Mathematical Modeling

Entelos ( is developing mechanistic mathematical models of human disease that have been used across the pipeline from early target identification through Phase IV clinical trial design. They are just beginning stage II of a collaboration with the American Diabetes Association to develop a model of type 1 diabetes based on the nonobese diabetic (NOD) mouse. For this project, the key question is: Why have therapies that have looked so promising in preclinical animal models failed in humans? There are qualitative and quantitative differences between mouse and human physiology that significantly impact response to therapy, and very small differences mean a lot. By identifying and understanding those differences, researchers can better predict whether a therapy will be efficacious, and design more focused and effective drug trials.

In addition to the NOD mouse, Entelos has models for several human metabolic diseases (diabetes, obesity, and metabolic syndrome), inflammatory diseases (rheumatoid arthritis), and respiratory diseases (asthma and COPD).

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