation and lack of defensiveness in which the body behaves differendy. You see that chronic pain can disappear and that habits can disappear. It can show people that there is a possibility that they're not obliged to have certain symptoms. The experience can motivate them to figure out other ways to maintain that symptom-free state. JH Let's talk about relaxation first. How do you think that MDMA can be helpful there AW Many people walk around in states of chronic tension and much of their discomfort is due to that. Just to have an experience of what it feels like to be completely relaxed can show them that their experience of their bodies can be different. I think many people have never felt complete relaxation.

Box 1 Wrist arthrofibrosis classification

Distal Radius Fracture Radiograph

Through creep, or the permanent deformation of tissue when placed under constant stress for an extended period of time. Typical dynamic splinting regimens require 8 to 12 hours of splint usage per day. Static-progressive splinting produces plastic deformation through stress-relaxation, or the permanent deformation of tissue when held in a constant deformation. Both methods improve motion of contracted joints, but static-progressive splints require shorter treatment times and are generally better tolerated by patients 33,35 .

Conclusions and Future Directions

Table 1 presents a summary of the available evidence supporting the efficacy of the CAM modalities reviewed here. Most of the CAM interventions reviewed fall in the promising category, with a few considered possibly efficacious and only one (self-hypnosis relaxation for recurrent pediatric headaches) considered efficacious for a specific pain problem. Because self-hypnosis was reviewed as part of a package including other interventions (e.g., progressive muscle relaxation), its efficacy as stand-alone therapy remains unclear. deep relaxation, imagery, and suggestion Recommendation in ref. 79 for the category of relaxation self-hypnosis guided imagery autogenic training. Recommendation in ref. 79 for the category of relaxation self-hypnosis guided imagery autogenic training.

Magnetic resonance imaging MRI See Appendix II

Successful meditation induces a state of deep relaxation. Studies have shown that this relaxation is associated with a lower heart rate, blood pressure, and breathing rate and with reduced muscle tension and skin conduction. The levels of lactate (from burning energy) and catecholamines and cortisol (stress hormones) go down and the brain waves change. Meditation is part of many mind-body programs and, in some form, is often included in multidisciplinary pain programs. There is good evidence that meditation can reduce pain levels in a number of conditions.

Inhibition of Neutrophil Function and Recruitment

Protection of Endothelial Function Inflammation and infections do profoundly affect the function of vascular endothelial cells. Endothelial dysfunction might be a common link between inflammation and the enhanced cardiovascular risk in patients suffering from chronic inflammatory diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis (Section 4.2.2). Inflammatory cytokines upregulate endothelial COX-2 and iNOS and enhance generation of reactive oxygen species (Section 2.2.2). Experimental systemic inflammation in healthy individuals, caused by S. typhi vaccination, was associated with endo-thelial dysfunction as seen from reduced endothe-lium-dependent relaxation that could be prevented by previous aspirin treatment (1.2 g). Aspirin treatment after vaccination had no effect, suggesting that these actions of aspirin were mediated by inhibition of the cytokine (IL-1) cascade 294 . In inflammatory conditions, treatment with aspirin might result in generation of 15-(R)-HETE that can be transformed to...

Temporomandibular Disorder

For some affected people, the discomfort of TMD will eventually go away on its own. Because many cases of TMD are temporary and do not get worse, doctors usually prescribe simple and conservative treatments for the disorder. Eating soft foods, applying heat or ice packs, and avoiding extreme jaw movements such as wide-mouthed yawning often produce favorable results. Stress-reducing relaxation techniques (see page 119) also can improve symptoms. Doctors sometimes enlist the help of a physical therapist, who can provide gentle muscle-stretching exercises. The doctor may recommend using nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drugs such as aspirin or ibuprofen for a short period. He or she may prescribe muscle relaxants. A dentist may recommend that you wear a plastic appliance called a splint or bite guard, which fits over your upper or lower teeth. This device can help prevent you from grinding your teeth at night.

Lupus anticoagulant See antiphospholipid antibody

Moments are normally directed randomly. These moments are aligned by applying a magnetic field across the area of interest. This alignment is then disturbed by a radio-frequency pulse of known frequency, duration, and angle. After this radio-frequency pulse the moments (usually called spins) will realign with the magnetic field. This realignment is termed relaxation and will be accompanied by the emission of radio-frequency energy. An antenna coil is used to pick up these emissions. Hundreds of these projections are acquired for each slice. The computer then reconstructs this information into a visible image using complex formulas.

Vasodilators Hydralazine

Hydralazine (apresoline) causes direct relaxation of arteriolar smooth muscle, possibly secondary to a fall in intracellular Ca2+ concentrations. The drug does not dilate epicardial coronary arteries or relax venous smooth muscle. Hydralazine-induced vasodilation is associated with powerful stimulation of the sympathetic nervous system, likely due to baroreceptor-mediated reflexes, which results in increased heart rate and contractility, increased plasma renin activity, and fluid retention all of these effects counteract the antihypertensive effect of hydralazine. Although most of the sympathetic activity is due to a baroreceptor-mediated reflex, hydralazine may stimulate NE release from sympathetic nerve terminals and augment myocardial contractility directly. Most of hydralazine's effects are confined to the cardiovascular system the decrease in blood pressure after administration is associated with a selective decrease in vascular resistance in the coronary, cerebral, and renal...

Symptoms Diffuse Scleroderma

Gastrointestinal system Scleroderma can occur in any part of the gastrointestinal tract but most often affects the esophagus. Fibrous tissue in the esophagus impairs its ability to coordinate the muscle contraction and relaxation that is needed to swallow efficiently. Difficulty swallowing, reflux of acid and food from the stomach into the mouth, and heartburn are common symptoms of gastro-esophageal reflux disease (GERD). This affects more than 80 percent of patients. Poor motility can cause reflux esophagitis (inflammation of the lower part of the esophagus), and this can lead to narrowing (stricture) that further impairs swallowing.

The Arthritis Self Management Program

Although not marketed as a pain self- management program, the ASMP has been a major contributor to the global pain self-management effort. It is now widely disseminated through national arthritis societies on three continents 1419 . Multiple large-scale randomized controlled trials ofthe ASMP have shown that this program significantly improves levels of self-efficacy for those with chronic arthritis pain. These enhancements in self-efficacy have consistently mediated clinically significant improvements in pain, HRQL, knowledge, exercise and relaxation behaviors, and depression and disability for up to four years post-intervention, without any formal reinforcement of program content - 19 - Sustained reductions in healthcare costs have also been reported as a result of the program, including 40 fewer physician visits and average savings of 648 US and 189 US for persons with rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis, respectively 19 .

Classes Of Imaging Markers

A subcategory of morphological markers are measures that relate to the microstructural integrity of tissues. An emerging MRI technique, known as diffusion-weighted imaging, falls into this category. Diffusion-weighted imaging derives from the physical, random (Brownian) motion of water molecules. Importantly, the microenvironment of water molecules critically influences the freedom, or mean free path, of diffusion. Intra- and extracellular apparent diffusion coefficients differ markedly. The effective diffusion coefficient, measured across an image pixel, typically represents an average of the contained diffusion environments, allowing delineation of regions of cellular swelling (e.g., in ischemia) or necrosis. The close correlation of diffusion-weighted images and derived apparent diffusion coefficient maps of tumors to postmortem histological sectioning and staining suggests a role for diffusion weighted imaging as a tool for virtual biopsy in vivo (Fig. 6). Diffusion-weighted...

Self Management Brief History and Overview

Barlow and colleagues conducted a large-scale systematic review of self-management interventions in order to determine the major tenets of self-management education programs and self-management designs that are the most effective 9 . Their review of 145 studies from the world literature found that when compared to usual care, self-management programs consistently improve patients' (i) knowledge, (ii) performance of self-management behaviors such as exercise, relaxation, energy conservation, and stress reduction, and (iii) various aspects of physical and emotional functioning such as exercise capacity and mood status. They also found that the majority of self-management programs to date are designed for adult patients. They can be delivered in a variety of formats including (i) individual counseling, (ii) small group sessions, or (iii) a combined individual and group -based approach. Each mode of delivery is equally effective. Regardless of format, most programs utilize a...

Cannabis hemp medical marijuana

Cannabinoids stimulate special receptor sites on the brain that affect body systems, triggering a chain of temporary psychological and physiological effects. Initially it has a stimulant effect, followed by relaxation and overall reduction in stress. Analgesic effect. Blocks migraine or seizures. Helps mitigate or control symptoms of multiple sclerosis (MS), spinal injury, epilepsy. Enhances sense of humor and of well-being. Cannabis has synergistic effects with opiates and other drugs. Not all cannabis has the same potency or effect. May cause drowsiness, distraction, paranoia or anxiety.

Functions and probable functions

One of the most characterized physiological functions of these polyunsaturated fatty acids is the role of eicosanoids. Eicosanoids work as autocrine paracrine hormones and mediate a variety of functions, such as immune response, blood pressure regulation, blood coagulation,33 movement of calcium and other substances into and out of cells, relaxation and contraction of muscles, and cell division and growth.34 The eicosanoids include substances such as prostaglandins and leukotrienes. Arachi-donic acid is the precursor for a group of eicosanoids that include series-2 prostaglandins and series-4 leukotrienes, while EPA is the precursor for a group of eicosanoids that include series-3 prostaglandins and series-5 leukotrienes.28 Eicosanoids derived from ro-6 fatty acids are pro-inflammatory and pro-aggregatory agonists, while those derived from ro-3 fatty acids tend to inhibit platelet aggregation and be anti-inflammatory.3536 Adequate production of the series-3 prostaglandins is thought...

Cognitive behavioral therapy for chronic pain management

Specific techniques include skills of self-regulation such as relaxation and mindfulness meditation, biofeedback, attentional control, and hypnosis, graded exposure to fear-related stimuli, cognitive therapy focused on examining the veracity of belief, control of catastrophic thinking, problem solving and habit reversal. The targets of CBT can be specific, for example in reducing the frequency of headache, reducing the number of times one sleeps in the daytime, or increasing the length of time one engages in meaningful social exchange. The targets can also be general, for example, in increasing the subjective sense of global well-being, or reducing the subjective sense of struggling with one's values. Perhaps the most common form of CBT is referred to as coping skills training. The content typically involves education aimed at providing rationale for self-management and an understanding of the biological bases of pain, skills of pain control such as attentional based methods, and...


To psychological referrals 142 to self-management 154, 155-7, 158, 162, 208, 222-3 in adolescence 33 BART (biofeedback-assisted relaxation BGSM see blood glucose self-monitoring binge eating 47-8, 212 biofeedback-assisted relaxation training relaxation training 237-8, 253 glycaemic control


T'ai Chi and Qigong are exercises that are supposed to be relaxing while being energetically stimulating. Students often comment on how much more alive they feel after their practice. So why should you experience pain One reason may be that you are performing the movement incorrectly. Often, the simple re-adjustment of a shoulder or wrist can be the difference between relaxation and stress, so you might like to review the instructions and photos, and determine if this is the cause of your problem.

Shou Gong

Zhanzhuang Pile Standing

This is very good for relaxing the mind and body. We can also use this same movement at the beginning of our Qigong exercises, although when we do it in the beginning, we call it Relaxation Movement instead of Shou Gong. For me, the special character of Healthy Living Gong is calmness and relaxation. When I practise, I feel all the tension release from my body. I feel rooted to the earth and a part of nature, not an unrelated fragment spinning out of control For me, Healthy Living Gong is like a moving meditation, so I often use it to centre myself. Life is too fast - brimming with responsibilities, multi-tasking, and over-thinking, especially with three children and a full-time job. So it is wonderful to be able to return to a place of stillness, to gather energy from nature, to remember we are a part of something real. Besides being good for relaxation, it is also helpful for quelling a variety of unpleasant physical symptoms. I have used it many times after waking in the middle of...


The anterior drawer test is performed with the hip flexed 45 degrees and the knee flexed 90 degrees with the patient's foot flat on the table. The examiner sits on the foot and places the hands around the proximal tibia and, ensuring hamstring relaxation, applies an anterior force to the tibia, noting both the amount of excursion and quality of end point. This test is difficult to perform in the acute setting with associated knee swelling and is less accurate than the Lachman test.

Janet L Cummings

Touch, and LeShan (a distance healing technique) than in controls. Studies by Schlitz and Braud in 1985 and Thornton in 1966 examined the claim that Reiki induces relaxation and found that the autonomic activities of subjects receiving Reiki did not differ significantly from those of controls. These randomized and controlled studies indicate that EMDR is superior to other treatment modalities for the populations studied. However, some of the differences are small even though they are statistically significant. They also indicate that, in general, standard EMDR is as effective or more effective than the variations studied. Although this research seems promising, more study is needed before EMDR can be considered a validated treatment method. Shapiro and Forrest in 1997 reported studies that indicate that EMDR is at least as effective as other treatments, but do not state whether or not any studies conducted have indicated that EMDR is less effective than other treatment modalities for...


In chronic medical conditions such as arthritis, asthma, diabetes, hypertension, and other diseases, the goal is not to cure that which cannot be cured. This does not mean that reduction in pain and morbidity are not in themselves therapeutic the emphasis, however, is in disease management. It is with these intractable conditions, medical and psychological, that management is important. Patients with physical diseases are taught how to comply with medical regimens monitor their own condition reduce stress through relaxation, imagery, and other stress management techniques and provide a support system for each other. Most so-called Axis II patients can learn impulse control so that they become more manageable and less vulnerable to the consequences of their own emotional lability. Schizophrenics are also incurable, but they can learn independent living as well as techniques to prevent the


Holmes, M.H., Lai, W.M., Mow, VC. (1985). Singular perturbation analysis of the nonlinear, flow-dependent compressive stress relaxation behavior of articular cartilage. J Biomech. Eng., 107, 206-218. Mow, VC., Kuei, S.C., Lai, W.M., Armstrong, C.G. (1980). Biphasic creep and stress relaxation of articular cartilage in compression Theory and experiments. J. Biomech. Eng., 102, 73-84.

Radio Talk

Polishing seminar with the Tse Qigong Centre Warm Up exercises and then Balancing Gong before moving on to more advanced forms. When it comes to the more basic exercises, like Balancing Gong, I am always interested to see the questions that people will ask and also to see how students respond to questions asked of them. Many times it becomes obvious that they are missing understanding of Balancing Gong's principles, however, not this time. Everyone could answer that Balancing Gong worked for the posture and relaxation. Itwas a bit tricker answering what form in the Kunlun system that the Balancing Gong principles were based upon. Finally, a lone voice answered, Wild Goose Qigong . That is why when we get the Balancing Gong right, our Wild Goose Qigong will be better and will also have relaxation, which is vital for good health.


Dermatome Distribution

Neurological control of the bladder ctd (c) If the cord is transected above S2 (e.g. by a thoracic spine fracture) voluntary control is lost, but the potential for coordinated contraction of the bladder wall, relaxation of the sphincter and complete emptying remains. (Normally 200-400 mL of urine are passed every 2-4 hours, the reflex activity being triggered by rising bladder pressure or skin stimulation.) (Automatic bladder or cord bladder.)

Roles For No

NO acts as a neurotransmitter for nonadrenergic noncholinergic (NANC) synapses found in peripheral tissues. Often released as a cotransmitter with neuropeptides, NO activates sGC with the subsequent production of cGMP. Elevations in cellular cGMP levels induce relaxation of smooth muscle. Activity of the NANC innervation of the respiratory tract is a component of ventilation perfusion (V Q) matching. NO generated by nitrergic innervation and the respiratory epithelium mediate the relaxation of the bronchiolar and vascular smooth muscle. In males, stimulation of NOS-containing neurons of the pelvic plexus results in the vasodilation of cavernosum vessels and penile erection. Similarly in the female, relaxation of uterine smooth muscle during pregnancy is modulated by NANC neurons. Gastrointestinal peristalsis is regulated in part by NO release from neurons located in the submucosa and myenteric plexus, which stimulates smooth muscle relaxation. Intestinal absorption and secretion of...


Relaxation A lessening of tension or activity the phase or period in a single muscle-twitch following contraction, in which tension decreases, fibers lengthen, and the muscle returns to resting position. In MAGNETIC RESONANCE IMAGING (MRI), the return of an excited atom to alignment with the applied magnetic field. General relaxation refers to relaxation of the entire body and is distinct from local relaxation, which is limited to a particular muscle group or to a certain part.

Stress and Illness

During the last two or three decades of teh twentieth century, applied researchers attempted to develop intervention strategies aimed at controlling the body's physiological responses to stress. This work has suggested that a number of stress management strategies can actually attenuate physiological responsivity. Most strategies teach the individual some form of relaxation (such as deep muscle relaxation, biofeedback, hypnosis, or meditation), and most of this work has focused on populations already diagnosed with a stress-related disease, such as hypertension, diabetes, or ulcer. The tech- niques are thought to produce their effects by two possible mechanisms lowering basal physiological activation (or changing the level at which homeostasis is achieved) or providing a strategy for more effectively responding to acute stressors to attenuate their physiological effects. Research has not proceeded far enough to make any statements about the relative importance of these mechanisms....


The kallikrein-kinin system is an enzymatic pathway giving rise to two predominant vasoactive peptides, kallidin and bradykinin. Kallikrein, the enzyme responsible for the formation of these peptides, exists in plasma and tissues. However, circulating levels of the end products, kallidin and bradykinin, are quite low because the kallikrein enzymes are present largely in inactive forms. In addition, the short half-life of these pep-tides (15 seconds) also contributes to low plasma levels. In general, the kinins produce relaxation of vascular smooth muscle and vasodilation. Bradykinin causes vascular smooth muscle relaxation by stimulating the endothelium to release prostacyclin and nitric oxide. Blood flow to the brain, heart, viscera, skeletal muscle, and glands is increased. In nonvascular smooth muscle, bradykinin will produce a contractile response.


Astin80 I reviewed evidence from multiple randomized controlled trials and systematic reviews involving MT for a number of different pain states and his conclusion was that mindful therapies may be an appropriate adjunctive treatment for chronic low back pain, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, tension headaches, postoperative pain, and pain during invasive medical procedures. Multiple MT were evaluated, including relaxation, meditation, imagery, and cognitive-behavioral therapy, biofeedback, and hypnosis. It was recommended that further research is needed, including comparisons of MT to credible shams and conventional medical therapies, comparisons of the different therapies with each other, and evaluations of which of the individual therapies are most effective for each of the individual pain diagnoses. Although it is difficult to create credible placebo conditions, it is important for future research to examine the relative contribution of nonspecific placebo factors in the...

Physical Medicine

A final therapy of benefit to patients with RA is hydrotherapy (defined here as the combination of water immersion and exercise). In a study of 139 patients with chronic RA, subjects were randomly divided into groups receiving hydrotherapy, seated immersion, land exercise, or progressive relaxation.76 Subjects attended two 30-minute sessions per week for four weeks


We identified only two published studies that examined the specific impact of massage on pediatric pain (95,96). In the first study (95), 20 children with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis aged 5-14 years had a 15-minute session with their parents every day for a 30-day period. The parents either gave a 15-minute massage, following a standardized procedure, or participated in a 15-minute relaxation session with the children. At posttreatment, both children and parents in the massage group reported less pain than their counterparts in the relaxation group. In addition, an independent physician blinded to group assignment rated both groups on pain and morning stiffness and found the massage group lower on both measures. The standardized massage procedure and blinded physician assessment are strong points of this study design. However, these are offset by several weaknesses, including the small sample size, failure to randomize (or to describe randomization, if employed), and lack of a...


A later study by Scharff and colleagues (38) compared TBF (handwarming biofeedback HWB ) to an attention placebo (handcooling biofeedback HCB ) and a wait-list group. Thirty-six children (mean age, 12.8 years) with pediatric migraine were randomly assigned to one of the three study groups. The HWB group received four 1-hour sessions of HWB as part of a stress management package consisting of 30 minutes of TBF training, progressive muscle relaxation (PMR), imagery training of warm places and vasodilation, and instruction in deep breathing. The HCB group received four 1-hour sessions consisting of 30 minutes of HCB, including handcooling strategies, such as imagery of cold places and peripheral vasoconstriction, and 30 minutes of general discussion with the therapist as a control for the time and attention spent on stress management in the HWB group. All groups self-monitored their headaches to establish baseline symptoms during a 2-week preintervention period. The wait-list group...

The Dog Woman

Meditation, relaxation, and plenty of peace and quiet are her solutions to achieving serenity. Self-sacrifice is her lifeblood, and she is seldom happy unless giving her time and energy to care for others or a worthy cause. Her need to assist and to protect humanity stems from the deep feelings of unworthiness that haunt her soul.

Mechanics of tension

Removal of most ailments, their prevention, a happy life and a flight into higher consciousness is impossible unless we can start to give our mind-body complex a rest. Easier said than done you might say. Well, to be permanently relaxed we agree takes time and effort. In fact, a very high state of permanent relaxation is a very advanced state of yoga called sahaja samadhi (spontaneous and natural equanimity) which automatically implies higher consciousness. But systematic relaxation for a few minutes when one feels tired can be easily carried out using the methods explained in this book. The tranquillity that you gain will give you a new, more relaxed platform from which to continue your daily life, even if this sense of well-being only lasts for a few hours.

Black Rose

The Free Leonard does not burn well in my opinion. Smoked the taste is of Brute cologne with a eucalyptus after taste. The smoke is thick, oily and peppery but not excessively harsh. The effect is heavy and kicks in fast. As with vaporizing the smoke produces sedation, muscle relaxation, a melted kind of limp sensation, stupor. This is a numbing, hypnotic, incapacitating stone that is not just narcotic but tranquilizing.

Eucommia Ulmoides

About its pharmacological profiles on the cardiovascular tissues. Recently, we have reported for the first time that the aqueous extracts of Eucommia leaf and bark exerted in vitro relaxation in rat aorta and dog carotid artery 20, 21 , which is entirely endothelium -dependent, and mediated by nitric oxide (NO). However, these extracts do not act at the NO-releasing receptor sites, such as endothelial muscarinic receptors and appear to involve K+-channels. While this relaxant effect of Eucommia extracts may be a plausible explanation, at least in part, for its antihypertensive action, we also investigated whether such Eucommia-induced endothelium-dependent relaxation is generally applicable to other vasculature, especially the smaller muscular arteries (such as mesenteric artery), which are more important for blood pressure regulation than the large conduit elastic arteries, such as aorta and carotid artery used in our previous study 21 . Also, as blood vessels become smaller,...

Dr Walt Stoll

The treatment depends upon the cause, of course. If the person has candidiasis, then it is relatively simple and straightforward to treat. A strict diet is necessary for a while. I will probably have to give them some digestive enzymes to correct the poor protein metabolism, until they can do some relaxation techniques to get the blood supply back to the intestinal tract, which usually takes from three to six months. If it's candida, I usually use some Nystatin, a prescription anti-fungal agent, to try to directly attack the candida problem. If the person hadn't been absorbing things too well for a while I might use some concentrated nutrients with antioxidants to try to replenish the body with what it needs to repair itself and improve its own immune function.

Specific Contents

In Chapter 10 , Alexander Clark reviews the evidence in support of the use of non-pharmacological treatments for chronic pain. Unfortunately, the quality of the research in this area is modest at best and most data are for short-term outcomes only. Treatment strategies with some empirical support include acupuncture for short-term relief of chronic low back and neck pain individual and group exercise therapy for a variety of chronic pain syndromes laser therapy for short-term relief of rheumatoid and osteoarthritis and chronic low back pain massage therapy for chronic low back pain relaxation therapy for chronic low back pain and Transcu-


Tens Unit Placement Neck Pain

Modifying behavior often involves emphasis on activities that help to lessen symptoms. Patients often must be reminded that caffeine, especially near bedtime, may worsen an already poor sleep pattern. Helping patients to reframe their situation into one with less victimization, along with other cognitive therapy interventions, can also be useful. Directing the patient toward self-management of symptoms through relaxation training, meditation, or electromyographic (EMG) biofeedback can help control symptoms while shifting the locus of control back to the patient.


SLEEP AND RELAXATION Medical research indicates that light cannabis smoking might be useful for a majority of mild emphysema victims. It would improve the quality of life for millions of sufferers and extend their life spans. The U.S. government and DEA (since 1976) saky the side effect of being high is not acceptable, no matter how many years or lives it saves even though some 90 million Americans have tried marijuana and 25 to 30 million Americans have tried marijuana and 25 to 30 million Americans have tried marijuana and 25 to 30 million still smoke marijuana relaxationally, or use it responsibly as a form of daily self-medication, without one single death from overdoes - ever All research into the oxygen blood transfer effects cause by cannabis indicates that the chest (lung) pains, extremity pains, shallowness of breath, and headaches we may experience on heavy smog days are usually alleviated by cannabis smoking throughout the day. Dr. Donald Tashkin, the U.S. government's...


Simultaneously, the patient and therapist undertake the process of coping skills training. Using data from homework assignments completed by the patient and issues discussed in sessions, the therapist and patient attempt to identify situations that are likely to tax coping abilities, assess the utility of the existing strategies, develop alternatives when existing strategies fail to produce relief, and rehearse newly developed coping strategies when those situations re-occur. The patient may be instructed on modalities to instill a sense of control over pain and adverse life events including progressive muscle relaxation and deep breathing exercises. Together, the therapist and patient work to implement alternate ways of looking at one's condition, one's life, and one's future, cultivating a repertoire of skills to enhance adapting to the challenges one faces and at the same time re-introducing behaviors that allow one to derive pleasure and self-efficacy. Biofeedback, hypnosis, and...


Another noteworthy aspect of this case is the presence of an enterocele along with the rectocele. We have found this to be a frequent occurrence. In performing a posterior wall dissection, we will frequently identify a separation of the endopelvic fascia from the vaginal apex or cervix. In fact, we have found a greater incidence of fascial separation from the apex, as compared with the perineum, in women with symptomatic posterior wall relaxation. Although most clinicians would think of this anatomic alteration as an enterocele, we have found it most often during a dissection to correct a symptomatic rectocele. In correcting a recto-cele, reattachment of the fascia to the vaginal cuff or cervix restores fascial integrity to the posterior vaginal wall, and a perineoplasty restores integrity to the perineal body and anterior rectal wall. As such, a levator plication is not necessary to correct a rectocele.

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