Gastrointestinal benefits of marijuana and hempseed

Cure Arthritis Naturally

Cure Arthritis Naturally

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Prevents nausea, reduces vomiting

Sense Humor Medicine

lends a sense of humor. It can lower blood pressure. Contraindication: When fast heartbeat poses risk.

ARTHRITIS: Eating or smoking cannabis helps control joint pain, reduce inflammation and improve mobility. A traditional treatment for rheumatism and arthritis is to soak cannabis leaves in rubbing alcohol and wrap them around the sore joints to reduce swelling and pain, and ease movement. A general use topical antibiotic is made by straining the plant matter out and using the cannabinoids suspended in alcohol.

MENTAL HEALTH: Cannabis enhances sensory experiences such as enjoyment of music and art, and has long been regarded as a mild aphrodisiac. It can stimulate inspiration and critical thinking, increase motivation and reduce malaise such as chronic fatigue syndrome. It is anti-depressant and helps people with attention deficit (ADD / ADHD) to better focus and concentrate. It can stabilize bipolar mood swings and may also help with memory, such as with Alzheimer's and senility. Studies on veterans show it helps reduce nightmares and rage caused by PTSD. Contraindication: Possibly schizophrenia. May cause paranoia or panic attack.

ABLE-BODIED YOUNG MAN SYNDROME: When an apparently able-bodied young person has a doctor's note, people may assume that they don't use cannabis as medicine and "just want to get high." However:

• A person does not have to look sick to be sick.

• You can't see pain, and patients may try to hide it.

• Mental illness is not visible to the naked eye.

• If cannabis is working, a patient may appear healthy; in fact, one should hope that they feel well as can be.

For these and other reasons, it is up to the patient to make the determination with a physician as to whether cannabis is the right medicine for them.

Marijuana stimulates the appetite, makes food taste better

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Effect of Smoked r 100

vs. Eaten Cannabis

Potency & duration of effect

Potency of effect: 100 = smoked | - - I


Smoked cannabis: fast peak, rapid drop

Clinical and Ph Therapeutics. 28:3.


Eaten cannabis: slow build, long effect

arm. 1980

60 120 180 240 Duration of effect: Exprès

60 120 180 240 3C sed in minutes

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Arthritis Relief and Prevention

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