Benefit 10 Fights Stress and Improves Mood

Worries, depression, and mood swings undermine your health, relationships, and work performance and reduce your sense of being in control. Research has shown that people who make exercise a regular part of their lifestyle experience stress reduction, improvement in moods, and a greater ability to handle the worries of daily life. Studies that compare the body chemistry of joggers and those who do resistance exercise with the body chemistry of sedentary individuals show a greater percentage of mood-

elevating substances such as endorphins in the bloodstream of those who are regularly involved in some form of exercise.

One study on the psychological effects of exercise on people suffering from osteoarthritis showed that exercise

• Helped release pent-up feelings and improve mood

• Gave people a coping strategy for control of pain

• Increased levels of independence and feelings of self-sufficiency

• Increased self-esteem

• Improved social interaction

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