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A hard aspect between Saturn and Neptune represents a major disease configuration, implying chronic, long-term ailments or a genetic or hereditary weakness. For instance, there may be a hereditary shortage of pantothenic acid (Neptune), causing several problems. With an accompanying hard aspect from Mars there may be low blood pressure. With either Saturn or Neptune in Capricorn arthritis is a possibility. A hard aspect from Jupiter can mean that the liver is manufacturing insufficient antihistamines, thus precipitating allergies, particularly if any of the planets is in Pisces. Finally, an aspect from Mercury, which rules the nervous system, in addition to a deficiency of pantothenic acid, may result in bruxism.

With Neptune involved the individual may also have troubles with drugs. A Saturn-Neptune hard aspect may imply that drugs will alter the absorption of calcium. Or vitamin K may be destroyed by antibiotics, especially if Pisces or Virgo is involved, since Virgo rules the intestines. There is also speculation that bioflavonoids are lost through administration of antibioitics or drugs. Moreover, cortisone injections may potentially block chondroitin sulfates from being assimilated. There may be potential drug damage to the intestinal flora so that PABA is not synthesized, in turn meaning that no pantothenic acid is created. And a deficiency of vitamin C can occur because of the administration of drugs and/or antibiotics or the consumption of alcohol.

When Neptune is in hard aspect, poisoning is always suspect as well. With a hard aspect to Saturn there may be high amounts of lead, cadmium and mercury, beryllium all poisonous metals ruled by Saturn, with not enough vitamin C available to wash the pollutants out of the body. With a hard aspect from Pluto fluorine poisoning may indicate that calcification is taking place. And people working in chemical companies may be susceptible to chemical poisoning — especially sulfur poisoning.

A hard aspect between Saturn and Neptune may also represent insufficient amounts of calcium in the body. As a result, if either planet is in Pisces and there is an additional aspect from Uranus, cramping may occur in the feet. With an aspect from Pluto tetany (hypocalcemia) may result. With aspects from Mars or Pluto there may be a high release of parathyroid hormone (PTH), causing osteoporosis, which will take calcium from the bones to elevate blood calcium levels. With an aspect from Mercury as well as a deficiency of pantothenic acid bruxism may occur. And if either planet is in Pisces or Virgo, there may be heightened sensitivity to pain from a lack of calcium and pantothenic acid.

Other potential ailments with a hard aspect between Saturn and Neptune are general weakening of the veins with a hard aspect from Venus or, with a hard aspect from Jupiter, general weakening of the arteries, causing hardening or fragility through inadequate supplies of vitamin C or bioflavonoids.

Finally, there is some speculation that Saturn in hard aspect with Neptune may indicate a laetrile (Neptune) deficiency, causing bone cancer or bone deterioration—if there is also a hard aspect from Pluto. There may be a need of more nitrilosides in the diet to prevent such cancer.

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