What is an online doctor consultation?

Health is the most valuable commodity of a person. If we are healthy, we can work, study, and spend good times with the people we love. Health can be a liability if we are sick. We will be a liability to our family, community, and country. Prevention is always better than cure. Curing disease will drain our time, money, and energy. Take good care of our health is super important. Consult to doctor early whenever you are not well or experiencing any symptoms will be a wise move to maintain your well-being.

Medicine is a very dynamic and progressive field. Doctors and healthcare staff are always trying our best in delivering the best health services to the people. As the queue and waiting time in clinics and hospitals is super long, we are moving forward by introducing and applying the teleconsultation. Tele-consultation is also known as online consultation will benefit the people, doctors, healthcare providers, and the government. This system is already implemented in developed countries such as Australia and America.

The online consultation will cut the long queue, waiting time, cost, and improve the overall productivity of a population. Diagnosis will be made at the end of the consultation for most of the cases, and medicines or prescriptions will be sent to patients accordingly.

The online consultation mimics the classic consultation in the way that it is still one to one consultation, your privacy and identity will be secure and will involve the entire process in reaching a diagnosis.

Online consultation provides you with a more comfortable way of consulting a doctor as you don't have to travel to meet a doctor, you can stay in your place while recovering and relaxing while letting a doctor identify and manage your health issues.

Online consultation is usually in the form of video consultation rather than a phone consultation. Video consultation is more helpful as you can show your doctor if you need to show anything like lesions or skin rashes. In this way, doctors can formulate a better diagnosis and result in an accurate treatment plan. Online doctor consultation is also a faster option for valid medical attention.

As online medical consultation is now available, hopefully, the mentality of the people will change from seeking non-medical advice and consuming unregistered medicines or herbs to seek advice from a registered doctor and start taking registered medicines.

Asia countries especially South East Asia countries are more likely to use traditional medicines, herbs, unregistered products, and products containing steroids to deal with their health issues. This is happening as the availability of shamans and traditional healers are higher than doctors.

Online consultation must be a game-changer to save people from receiving wrong and harmful treatments that may cause complications like kidney failure.

Online consultation is not just an alternative to traditional consultation, but it is the future of medicine. It will be the answer to costly medical services, long waiting times in the health centre and inefficient health services.

In conclusion, online consultation is a way of bringing health services to you and your family.

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