LEG VEINS PRONE TO VARICOSITY Veins inthe legs become enlarged and twisted when small valves that should snap shut between heartbeats (to keep blood moving up toward the heart) malfunction, causing blood to pool. Severe varicosities can lead to swellingand pain and, on rare occasions, to life-threatening blood clots

JOINTS THAT WEAR As joints are used repetitively through the years, their lubricants can growthin, causingthe bones to grind against each other. The resulting pain may be exacerbated by osteoarthritis and other inflammatory disorders constant tugging of gravity on our tissues.

Although gravity tends to bring us down in the end, we do possess some features that combat its ever present pull. For instance, an intricate network of tendons helps to tether our organs to the spine, keeping them from slumping down and crushing one another.

But these anatomical fixes—like the body in general—were never meant to work

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