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Arthritis and rheumatism are very broad terms used in relation to muscle pain and disorder of t he j oints. Di sorder of t he j oints m ay be c aused by solidification of li quid c alcium, accumulation o f urates, c halky s alts of u ric ac id, or t he d egeneration o f the protective shock-absorbing cartilage in the joints.

Arthritis or rheumatism manifests as pranic depletion of the minor chakras on the arms and legs and partial pranic depletion in some major chakras.

Minor c hakras re lated t o the ar ms a re t he f inger c hakras, hand c hakras, e lbow c hakras, armpit c hakras, b ack n eck c hakra, s econdary t hroat c hakra, a nd n ipple c hakras. P atients with joint ailments in the arms may have depleted nipple chakras, or back neck chakra and secondary throat chakra. Sometimes, it is necessary to energize the tip of the affected finger.

Minor c hakras re lated to t he l egs are t he t oe chakras, s ole c hakras, k nee c hakras, h ip chakras, and perineum chakra. Sometimes it is necessary to energize the tip of the affected toe. Major chakras related to joint ailments are the basic chakra, MENG MEIN CHAKRA, kidneys, sex chakra, navel chakra, solar plexus chakra, spleen chakra, and ajna chakra.

Sometimes patients with heart ailments or with high blood pressure may have difficulty moving or raising the left or right arms. So please take note, some patients with this ailment may be susceptible to stroke.

Orange and red pranas are used in treating mild arthritis or rheumatism. For simple muscle pain or mild arthritis in the joints, apply localized sweeping and energize with light whitish-orange prana for 5 breathing cycles a nd then with l ight whitish-red prana for 5 breathing cycles. In most cases, the relief is immediate.

The patient may feel a cold energy or current being expelled from the affected part.

1) Apply general sweeping thoroughly.

2) T he affected pa rts in s evere a rthritis or r heumatism are v ery i nflamed a nd depleted. Apply localized sweeping on the entire affected arm or leg. Clean and energize the painful joints with greenish-blue prana for 10 breathing cycles and after with light violet prana, also for 10 breathing cycles. The use of too much orange and red prana is not advisable for it may aggravate the condition. Thorough cleansing or sweeping is very important.

3) To strengthen and improve circulation, energize the affected part with light whitish-red prana for two breathing cycles.

4) If t he a rms or fingers are affected, apply lo calized s weeping a nd e nergizing wi th l ight green prana, then with a lot of light violet prana on the armpit, elbow, and hand chakras. If the fingers are affected, apply localized sweeping and energizing on fingers, joints, and tips of t he fingers w ith lig ht g reen prana, t hen w ith a lo t of lig ht v iolet p rana. W ith p atients suffering f rom arthritis o f the f ingers, t he armpit, e lbow, a nd ha nd c hakras ha ve to be treated because they are filled with diseased energy.

5) If the leg(s) or toes are affected, apply localized sweeping and energizing on the hip, knee, and sole chakras with light green prana, then with lot of light violet prana. If the toes are affected, the hip, knee and sole c hakras ha ve to be t reated because they a re fi lled with diseased energy.

6) The basic chakra controls and energizes the skeletal and muscular systems of the body. In cases of severe arthritis and rheumatism, the basic chakra is much depleted. Therefore it is very important to h ighly energize this chakra. To effect a more lasting cure, apply localized sweeping on the liver; then clean and energize the basic chakra, sex, solar plexus, navel, and spleen chakra with a little whitish-green prana, and then with lot of whitish-red prana, and light whitish-violet prana. You may also use the master healing technique. This will produce rapid relief when done properly. With patients suffering from hypertension, do not energize the spleen chakra, and do not use the master healing technique.

7) Fo r mild er r heumatoid ar thritis, ap ply t reatments t wice a w eek for o ne m onth. The patient will experience substantial relief and improvement after two or three sessions. For more serious rheumatoid arthritis, apply treatment three times a week for two months or as long as necessary. Most patients will experience substantial relief and improvement in a week ortwo.

8) In cases of severe gout, the affected part should be treated three to five times a day for three days or more. The basic chakra, sex, solar plexus, and navel chakras should be treated twice a day for three days or more. Apply localized sweeping thoroughly on the MENG MEIN

CHAKRA and the kidneys. Then energize the kidneys directly (without energizing the meng mein c hakra) w ith lig ht w hitish-green prana, t hen w ith l ight w hitish-red, an d with l ight whitish-violet prana. This is to strengthen the kidneys and improve its eliminative function. It would be helpful if the patient could do something to clean the large intestines. This will greatly accelerate the rate of healing. Also the patient is expected to watch his diet.

Cleansing and energizing are the basic principles in pranic healing. Diseased bioplasmic matter or diseased etheric matter is removed from the affected chakras and parts. The affected chakras and parts are energized with prana. By healing or by repeated treatments on the bioplasmic body, the visible physical body is healed or gradually healed.

The basic techniques used in pranic healing are as follows:

• Sensitizing the hands

0 major chakras and relevant minor chakras 0 vital organs spine

• Cleansing or Sweeping

• General sweeping

• Localized sweeping.

• Energizing with Prana

0 Drawing in and projecting prana

0 Redistributing patient's prana by redistributive sweeping.

• Stabilizing the Projected Prana

ü Will Technique ü Blue Prana Technique

Energizing with prana involves two simultaneous actions—that of drawing in prana and that of projecting prana. In order to draw in prana you can use either of the following techniques:

Chakral Technique: Prana is drawn in through a chakra and projected out through the hand chakra. This is done merely by concentrating on the chakra with the intention of drawing in prana.

Pranic B reathing: Prana is dr awn i n through a ll pa rts of t he body by us ing breathing techniques.

Since ancient times and in every part of the world, people with paranormal abilities far beyond the bounds of the ordinary have a ppeared, and today their teachings can be found everywhere.

In the year 804 Kukai, the greatest Japanese QI teacher writes, "When the Grace of the Three Mysteries is retained; our inborn three mysteries will quickly be manifested." The "three m ysteries" r efers t o the t ransformation of th e p hysical, v erbal, and m ental activities of human beings into more highly developed stages-that is, into mysteries of the body, mysteries of speech, and mysteries of the mind. Mysteries of the body include forming mudras with the hands, while mysteries of speech include the chanting of mantras, and mysteries of the mind include image-building.

Since the brain is protected by the thick cranium, the only way to stimulate it directly is through s ound. But just ho w t his c an b e done? Kukai recited the mantra wholeheartedly in a cave. The c ave w ould t hen h ave provided a h igh l evel o f reverberation. The humming sound caused by this reverberation would have streamed into Kukai's brain.

Don't we feel QI energy borne along by singers, musicians on their voices or their instruments?

During experiments of this sort, I began to realize that the conscious body is not identical with the brain, but uses the brain to communicate with the physical world.

Master Zhao Guang has said, "The origin of QI is Nothingness. Nothingness is the only origin of reality that cannot be proven. In Buddhism, it is called Emptiness."

The mystic ma ntra is c hanted in San skrit b ecause each w ord c ontains m ystic p ower:

"Gate gate paragate parasamgate bodhi svaha."

It is necessary to learn to recognize the visible and invisible worlds, and comprehends that the f ive f actors-form, s ensation, c onception, v olition, an d c onsciousness-constituting th e self an d all ot her existences are Em ptiness. With t his, you are freed from all suffering and misfortune.

Vacuums are n ot ac tually c omposed of empty s pace; th ey are f ull of p ositive and negative en ergy-in ot her w ords, c onscious e nergy, or t he energy of p rana. L imitless energy can be produced from space. FORM energy, MATERIAL energy, and CONSCIOUS energy are subjects considered today to be outside the purview of science. But when the usefulness of space e nergy-that is, f ree en ergy-to in dustry is r ecognized, th ese t hree forms of energy will come to be viewed as basic elements. Then physical energy, such as the already p opular el ectromagnetic p ower, will be combined w ith various m aterials, and techniques for obtaining energy from space will be invented. Space energy has four main elements, each taking many forms.

Pranic Healing

Material energy

Th& trigonal pyfarnicJwth four elements devi^mineii th& qual ity add quantity dt space energy.

Material energy

Th& trigonal pyfarnicJwth four elements devi^mineii th& qual ity add quantity dt space energy.

Emptiness: form is em ptiness, em ptiness is form; f orm is no ot her t han em ptiness, emptiness is no other than form. Therefore, in emptiness there is no form, no sensation, no conception, no predisposition, and no consciousness.


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