Case 65 Anterior Mediastinal Mass Due To Lymphoma

The PA CXR shows a mass adjacent to the left heart border. There is hyperinflation of both lung fields, suggesting obstructive airway disease. The left cardiac margin is obscured, indicating an anterior mediastinal mass as the heart is an anterior mediastinal structure. CT (Fig. 65.2) confirms that there is a mass in the anterior mediastinum and this mass is compressing the lower trachea and main-stem bronchi and right pulmonary artery. The differential diagnoses of masses in the anterior mediastinum include the 5 "T"s: thyroid masses, teratoma, thymic masses, (terrible) lymphoma, and thoracic aneurysm.

Female Mediastinal Mass Left

Case 66. This 47-year-old female had streaky hemoptysis for two years associated with dyspnea on exertion. What does the CXR show (Fig. 66.1)?

The Cardiac Cycle Steps

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