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Series Editor Introduction

The second section examines the importance of Preventive Nutrition to primary and secondary cancer prevention. The chapter on diet and childhood cancers updates the findings from the first edition and concludes that this area remains one where the data from survey studies are suggestive, but not as yet conclusive concerning the benefit of multivitamin use during pregnancy and reduced risk of two of the major childhood cancers, leukemia, and brain tumors. There is an insightful evaluation of the differences between the timing of cancer development in childhood, especially young childhood cancers versus adult cancer development. Virtually all the epidemiological studies of maternal diet, supplement use, and major childhood cancers have been tabulated for the reader. Gastric and esophageal cancers are closely related to lifestyle factors, including alcohol and tobacco use chronic consumption of very hot liquids salted, pickled, and smoked foods and obesity. The link between Helicobacter...

Health Benefits of

Epidemiological data suggests that soy-rich diets reduce the incidence of prostate cancer in men (48,49). Prostate cancer is one of the most commonly diagnosed cancers in the Western world, with nearly a 10 lifetime risk (50-52). Boyle and colleagues project that the incidence of prostate cancer will double in the next 30 yr (53). However, there is a 30-fold greater incidence of prostate cancer in the United States than in the Japanese male population in Osaka, Japan, and a 120-fold higher rate for men in Shanghai, China (54). Rather than high fat intake being the root of all dietary evil and a potential cause of cancer, Griffiths states in a review on soy and cancer that the elevated plasma levels of phytoestrogens are now seen to be protective, and many believe that estrogens are more implicated in prostate physiology than hitherto thought (54).

History Physical and Laboratory Evaluation

Medications can influence both bleeding and clotting. Commonly used drugs such as aspirin and other nonsteroidal antiinflamma-tory drugs (NSAIDs) affect platelet function, as do Aggrenox and Plavix. Herbal remedies and various vitamin combinations may also increase bleeding risks (Table 5.2). Furthermore, malnutrition and vitamin deficiencies, such as vitamin C deficiency, may contribute to abnormal bleeding tendencies. Estrogen or estrogen-like medications including phytoestrogens predispose to thrombotic episodes. PC-SPES is an herbal preparation with several components used for treatment of prostate carcinoma. It contains phytoestrogens, which may induce thrombosis. However, it also contains Baikal skull cap (Scutellaria baicalensis georgi), which is a coumarin (a naturally occurring group of substances, structurally similar to warfarin). These examples illustrate the importance of querying the use of herbal medications as well as more conventional pharmacotherapies when

Muscarinic Receptor Stimulation

Soya beans, the seeds of Glycine max Merr. (Leguminosae), form an important part of the traditional diet in China and other parts of the Far East and are frequently a staple of the diet of vegetarians and vegans. Soya contains isoflavones including genistein (10) and daidzein (11), which have been characterised as phytoestrogens. Some studies indicate that phytoestrogens may alter anxiety, learning and memory in vivo 99 . Phytoestrogens, particularly the soya isoflavones, are reported to improve cognitive function, not only in some animal studies but also in some clinical studies, and have been suggested to offer protection against AD development 100-102 . One study in student volunteers suggested that a high soya diet (100 mg total isoflavones d for 10 weeks) may improve short- and long-term memory in both females and males 100 . Another study showed that consumption of soya isoflavones by postmenopausal women for a period of 12 weeks improved cognitive function 103 . In a...

Mental health

Research into feeding a high soy isoflavone diet (0.6 mg g isoflavones) to rats investigated the neurobehavioural effects. It was found that soy consumption resulted in very high plasma isoflavone levels, which significantly altered dimorphic brain regions, anxiety, learning and memory.24 Few trials have been carried out in humans, and most of these concentrated on the effects in menopausal women. Evidence that post-menopausal women suffer cognitive decline is possibly due to decreased oestrogen levels, and soy has been considered to be an alternative to hormone replacement therapy (HRT), after controversy over evidence suggesting this leads to increase risk in breast cancer, and additionally that the cognitive benefits of HRT may actually be reversed over long-term usage.25 There is limited evidence to substantiate the benefits of soy isoflavones, one trial on 53 postmenopausal women over six months showed a significant improvement in one of five cognitive tests, insignificant...


Respect, restoring hormonal imbalance by hormone replacement therapy (HRT) (either by synthetic or plant derived hormone preparations) in the ageing population is an attractive therapeutic option, although the risks benefits of HRT are still an area of hot debate (12-18). Because the average life expectancy for women in Western countries exceeds 80 year and women thus spend more than a third of their lifetime in postmenopause, the possible implications of estrogen deficiency on the rates of cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis are of enormous public health importance. Currently, there is a renewed interest in naturally occurring phytoestrogens as potential alternatives to synthetic selective estrogen receptor modulators'' (SERMs), currently applied in HRT. Traditionally, plant extracts have been used to treat various diseases and such therapies are still continuing (19). Various phytotherapeuticals with a claimed hormonal activity are recommended for prevention of discomforts...

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