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Pillay and Santhakumari (1981)

(Table continued)

Table 5.1. (Continued)

Plant Family

Part used Active constituent(s)

Action/acts on

Boerhavia diffusa B. punarnava (name given to white-flowered variety in India) Nyctaginaceae

Roots Flavones (quercetin, quercitrin), oleanolic glycoside, /3-sitosterol (also contains an alkaloid)

Anti-inflammatory, also in internal inflammations, oedemas and asthma (diuretic)

Cannabis sativa Cannabinaceae Canscora decussata Gentianaceae

Resin Plant

A9-tetrahydrocannabinol Anti-inflammatory

Mangiferin (xanthone heteroside)

Anti-inflammatory, anti-arthritic, depresses CNS

Capparis decidua


Carica papaya Caricaceae

Citrus nobilis Rutaceae

Crateva religiosa Capparidaceae


Seeds, latex


Bark, seeds


Tropaeaoline, papain

Suberosin, xanthyletin (crenulatin, suberenol) (coumarins)

Lupeol (triterpene), glucocapparine?

Rheumatism, revulsive Anti-inflammatory

Anti-inflammatory and antihistamine In Traditional Medicine, antirheumatic Anti-inflammatory revulsive

Pharmacological tests Comments


4 mg/100 g of aqueous and of acetone extract inhibits carr. i. r. p. o. and carr. i. gran, pouch arthritis

In arthritic animals aqueous extract inhibits serum aminotransferase like hydrocortisone

Various rat paw oedema models

Like hydrocortisone and aspirin

Also antipyretic

Chopra et al. (1956) Subramanian and Ramakrishnan (1965) Subramayan etal.

(1965) Bhallaetal. (1968;

1971) Misra and Tiwari

(1971) Singh and Udupa

(1972a, b,c) Srivasta etal.

(1972) Mudgal(1975) Sofia etal. (1974) Biswas et al. (1975a) Ghosal«ai.(1971) Ghosal and Biswas

(1979) Shankaranarayan et a/. (1979) Gaind and Junega (1970)

Ayoub and Svendsen

(1981) Rigaud etal. (1956) Yarington and

Besder(1964) Paris and Delaveau

Inhibits carr. and histamine induced inflammation in rats, and early and delayed inflammatory lesions in form, i.r.p.o.

Chakravarti etal.

(1959) Ram jetai etal. (1972) Biswas etal. (1975b)

Dalbergia sissoo c. Fabaceae

Wood, stem

Dalbergichromene neoflavonoids

Anti-inflammatory, anti-arthritic

Desmodium gangeticum Fabaceae

Roots Aqueous extracts, tertiary phenylethylamines, also alsohypaphorine alkaloid

Anti-inflammatory, also antimicrobial

Gvmnema sylvestre Asclepiadaceae

Gynandropsis gynandra Capparidaceae Haematoxylum campechianum (introduced) Caesalpiniaceae

Leaves Potassium salts of gymnemic acids (gymnagenin — hexa-hydroxy A12-oleanene Leaves Glucocapparine

Wood Brasilin, haematoxylin

43% inhibition in carr. r.p.o.


Both substances antiinflammatory

Hibiscus vitifolius Petals Gossypin (bioflavonoid) Antiflammatory


Non-toxic in toxicity tests p. o. in 2 doses of 100 mg/kga (plants collected in India)

Muker jee etal.

(1971) For Indian spp.: Kishore and Tripathi

(1966) Singhand

Chaturvedi (1966) Tripathi and Kishore

Hye and Gafur (1975) Ghosal and Banerjee

(1971) Prema(1968) Ghosal and



10 mg/kg perorally in carr. i.r.p.o. and fertility egg test

Brasilin, in doses of 100 mg/kg in the r.p.o.andfertility egg tests, is more active than berber-ine hydrochloride In the cotton p. gran.test activity of brasilin is equivalent to that ofberberine hydrochloride

Parmareia/. (1978) (Table continued)

Table 5.1. (Continued)


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