Coloured lines

White See leukonychia (pages 128-134) Black See melanonychia (pages 134-139) Red Darier's disease (see Figure 2.55) Vascular tumours Glomus (Figure 3.8) Cirsoid Linear ridges Single Familial

Median canaliform dystrophy (Figure 3.10)

Trauma (isolated or repeated)


Multiple Normal; increase with age after early adulthood (Figures 3.1, 3.3, 3.4) With all causes of thin nail plates Lichen planus (Figure 3.5) Rheumatoid arthritis Graft-versus-host disease Psoriasis Darier's disease Poor circulation Collagen vascular diseases Radiation Frostbite Alopecia areata Nail-patella syndrome _Systemic amyloidosis_

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