Partial list of health conditions for which medical marijuana is used

Cannabis resin and its derivatives have long been used to treat symptoms of many health conditions or to synergize or control the side effects of other drugs, particularly in chemotherapy.

Among these maladies are:

ADD / ADHD, AIDS, anorexia, anxiety, arthritis, asthma, ataxia, bipolar, cachexia, cancer, chronic fatigue, chronic pain, cramps, Crohn's, depression, epilepsy, fever, glaucoma (progressive blindness), HIV, insomnia, migraine, MS, nausea, neuralgia, neuropathy, PMS, PTSD, rheumatism, sickle cell anemia, spasms, spinal injury, stress, vomiting, wasting syndrome.

THC receptors in the human brain affect mood, movement, pain

the condition being treated. Furthermore, hemp seeds are nutritious and work as a gentle laxative.

In general, cannabis is used to treat symptoms rather than to cure disease. Since many health problems cause similar symptoms, however, this means that people with a wide variety of diseases, injuries and congenital maladies all benefit at a basic level: Relief from physical or mental suffering. The intensity and duration of the symptom often dictates the pattern of use.

Of course, no drug works equally well for all people in all circumstances. For some people cannabis is like a miracle drug, while for others it may offer no benefit. Effectiveness is linked to dosage. Some patients find that small amounts suffice, while others need heavy, ongoing dosages to function.

Cannabis bud has a combination of special compounds called cannabinoids that affect various body systems simultaneously at allopathic and homeopathic doses. Not all strains work equally well in treating specific problems. For example, a variety that reduces nausea and stimulates appetite may not be as effective at controlling aches, pains or insomnia. Only certain strains of cannabis plants produce THC at sufficient levels to be used for medical marijuana.

Hempseed has no drug effect. It is a nut-like fruit that contains eight proteins in excellent nutritional balance plus essential fatty acids that bolster the immune system and may even reduce "bad" cholesterol levels. There are many ways to prepare hempseed, especially now that it is available in a dehulled form. Its oil is used in many foods, salves, lotions, hygiene, health and body care and other products that are already on the commercial market.

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