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Any time Jupiter is conjunct and in tight orb with the Sun (five degrees or less), there may be either too much or too little of the vitamins and minerals ruled by these two planets: the vitamins A and D (Sun) and B-6, biotin, cholin, inositol and pangamic acid (all ruled by Jupiter); and the minerals iodine and magnesium (Sun) and chromium, manganese and zinc (Jupiter). A person with such a configuration in the natal chart should undergo physician's tests to determine if there is a deficiency or overabundance of one or more of these nutrients. And any hard aspect between the Sun and Jupiter could result in too much or too little of these vitamins and minerals.

A deficiency of vitamin A can result in upper respiratory infections, since Saggitarius, ruled by Jupiter, is the opposite polarity of Gemini, which rules the lungs. High cholesterol, always a potential problem when Jupiter is involved, can also be caused by insufficient vitamin A, a vitamin necessary for good heart maintenance as well. And insufficient vitamin A will inhibit the assimilation of zinc, which is needed for clearing up fatty deposits in the arteries. Lack of zinc can also halt conception in women.

With a hard aspect between the Sun and Jupiter there may be a large and disproportionate need for vitamin D, too. Or perhaps there will be too much vitamin D, creating a toxic condition in the body. With too little vitamin D plus an aspect from Saturn, there is a possibility of the loss of calcium (Saturn), since vitamin D plays a major role in distributing that mineral.

A larger dose of magnesium than the average person usually needs is probably also indicated with a Sun-Jupiter hard aspect. Tests should be undertaken to determine whether or not this is the case. Instead, there may be too much magnesium, which could cause a deficiency of cholin, in turn affecting the nerve synapses and inducing loss of muscle control. If, however, there is too little magnesium (a more likely occurrence), clots in the arteries may develop with a hard aspect from Saturn. In addition, with high-protein diets there may be high cholesterol levels, especially if the planets are in Aries, Leo or Scorpio. There may also be hair loss.

A deficiency of magnesium usually goes handin-hand with a Jack of vitamin B-6, producing the potential for several problems. If not enough magnesium is available and there is a hard aspect to Saturn, there may not be enough vitamin B-6 to control the blood cholesterol levels. If vitamin B-6 and magnesium are needed, there may also be tics and tremors, as well as diabetes. Cramps and menopausal arthritis are also possible. In addition, heart conditions and glaucoma can be set off by lack of vitamin B-6 in the system.

A hard aspect between the Sun and Jupiter may also produce heart conditions. With a hard aspect from Saturn a shortage of pangamic acid could cause hardening of the arteries leading from the heart. The arteries could also harden from the lack of a necessary amount of chromium in the diet. There is additional speculation that some heart ailments develop from a manganese deficiency caused by arrhythmic disturbances, especially if Saturn is in hard aspect and either of the planets is in Leo.

Sun-Saturn -

Since Saturn rules the entire skeleton, the bones, the skin and the teeth, a hard aspect between the Sun and Saturn may mean calcification of the organs in general but primarily of the kidneys and the endocrine gland. A hard aspect between the Sun and Saturn is the major culprit in most problems related to deficiencies of vitamin D. For example, psoriasis is possible, as are arthritis, rheumatism, osteomalacia and all other bone conditions discussed under the section on vitamin D in Chapter Seven. The possible presence of such conditions should be confirmed through testing by a physician.

Because vitamin D is necessary to help assimilate calcium (Saturn), insufficient vitamin D will produce a lack of the mineral. If either the Sun or Saturn is in Libra, a lack of calcium resorption within the kidney tubules may cause stones later in life. If either planet, particularly the Sun, is in Cancer or Pisces, there may be puffiness in the body caused by excess salt retention from too little calcium available to wash the salt out. There may also be sunburn or skin problems from insufficient amounts of vitamin A and calcium as well as middle or lower back pains implicated by the Leo-Aquarius polarity.

A calcium imbalance in turn may produce an insufficient amount of magnesium, especially if Libra is involved with a hard aspect from Pluto, And with Saturn trine Pluto a calcium overload and severe magnesium deficiency may result. Soft enamel forming on the teeth may ensue from such a magnesium deficiency begun in childhood. Insufficient calcium and magnesium could also cause hypoparathyroidism, which can further prevent absorption of magnesium. (A hard aspect between the Sun and Saturn may also result in hyperparathyroidism since the parathyroid is under Saturn's domain.) Without enough calcium and magnesium insomnia may result as well. And magnesium is needed to maintain the normal, regulatory pulse of the heart and prevent coronary thrombosis. If either planet, particularly Saturn, is in the sign Cancer, there may be poor healing of broken bones from a low HC1 factor in the stomach plus the need for more vitamin D and magnesium.

A hard aspect between the Sun and Saturn can also indicate insufficient amounts of vitamins A and C (Saturn), especially since vitamin C is necessary to help vitamin A be assimilated and used in the body. If either planet is in Cancer or Capricorn and especially if Saturn is retrograde, there may be gallstone problems that can be partially or complete controlled by adequate amounts of vitamins A and C. Difficulties with bones, teeth, ears and kidney stones can also occur with insufficient amounts of vitamin A. Furthermore, deficiencies of vitamins A and D, both fat-soluble vitamins, may inhibit the production of sulfate and chondroitin, causing malformation of cartilage and stiffening of joints. If either planet is in Leo or Aquarius with a hard aspect from Venus, a need for vitamin C as well as vitamin E (Venus) may be indicated to keep discs between the vertebrae supple and free of lesions. Vitamin C and magnesium are also necessary to prevent kidney stones.

A test should be conducted to find out if there is lack of necesssary iodine in the body. If either the Sun or Saturn is in Taurus or Scorpio or if Mercury is in hard aspect, there is the potential for hypothyroidism. In addition, pink eye is possible when either planet is in Aquarius.

Finally, there is speculation that with an aspect from Jupiter and either the Sun or Saturn in Leo, there may be a deficiency of bioflavonoids (Saturn), causing the arteries surrounding the heart to harden.

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