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Sifu Al Perhaqs is the creator of this system and also a visionary and creator of the mind force quantum of The Qigong system. This author has been an inventor and creator of new aspects that are highly regarded training techniques. These techniques have been used for decades by clients all over the world.The product can, therefore, be considered and trusted, as there have been clients who have used it over decades and gave out their testimonies. What is the product about? The chi power plus program is managed and regulated by the Secret society of mind force and Quantum Qigong. The society's main goal is to learn first and apply esoteric training techniques for proven results. The program entails various internal chi techniques. These techniques include; How to move small objects with your mind, How to use your energy to attract or repel objects. This product is presented to you in form of e-books, a complete package acquired at the press of your download. It comes with an over six hours of downloadable audio and video training of the chi power system. It is an immediate digital download in electronic format. It is intended for both men and women of all ages. You do not require any type of skills to acquire the knowledge contained in this program. Men and women of all ages can be able to use this programs. Even children of not more than fourteen years are able to do many of the techniques listed and many more! There are no prior qualifications for this program. Read more here...

Qigong Power Training System Summary


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Contents: Ebook
Author: Sifu Al Perhacs
Official Website: chipowersecrets.com
Price: $67.00

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My Qigong Power Training System Review

Highly Recommended

I've really worked on the chapters in this book and can only say that if you put in the time you will never revert back to your old methods.

I personally recommend to buy this ebook. The quality is excellent and for this low price and 100% Money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose.

Qigong Secrets Home Study Course

Shaolin Qigong is a program founded by Marcus Santer who is also the personal instructor to all members who enroll in the program. For about five years, Marcus Santer was the instructor for International Shaolin Qigong and Kung Fu institute and over 26 years he has practiced for Qigong hence gaining more experience. Shaolin Qigong course has step by step techniques which are easy to read, understand and apply. The author provides a full video, and Mp3 audio is also in place to help you master all the moves and exercises. This program has a full money refund guarantee for any member who feels not satisfied with the services provided in the course. Some of the benefits associated with the program is helping to reduce the mortality rate and cancer-related diseases, helps you to energize and maintain your general health status for a lifetime. For this reason, I highly recommend you to join this program and benefit from it. Read more here...

Qigong Secrets Home Study Course Summary

Contents: Ebooks, Videos
Author: Marcus Santer
Official Website: enjoyqigong.com
Price: $4.95

Chapter The Origins of Qigong

Chinese Emperor Surgeons

During the Three Kingdoms Period (from 280-220 BC), a famous Chinese doctor, Hwa Tou, created 'Five Animal Play'. He understood how wild animals lived and how they moved to maintain their bodies' balance and he saw how people, living under the system of society, had lost this natural ability. 'Five Animal Play' was designed to help people relearn this skill in order to cure illness and strengthen the body. Hwa Tou explained that when you raised your arms above your head, as if they were the horns of a deer, it stimulated the Qi circulation of the liver when you stretched your arms out like a bird spreading its wings, it was good for the heart and relieving tension rubbing and slapping yourself and moving like a monkey was good for the spleen stretching your arms out in front of you while exhaling, like a tiger, was good for releasing the tension in the lungs and bending forwards like the bear was good for the back and the kidneys. Hwa T ou used the names of animals because it made the...

Chapter The Benefits of Qigong Practice

People have frequently tried to guess my age and got it wrong. Many of them think that I am five, seven, even ten years younger than I am. This makes me feel very pleased (who doesn't want others to think they are younger than they actually are ). It's all a result of my daily Qigong practice. First, Qigong makes my body strong and healthy. I have more energy for everyday life, -because Qigong follows the natural way to strengthen the internal body. Based on Chinese medicine, Yin and Yang, the acupuncture points and channels, and concentrating on the breathing, mind and movement, Qigong brings the body back to normal, working with nature to follow the universal rhythm. After many years practising Qigong my size is the same as it was when I was a young adult -not too fat and not too thin. Within Qigong practice there are many movements that exercise the joints and the waist. They help the circulation through the body and any excess fat is released. So do not worry -you won't become too...

Michael Tse Qigong Blood Pressure

Michael Tse Bio

Qigong (pronounced 'chee-gong') is a popular form of traditional Chinese exercise which uses the body's vital energy to make you stronger and healthier and live longer. In Qigong for Healing and Relaxation world renowned Qigong Master Michael Tse introduces a new series of easy Qigong movements. These movements, because of their simplified form, enable you to focus energy on a particular part of the body for healing and relaxation. This fully illustrated guide to better health is suitable for people new to Qigong as well as more experienced students. Qigong will help you to Michael V se is one of the world's leading Qigong Masters, and runs the Tse Qi on -Centres in Manchester and Hawaii. Michael Tse also publishes p Magazine, a quarterly publication on the internal arts. He is the author of Qigong or Health and Vitaliiy and Qi Journeys and co-author, with Grandmaster Ip Chun, of Wing Chun Traditional Chinese Kung Fu for Self-defence and Health.

Dancing and Bone Chi Kung

The smooth functioning of the hip joints is crucial in the whole Chi transmission process. The Chi which comes from below has to travel upward. Breathing into the hip joints and the sockets and sending love into the bones and bringing the inward smile into them helps this process. The hip joints play a critical role as conveyors of the upward Chi flow from the earth, and if our body is well aligned, it can then further travel upwards. That is why dancing and shaking, (apart from being a blessing for the lymph system), like in many ancient forms of dance, is so good for our joints. As we experience joy and firmly touch the earth she then responds by sending her Chi upward into our bodies. We let the bones dance. The more inward we dance, as a form of energy meditation, the deeper will be the effect. There is evidence that Chi Kung in its earliest stages was a slow dance which was done as its healing qualities were realized. Therefore, dancing is a way to rebalance ourselves and...

Thirty Six Exercises Of Ba Tao Chi Kung

The thirty six exercises of Tien Tao Chi Kung are mostly of the Ba Tao (forced) meditation division. They will nourish and awaken the chi energy in a short period of time. With the use of mental control, muscular force, and respiratory techniques they achieve the same result that would take much longer with natural meditation. When one takes a shorter route the risks are usually higher and such are the risks of forced meditation. Too much force may injure the internal organs when unnatural pressure is created. Usually, the adverse effects are not immediately visible, but remain latent in the body. Adverse effects can be avoided by remembering the following principles. The positive effects on health will be noticed immediately (as in exercise 25) and long term. In general, Ba Tao Chi Kung exercises the circulation of chi energy to just one particular area. Any illness of that area will improve as the blood and chi clean the impurities and rejuvenate. Exercises...

My Way to Qigong

One day someone told me that a very powerful, nationally renowned Qigong master was coming to town to give a workshop on Qigong. People said that many people, just by attending his workshop, had their critical physical problems go away, even with tumors. I was born and grew-up in this culture, and I studied and practiced Tai Chi and Qigong, as well as herbal medicine and acupuncture. The Qigong technique I practiced was very helpful to me during very tumultuous and difficult times in my life. I had even used my skills with acupuncture, herbal medicine and simple Qigong to help others. However, there was much about Qigong I didn't know then. My first Qigong masters did not reveal the true power of Qigong to me. They may not have known it themselves. Most Qigong masters still do not teach these very powerful techniques to any but a very few of their students. Like most people there, I listened with my eyes closed. He asked us to listen to his words without hearing them, without paying...

Understanding Qigong

THE GOAL OF QIGONG is to enhance the quality of your life by teaching you ways to open your energy channels and maintain balance. That is it. Some Qigong movements are very simple. Others are very complicated and difficult to learn. If you want to learn difficult and complicated movements, techniques and meditations then that is a good choice for you. If you've found a style of Qigong that you enjoy and works for you I encourage you to stay with it. But, in my experience the difficult Qigong techniques are not more effective, just more difficult. I think simple is much better. In my experience, the best and most powerful Qigong is simple, very simple, yet very powerful. This simple style of Qigong requires less time to learn and to practice while being even more effective and helpful. I will THERE ARE FOUR PARTS to balancing your Qi through Qigong breathing, the postures or movements of your body, your mind & meditation, and the sounds. Qigong Breathing Qigong breathing is quite easy...

Zhineng Chi Kung

Beijing Qigong Association, 71, 117, Brief Zhineng Qigongology, 4 bronchitis, 295 Huaxia Zhineng Qigong Recovering Center, 45, 47, 237, 361 clinic, 52 medical model, 50 rate of healing effectiveness, 49 Huaxia Zhineng Qigong Science Institute, 51 Huaxia Zhineng Qigong Training Center methodological foundation, 88 objects, 79 ranges, 79 system, 77 unique features, 76 China Qigong Association, 45, 58, 119, China Qigong Science Association, 45, 160,178 Entirety Theory human body, 101 man and nature, 97 man and society, 100 universe, 95 Essences of Zhineng Qigong Science, Golden Bell Armor, 57 Gongbo Qigong Hospital, 58 grains, 277, 285, 289, 290 GTP, 281 Gu, Hansen, 164 Guo, Lin, 116 imagination, 24, 35, 36, 351, 353 indeterminability, 106 influenza, 316 Inner Perception achievements, 86 applicability, 84 features, 82 implications, 80, 81 introspection, 83 possibility, 83 practicality, 83 principles, 86 inspiration, 23, 27, 72 Intelligence chigong, 64 Internal Organic True Chi, 129...

What is Qigong

Qigong, literally skill in working with your energy, actually predates T'ai Chi by thousands of years. It is, unlike the martially oriented T'ai Chi, a purely healing exercise. When you perform Strum the Lute in T'ai Chi, you are visualizing the destruction of your opponent's shoulder. When you do the same movement as a Qigong exercise, you can visualize the Qi flow coming down your arm, healing your arthritis. Qigong is a series of exercises designed to loosen the joints promote deep, relaxed breathing and cure many medical ailments. It is thousands of years old, and comes in many different styles and flavors everything from the Five Animal Qigong and Wild Goose Qigong (in which you portray an animal going about its day), to Medical Qigong (designed expressly for medical ailments, the forms we will be concentrating on in this book), to Spiritual Qigong (meant to increase your spirituality), to Sexual Qigong (you can guess what this one is for). Martial Qigong, yet another style of...

Keeping up appearances

Good posture will allow your Qi to flow without stiffness in your muscles and all your joints will have the relaxation and flexibility to move in all kinds of ways. Today, the most common blockage is in the neck. This will affect the energy going to the brain and also to the eyes, ears, nose and even the teeth. It can even affect your taste. We can see people who have neck problems through their poor posture or dropped heads. IN BOTH TRADITIONAL Chinese Medicine and Qigong, we use a variety of acupuncture points. Acupuncture points are like doors and windows where Qi enters and is released from the body. These points are located on the various channels in the body. Our body is like house, so just like in a house, some windows will be small and some will be big, letting in more light. Doorways will let people come and go from the house easily, otherwise no one can leave and no one can come to visit. It is the same for the acupuncture points. Some points are very powerful and will let a...

From Alcoholism to Enlightenment

I wasn't looking to study Qigong, but I did and it changed my life. I didn't even want my life to change but it did. Once I started doing the Qigong all that started to change. I wasn't looking for it. I didn't even want it to change but it did. I hadn't even planned to learn the Qigong. One of the courses the college requires is in Qigong. I started taking the class and then some friends told me about Master Chunyi Lin and Spring Forest Qigong and I decided to go to Minneapolis and take one of his classes. So, over time, studying the Qigong, I've gone from getting totally irate to now I'm shooting them some good energy and love, kindness and forgiveness and wishing I was not looking for self-enlightenment. I was not looking to change my character. I was not looking to quit drinking. I was not looking to quit eating fatty foods. I was not looking for any of that. All of that was just kind of thrust upon me by doing the Qigong. The more Qigong I did...

Lohan Hands Eight Section Brocade

The great Zen teacher, Bodhidharma (448-527 CE), supposedly created the Eighteen Hands of the Lohan Qigong Shaolin Wahman - 18 Lohan Hands Silken Treasures Qigong By Michael P. Garofalo. 307Kb, April, 2005 Descriptions of the eight movements, comments, variations, links, bibliography, quotations, animated Song Dynasty Qi Gong Eight Section Brocade. Instructional videotape featuring Shihfu Jiang Jian. Strength Training Taijiquan, Qigong, Kung Fu and Yoga Sung (Song) - Relaxation Taoist Eight-Sectioned Satin Chi-Kung. By Leung Ting. Hong Kong, Leung's Publications, 1995. 126p. ISBN 9627284181. Taoist Qigong for Health and Vitality A Complete Program of Movement, Meditation and Ten-Section Brocade Qigong Exercise. A poster with instructions by Lin Housheng. Thirteen Treasures Walking Qigong. By Michael P. Garofalo. Trigrams of the I Ching and Qigong questions and answers, links and quotations about Tai Chi Chuan and Chi Kung. By Michael P. Garofalo. Valley Spirit Taijiquan, Qigong and...

Qolden Dragon Stretches Its Claws

When all the joints are relaxed, this allows the Qi to flow through all the channels. This movement is particularly good for people with arthritis or rheumatism. These problems start because the Qi cannot go through the channels and so all the toxins build up in the joints. However, even if you do not suffer from these problems, this exercise will still be good for your joints and circulation, especially the knees and ankles, shoulders and elbows. This movement will allow you to gather and also to ground the Qi. When you open, make sure the body stays at the same level as your starting position. Do not let the body move up and down as you open and close. In the beginning, some people may find their legs are quite weak, so when they close the legs together after doing the opening, they will try to straighten the legs. However, if you do this you will lose Qi. Also, when you close the legs, keep the body facing forward. You should not have the body turned to the side.

The year of the Monkey arrives

Dayan Qigong

It is possible to connect with a deeper intelligence than we are usually aware of in our individual universe. Many different aspects of our lives rule our consciousness from moment to moment. When we practice qigong it is possible to let go of those aspects that crowd our days and free our system to work with a deeper harmony. This experience in turn can reflect in our day to day patterns, and bring to them a new simplicity and harmony. For reference, the names of the postures in Dayan Qigong are listed The Laogong points face the Sky Eye, so stimulating it. When the Sky Eye 'opens' you may be able to see the qi. When you stretch the arms up you will raise the Qi to stimulate the spine. Chinese medicine attempts to answer these questions in terms of Qi (vital energy). Qi is the energy which sustains us. If you don't maintain your qi then maybe you will become tired and ill. For example, when you finish work. You go home, you might watch T.V, read a book, or even go to the pub and have...


I receive many letters, phone calls and questions in my classes from people about specific problems. They might suffer from asthma and ask, Can Spring Forest Qigong help with my asthma Can it help with arthritis, with cancer, with back pain, with depression, or with some other problem My answer is always the same, Yes, it can. Many of these people have tried many different medicines or other therapies without getting the benefit they hoped for. So, when they try Spring Forest Qigong and it works for them, they often think it's a miracle. Many people wonder how this can be possible. How can Qigong help with all these different problems Especially for people raised in the Western world, it is easy to understand why they have these questions. Western medicine is wonderful medicine but it usually focuses only on the specific problem. Western medicine treats symptoms or syndromes. The Qigong approach to health is entirely different. Rather than focusing on each one of these things...

Many ways one way

Form Qigong

There many different styles of Qigong, originating from five schools of thought Daoism, Buddhism, Confucianism, martial and medical (healing). However, all have the same principle of making the vital energy stronger and the body healthy. Qigong dates back over 3,000 years. During this time, ancient Chinese people lived along the Yellow River, and they had to find ways to survive in that area. As there was a lot of water there and often flooding, the climate was very damp. The people suffered a lot of problems with their joints, like arthritis and rheumatism, because the damp got inside their bodies. It is the same today in many colder countries, such as Britain, Canada, Russia and the north of China. When the damp gets inside the body, it tends to stay in the joints, just like the dust in your house collects in the corners where it is difficult to clean. Qigong is good for more than getting rid of damp in the joints, however. It helps to balance the body and alleviates all kinds of...

Shou Gong

Zhanzhuang Pile Standing

Shou Gong is the movement we do when we have completely finished our Qigong exercises. When you raise the arms, imagine you are gathering all the Qi from the heaven and pouring it into your body. Keep the Laogong points facing the body as you lower the hands past the face to the Lower Dantian. In this way, you open the Yang channels and then transmit Qi down the Yin channels of the body and back into the internal organs. This is very good for relaxing the mind and body. We can also use this same movement at the beginning of our Qigong exercises, although when we do it in the beginning, we call it Relaxation Movement instead of Shou Gong. I began to study Qigong six years ago but it was only two years ago that I finally decided to wholly commit myself to practising Qigong. I can only now appreciate, as I reflect on how Healthy Living Gong (HLG) has impacted on my life, how critical it was in helping me to balance and relax. It feels so good to do Old Tree with Winding Roots. When my...


Swimming Dragon Qigong

If you have had good results with the Qigong you have learned, then continue the things you used to do straightaway. However, I believe if you practise Qigong properly or other internal art which will cultivate the Qi in the body and help the injury to heal itself. Why do we need to meditation after we practise Qigong Qigong is an ancient Chinese skill which is based upon the principles of Yin and Yang and the Five Elements. We know, that Yin and Yang is a balance of hard and soft, dark and light, movement and stillness. Therefore, if we are doing Qigong, this is Yang and active. Movement helps us to release the negative energy in our body and open the channels and acupuncture points so that Qi can flow smoothly and positive Qi can be gathered to replace the ill energy released. Once we have gathered this good energy, we need to take care of it. We would not leave a thousand pounds of money laying on a table for just anyone to take, so we should consider the Qi we have just worked...

Cold Shoulder

After a period of five years, I am again doing Wing Chun. Severe arthritis pain and inflammation stopped me almost completely, but I got sick of being sick and no results from Western medicine. So started practising Taiji for a year and a half, untill I could get enough movement to go to a class. I am also taking a herbal remedy. However, I was wondering if there is any Qigong exercise which would help a frozen right shoulder and help improve my Siu Lim Tao, especially the Bong Sau and generally improve my Wing Chun. I am nearly 53 years old and took Wing Chun after being told I could no longer do martial arts due to injuries from a motorcycle accident and back injury. Wing Chun was the perfect answer. Many thanks for your reply. Your sincerely, LG, New Zealand I do not know how much movement, if any you have in your shoulder, so I would first recommend you gently try to rotate both shoulders forward and backwards in a manner similar to shrugging your shoulders. Try to keep the neck...

Chapter Two Key to the Inner Smile Self Acceptance

Negative consciousness cannot be killed . That is because all consciousness is a part of the universal chi field, and you can't kill any part of the field without killing the whole field. You can only change its shape. This is the whole purpose of chi kung science - to learn the practical methods of changing the shape of your personal chi field.

Chi Chinese Character

Dayan Qigong Characters

Professor Yu Yong Nian Honorary Member of the Council of the Association of Chi Kung Science of the People's Republic of China and adviser to the American -Chinese Chi Kung Association. For centuries the art of internal strength was a closely guarded secret in China. Embracing all the hard and soft martial arts including Tai Chi and Chi Kung, it is only now that it is being unveiled, both in my country and to the world outside. My experience of the extraordinary benefits of the Zhan Zhuang style of Chi Kung exercise stretches over the past 50 years, during which time I have studied its application in hospitals and clinics throughout China. People of all ages have come to be treated for disorders that often neither Western medicine nor traditional Chinese medicine could cure hypertension arthritis some tumours, and other chronic disorders of the respiratory, cardiovascular, and nervous systems. Hie ancient Chinese discovered that it was possible to develop and direct the body's vital...

Secret of the Inner Smile

Inner Smile

The tongue is the bridge connecting the back (yang) and front (yin) channels. Place your tongue on the roof of your mouth just behind your front teeth. The correct position of the tongue is touching the soft palate in the rear of the mouth, but it is easier to leave it in front in the beginning. When chi flows into the tongue it may produce strange taste sensations and a warm tingle. If you can use the smile and microcosmic orbit to aid the chi flow, the heart will work less. The smile from the eyes and the brain will help to circulate the chi energy and thus aid the blood to flow fully and freely while the heart relaxes. In conjunction with the proper diet and exercise, the likelihood of getting heart disease will be greatly reduced. Direct the smile to your two kidneys, in your lower back just below the rib cage on either side of the spine. The adrenal glands sit on top of them. Smile at your adrenals, and they may send you a burst of adrenalin. The kidney is the lower transformer...

Kidney Yang Vacuity Shen Yang Xu

Lowing thorough diagnosis, treatment should include acupuncture and moxibustion, nutritional therapy, Chinese herbs, and movement therapy (qi gong, tai chi). Acupuncture treatments should be appropriately supplemented with nutritional therapy. Strengthening and warming foods for the kidneys, prepared using appropriate cooking methods, accelerate treatment success. In conjunction with supplementing kidney energy, nutritional therapy needs to also supplement and sustain the stomach and spleen. Serious disorders such as kidney yang vacuity or kidney yin vacuity might require Chinese herbal remedies. Depending on the seriousness of the condition, treatment may require weeks to months of consistent therapy. Profound disorders of the kidney network may even require treatment for a number of years. With correct diagnosis and therapy, good to very good results can be achieved. The prognosis is not so good for constitutional kidney qi vacuity, essence vacuity, or jing vacuity, perhaps caused...

Importance of the Microcosmic Orbit

At first it may feel as though nothing is happening, but eventually the current will begin to feel warm in some places as it loops around. The key is simply to relax and try to bring your mind directly into the part of the loop being focused on. This is different from visualizing an image inside your head of what that part of the body looks like or is feeling. Do not use your mind as if it were a television picture. Experience the actual Chi flow. Relax and let your mind flow with the Chi in the physical body along a natural circuit to any desired point, e.g. the navel, perineum, etc.

Chen Hunyuan Tai Ji Quan

Personally, I have forgotten what it is like to live without Qigong. I find I am healthy and I have enough energy for my daily work and to enjoy my interests. Sometimes, because of the commitments, the hard work (which is actually enjoyable) and time, many 'modern people' avoid Qigong thinking it is strange or even think Chinese things are too alien. They prefer to stay in their western, more mechanised and logical world as it seems easier to understand. Then one day, when they become seriously involved in a subject, whether it is science, mechanics or even architecture, they discover these are often closely connected to Chinese philosophies or ideas. Even something as simple as eating. Virtually everyone has tried concept of Taijiquan is 'it makes people healthy , and because it looks very gentle it has bccome very popular. However, some people just make the movements slow, changing the form so it is just slow, soft and calm, and this they call Taijiquan. This is just the skin of the...

The Cells Connective Tissue Skin Bones

This basic process of smiling into all five major biological levels ensures that a conscious chi flow is established in every part of your physical system. The message of the smile is the same everywhere I accept you, body-mind, whatever state you are in, even if you feel lousy or dysfunctional . Instead we are smiling and embracing our weak and strong points equally, from the inside. The body and psyche are treated as one complete whole. The Inner Smile can induce the part of us that is feeling stressed or in ill health to begin to relax and dissolve the wall, physical or psychic, that has isolated it from the whole. It can then receive the healing chi flow that will arise spontaneously from the healthy aspects of the whole.

Brief History of Taoism and Healing Arts

For many centuries, meditation and special exercises forms have been used by the Ancient Chinese, Hindus, Arabs, Jews and Christians as a means of improving the human mind and body. In China, the Taoists called it Chi Kung, or Cultivation of Energies. According to Taoist classics, Tu Hse, who lived about 8,000 years ago, was the successor to many great pre-historical sages. He was the great Taoist sage who began the use of the eight kua of the I Ching such as the great power of observation and the power of simplifying obscure masses of material. This resulted in a most perfect yogic and meditational form, which incorporated the insights of Tao philosophy. Perhaps it is more than a coincidence that the Indian practice today of Kundalini Yoga is somewhat similar to the Taoist Chi Kung. More than 2,000 years ago, the Indian Master Bodhidharma traveled to China. There he meditated for nine years facing a wall at Shao Lin Temple. He established a school, which incorporated the Indian...

Exercise of the Lower Limbs Xiazhi Gong

Qigong Exercises For Sciatica

This exercise functions to activate Qi and blood circulation in the Three Yin and Three Yang Channels of the Foot, strengthen the waist and legs, and expel wind and cold. It is also used for health preservation and prevention and treatment of sciatica and arthritis. It is also used to prevent and treat pain in the loins and knees caused by cold-dampness, for weakness and numbness of the lower limbs, and for relieving fatigue. The exercise can be done in combination with The Crane Village Qigong (Hexiangzhuang Qigong) or Simultaneous Moving Qigong (Zifa Gong). Points for Attention

Tai chi

Each posture is said to send the ch'i to various parts of the body in order of importance. Each movement is said to activate the twelve main acupuncture meridians and thus give the whole body a healthy workout. T'ai chi is mainly preventive but will cure many diseases or body disorders over a long period of time. Usually I will either send a sick person to our acupuncturist or treat the ailment with a more specific Qigong exercise to have a more immediate effect. Then I give T'ai chi to stop the disease coming back.

Iquan Form

Wushu Posture Form

The sum total of Qigong styles practised in the world today number literally ig the thousands. Pill, however, have their roots within one of pve schools oo thought - Daoist, Buddhist, CorfuCm, Medical or Martial. The source of Daoism lies within the Yi jing (Scripture of Change),dating back over 3,000 years. Centuries later, Daoist 'sage' Laozi (b.604 B.C.) authored the influential Dao De Jing which emphasises balance, harmony with nature, and cultivation of stillness (calm heart and mind), and morality, as well as discussing Dantian breathing. Health and longevity is the main goal of Daoist Qigong. The path involves character training and refinement of Qi into jure spirit. Through meditation ego is dissolved, the mind returns to 'nothing', ultimately merging with the Void, or Dao (becoming one with the universe). In 6th Century Da Mo (Boddidharma), arrived at Shaolin temple from India. Seeing that the monks were poorly and feeble he sat in contemplation for nine years facing a wall....

Dayan Gong nd part

Dayan Qigong

This movement connects with the last movement Pull back the body and clear the face . When all the Qi has been directed down to the Jiexi point, at the ankle, it is then released to the ground. This means the toxins of the body go back to the earth. This is nature. Heaven gives us the positive Qi and the earth takes the negative Qi. After releasing the Qi to the earth, this movement brings Qi back to the Dantien with a quick and sharp movement. This makes the Dantien Qi strong and makes the Qi rush up to Baihuipoint. This part follows one of the Dayan Qigong principles. Humans live between heaven and earth and this principle balances i. Turn your body to the front. i. Keep the weight on the back leg and close up your elbows, two palms facing forward as if holding a Qi ball. Fig 118. iii. Straighten up and shift your weight onto the front leg so the back foot is on the toes. Then push the Qi ball up to the sky and at the same time look up. Fig 119. This part pushes the Qi to the sky to...


T'ai Chi and Qigong are exercises that are supposed to be relaxing while being energetically stimulating. Students often comment on how much more alive they feel after their practice. So why should you experience pain One reason may be that you are performing the movement incorrectly. Often, the simple re-adjustment of a shoulder or wrist can be the difference between relaxation and stress, so you might like to review the instructions and photos, and determine if this is the cause of your problem. There is no hard and fast rule concerning Qigong, other than that you should enjoy it. Don't feel like you are cheating or not getting any benefit by going halfway. Remember, If there's pain, you're not using your brain. Finally, there are some practitioners who simply cannot stand up in one place long enough to complete the exercises. For these students, I have devoted a separate chapter to seated adaptations of Qigong and T'ai Chi (see Chapter 8). It is true that you won't be able to work...

Magnetic Therapy

Energy, your Qi and also develops your Gong-Lik. The atmosphere at the training hall provided a good studying environment. It was always relaxed, jovial, and informal, but everybody treated the training very seriously. During the rest periods many students would play cards, give each other massages, and even bait and chase each other, and those with Qi to spare, who were really serious, would practice more forms. Adam teaches Chen Style Taijiquan and Wild Goose Qigong in New York City, USA. He can be contacted at (212) 33G 8327.

Radio Talk

Regular readers of Qi Magazine and members of the Tse Qigong Centre will know that Martin is a regular columnist for Qi Magazine and also a senior instructor for the Tse Qigong Centre. Martin's life has been an amazing journey When he was only ten years old he developed a brain tumour. This was treated at Liverpool's famous Alder Hey hospital and whilst the treatment saved his life it cost him his eyesight. goes for his dreams and does not let anything hold him back. His story is quite fascinating and he was recently invited to tell it on Liverpool's City Talk FM radio. He was interviewed by Dean Sullivan (Dean is the actor who played Jimmy Corkhill on the long running soap opera Brookside ). Dean talked to Martin about how he had moved from his home in the Isle of Man to Manchester, to train in Wing Chun and Qigong and how this had taken him all around the world and back again to Liverpool, where he is now teaching classes. He was amazed at Martin's determination and quick sense of...

Energy Balancing

Meridians are invisible pathways through which energy or life force flows in the human body. These channels are connected to specific organs that can become diseased if the energy to them is blocked. Acupressure, shiatsu, qigong, t'ai chi, and polarity therapy use various techniques in restoring energy flow. Acupressure manipulates the same points as acupuncture but uses the hands and fingers instead of needles. Shiatsu is a Japanese therapy and a form of acupressure. Qigong is practiced by millions in China. It is a system of gentle exercise and breathing techniques that restore the circulation of energy. The theory behind qigong is that the energy or life force that is inherent in all matter has two aspects, yin and yang. Illness, whether physical or emotional, develops when the energy flow between these two opposites moves out of balance or is depleted. Because of its ease and slowness, qigong can be practiced by all ages including the elderly, helping them maintain their strength...

Heal Yourself With Qi Gong

Heal Yourself With Qi Gong

Qigong also spelled Ch'i Kung is a potent system of healing and energy medicine from China. It's the art and science of utilizing breathing methods, gentle movement, and meditation to clean, fortify, and circulate the life energy qi.

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