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1) The crown chakra is located o n the c rown o f the head. I t c ontrols and e nergizes the pi neal g land, the brain and the entire body. It is one of the majo r entry points o f pr ana. Energizing the crown chakra has the effect of energizing the whole body. It is similar to pouring water in a funnel, causing the whole body to be flooded w ith pr ana. That i s w hy some healers heal by energizing the crown c hakra e ven tho ugh the affected pa rt is so mewhere else. Malfunctioning of t he c rown c hakra may manifest as a d isease related to the pineal gland and brain. These may also manifest as either physical or psychological illnesses.

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2) The forehead chakra is located at the center of the forehead. It controls and energizes the pineal gland and the nervous system. Malfunctioning of the forehead chakra may manifest as loss of memory, p aralysis and e pilepsy. Energizing this chakra has a similar flannelling effect like the crown chakra, causing the whole body to be flooded with prana.

3) The AJNA chakra (or Third EYE) is located b etween th e e yebrows. I t controls and e nergizes the pi tuitary gland. It also controls or influences the endocrine g lands and v ital o rgans by controlling or i nfluencing t he m ajor chakras. Malfunctioning of this chakra manifests as disease t hat re lates to the en docrine g lands a nd t he eyes. Treating diabetes requires not only treating the solar plexus chakra (front a nd ba ck), w hich c ontrols the pa ncreas, but a lso the a jna

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Back Solar Plexus Chakra Back Spleen Chakra

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Back Heart Chakra

Back Solar Plexus Chakra Back Spleen Chakra

Meng Mein CHAKRA

Basic Chakra chakra. E nergizing this c hakra c auses the w hole bo dy to be en ergized. The me chanism is different from the crown and forehead chakra. Instead of the usual flinneling effect, energizing the ajna chakra causes the other chakras to light up in a certain rapid sequence; thereby energizing the whole body. That is why in charismatic healing or invocative healing, the healers to uch the crown, forehead, o r aj na chakra of the patient with their fi ngers or palms. The sudden intense rushing in of prana in the head area causes some patients to lose consciousness.

4) The throat chakra is located at the center of the throat. It controls and energizes the throat, the thyroid and parathyroid glands. To a certain degree it also influences the sex chakra. Malfunctioning of the throat chakra is manifested as throat related illnesses such as goiter, sore throat, loss of voice, asthma, etc.

5-a) The (front) heart chakra is located at the center of the chest. It energizes and controls the heart, the thymus gland and the circulatory system. Malfunctioning of the front heart chakra is man ifested in he art a nd circulatory i llnesses. The s olar plexus c hakra is q uite sensitive to emotion, tension and stress, and has strong influence on the physical heart and the front heart chakra. Malfunctioning of the solar plexus chakra may cause the front heart chakra and t he physical he art to a lso m alfunction. The fr ont h eart chakra is closely connected to the fr ont s olar p lexus chakra by s everal b ig b ioplasmic c hannels. It is also energized by the front solar plexus chakra to a certain degree. Patients with heart problems usually have malfunctioning solar plexus chakra.

5-b) There is also a back heart chakra which is located at the back of the heart. It primarily controls a nd e nergizes t he l ungs a nd to a l esser degree t he heart a nd the t hymus g land. Malfunctioning of the back heart chakra is manifested as lung problems. Energizing of the heart is done through the back heart chakra. The whole body can also be energized through the back heart chakra. Energizing the front heart chakra immediately energizes the physical heart.

The mai n p roblem is t hat t he v ital e nergy or p rana t ends to localize o r does n ot s pread easily to other parts of the body, which may result in serious heart pranic congestion. That is why it is not advisable to intensely energize the front heart chakra for a prolonged period of time. Experienced pranic healers prefer to energize through the back heart chakra, which does not have localized effect on the physical heart. Excess prana can easily flow to the lungs and other parts of the body.

6-a) The (front) solar plexus chakra is located at the solar plexus area (or the hollow area between the ribs). It controls and energizes the pancreas, liver, d iaphragm, large intestine, appendix, and stomach; and to a certain degree it energizes the small intestine, lungs, heart and other pa rts of the body. The solar plexus c hakra is the e nergy c lea ring house center. Subtle energies from t he lo wer c hakras a nd from t he h igher chakra p ass through it. The whole body can be e nergized t hrough t he s olar plexus c hakra. On ra re o ccasions, over energizing this chakra may result in difficulty in breathing. Excess prana should be removed immediately. The solar p lexus chakra also controls t he heating and cooling system of t he body. Malfunctioning of this chakra may be manifested as diabetes, ulcers, hepatitis, heart ailments and other illnesses related to the organs mentioned.

6-b) The back solar plexus chakra is located opposite the front solar plexus chakra. The back solar plexus chakra looks like and has the same function as the front solar plexus chakra. It is slightly smaller than the front solar plexus chakra.

7-a) The (front) SPLEEN chakra is located on the left part of the abdomen between the front solar plexus chakra and the navel chakra. It is located at the middle part of the left bottom rib. It is the major entry point for air prana or air vitality globule; therefore it plays a v ital part in one's general wellbeing. It energizes the other major chakras and the entire body by distributing the digested prana to them.

7-b) The back SPLEEN chakra is located at the back of the front spleen chakra. The front and back spleen chakras have similar functions.

Please note: It is not advisable to energize the spleen chakra of infants and children because they may faint due to pranic congestion. Should this happen just apply general sweeping. It is also not advisable to energize the spleen chakra of patients with hypertension or a history of hypertension because this may increase blood pressure. However, this chakra is used to treat patients who are very weak or depleted. It is important that the spleen chakra should be treated by experienced or advanced pranic healers only.

8) The NAVEL chakra is located on the navel. It controls a nd e nergizes the small intestine, lower large intestine, adrenal glands, and appendix. It affects the general vitality of a person. Malfunctioning of the navel chakra is manifested as constipation, appendicitis, difficulty in giving birth, low vitality, and other diseases related to the intestines. The word KI is used quite loosely to mean subtle energies. KI is sometimes used to mean air prana, ground prana, red prana, and other types of prana. It is also used to mean a type of "synthetic ki" produced by the navel chakra. This "synthetic ki" is quite different from prana or vital energy. 11 a ffects o ne's a bility to dr aw in, distribute, an d assimilate prana. Dur ing ba d weather conditions, the quantity of air prana is quite scarce. People with lesser "synthetic ki" h ave greater d ifficulty d rawing in air prana; therefore th ey tend to feel rather t ired o r feel lower than the average person.

9) The MENG MEIN chakra is lo cated at t he back o f the n avel. 11 s erves as a "pumping station" i n the s pine t hat i s r esponsible for t he u pward flow of subtle pr anic e nergies coming from the basic chakra. It controls and energizes the kidneys, the adrenal glands and the blood pressure. Mal-functioning of this chakra manifests as kidney problems, low vitality, high bl ood pressure, a nd ba ck problems. T he MENG MEIN chakra of in fants, c hildren, pregnant women and older people should not be energized because of the serious adverse effects tha t will be produced. This c hakra should b e treated o nly by e xperienced o r advanced pranic healers.

10) The SEX chakra is located in the pubic area. It controls and energizes the sexual organs and the bladder. Malfunctioning of this chakra manifests as sex related problems. The ajna chakra, t hroat c hakra and b asic chakra h ave strong i nfluences on t he s ex c hakra. Malfunctioning of any of these chakras may result in malfunctioning of the sex chakra.

11) The BASIC chakra is located on the base of the spine. It controls and energizes the whole visible physical body especially the bones, blood, muscles, tissues of the body and of the internal organs, adrenal glands, and sex organs. It affects body heat, general vitality, and the growth of i nfants and c hildren. Ma lfunctioning of t his c hakra m anifests a s cancer, b one cancer, leukemia, arthritis, back problems, blood ailments, allergy, growth problems, and low vitality.

The w hole body can be en ergized th rough the c rown, aj na, back h eart, solar p lexus, navel, spleen, basic, hand, and foot chakras.

An affected part can be energized directly or through the nearest chakra. Some healers may energize through another chakra, such as the ajna or the crown chakra, to treat a heart or abdominal problem. Therefore, one can deduce that there are many possible healing techniques to treat one type of ailment. But the basic principles are the same-cleansing and energizing.

Acupuncture points and chakras are gates through which prana can easily go in or come out. By energizing through the nearest chakra, the projected prana will have easy and direct access to the affected part. Whereas, when energizing directly the affected part instead of through a chakra or chakras, a filtering action on the projected prana takes place; hence, energizing in this way takes more time and more prana.

In energizing the whole body, the solar plexus chakra is usually used because of its proximity to the many important organs in the body. It is located at the center of the trunk which contains many essential organs. Energizing the solar plexus chakra should be done slowly a nd gently. Too m uch and too intense e nergizing could cause d ifficulty in breathing.

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