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1. Cannabinoids stimulate special receptor sites on the brain that affect body systems, triggering a chain of temporary psychological and physiological effects. Initially it has a stimulant effect, followed by relaxation and overall reduction in stress. Analgesic effect. Blocks migraine or seizures. Helps mitigate or control symptoms of multiple sclerosis (MS), spinal injury, epilepsy. Enhances sense of humor and of well-being. Cannabis has synergistic effects with opiates and other drugs. Not all cannabis has the same potency or effect. May cause drowsiness, distraction, paranoia or anxiety.

2. Cannabis reddens and dehydrates the eyes, lowers intra-ocular pressure

3. Stills ringing in ears (tinnitus).

4. Dehydrates the mouth, stimulates appetite, enhances flavors and taste.

5. Smoked or vaporized, cannabis has anti-phlegmatic and expectorant effects to clear the throat and lungs. Its bronchodilator effect improves oxygen intake for asthma. Smoke can irritate the mouth, throat and respiratory system, but vaporization, oral ingestion and other precautions can mitigate this.

6. Accelerates heart beat and pulse. Dilates bronchia, alveoli and blood vessels. When cannabinoids are inhaled, the lungs and cardiovascular system add them to the bloodstream flowing directly to the brain. This is an extremely fast and effective delivery system.

7. Stimulates appetite. Settles the gastrointestinal tract. Calms stomach. Reduces nausea and vomiting (antiemetic). Soothes motion sickness and various side effects of radiation and chemotherapy.

8. Little or no effect on reproductive system. Cannabinoids cross the placenta without mutagenic effect. Used as a mild aphrodisiac and to enhance the sensual experience.

9. Soothes joints. Analgesic effect reduces pain. Anti-inflammatory, helps arthritis and rheumatism when taken orally or applied topically.

10. Relaxes muscles. Reduces muscle cramps, convulsions, spasms, ataxia and other neurological or movement disorders.

11. Vasodilation carries blood more quickly from the extremities, lowering overall body temperature. Helps reduce fever.

12. The body's fatty tissues collect inert cannabinoids for harmless disposal through urine or feces.

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