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There are a number of health problems that you may experience. Some healers experience pain in the finger joints, or in the hands or arms. This is due to the absorption of diseased bioplasmic matter or disease etheric matter from patients. This can be avoided by immediately washing your hands and the arms after general and localized sweeping and also after energizing. In the long run, not washing your hands and arms immediately will result in a regular partial absorption of diseased bioplasmic matter that may result in arthritis of the fingers. You may use salt and water to wash your hands and arms.

Some healers may experience the symptoms or the ailments of their patients. This is due to full absorption of the diseased bioplasmic matter into your system. This could be caused by two factors: firstly, by not washing your hands and arms after healing; and, secondly, by not using the waste disposal unit when treating patients. Some of the diseased bio-plasmic matter may have been absorbed through the legs from the sur rounding area. It is advisable to take a shower after treating a lot of patients in one session to clean the entire body. The healer should wash the entire body with salt or with salty water. This process has a cleansing effect on the entire body and you will feel your body becoming lighter.

Some healers become sick with infectious diseases. This can be avoided by not healing when you are feeling low or after an emotional outburst or intense anger or irritation. These types of negative emotions cause temporary pranic depletion, drooping health rays and punctures on the outer aura. All these can cause the healer to be very susceptible to infectious diseases. It is also advisable to wash your hands and arms with germicidal soap. This is not only to protect the healer but also the next patient.

The healer may become too tired or depleted after treating a patient or several patients. This could happen because the healer energizes intensely and at a very fast rate. The amount of prana projected is much more than the amount of prana drawn in, or the rate of projecting prana is much faster than the rate of drawing in prana. This results in general pranic depletion. This can be avoided by being patient and by not being in a hurry. Heal your patients slowly and gradually.

Some healers have very high energy levels. The inner aura is about six feet or more in thickness and very dense. They can absorb a tremendous amount of prana at a very fast rate. But these are exceptional cases, not the general rule. Some healers are born with a very high energy level while others attain this through disciplined esoteric training. A certain type of lifestyle may also result in a very high energy level in the long run. By being a vegetarian most of the time, having a moderate sex life, living a well-regulated emotional life, possessing a clear prudent but decisive mind, and doing plenty of regular physical exercise (especially tai chi and yogic exercise) will result in good health and a very high energy level.

Through clairvoyant investigation, it is observed that vegetarians usually have a more refined bioplasmic body and a brighter and denser inner aura. Although it is advantageous to become a vegetarian, it is not a necessity.

After treating patients, some healers may continue "energizing" their patients subconsciously. This can be avoided by visualizing the cords between you and your patient as being cut off after the treatment. The healer is closely surrounded by his or her patients and they tend to draw in prana from the healer subconsciously, causing the healer to become depleted. This can be remedied by keeping a certain distance from the waiting patients. It is advisable for healers to take regular restful vacations to recharge his or her body.

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