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As I've indicated, the correct calcium-phosphorus balance in the body is crucial. An upset in the calcium-phosphorus balance either way can produce rickets: vitamin D can help avert or lessen this disease. (Beryllium, a trace mineral toxic to the human body, can also cause a strain of rickets that vitamin D cannot cure or affect.) Phosphorus is also beneficial in preventing osteomalacia (an adult kind of rickets) and osteoporosis. In addition, because phosphorus helps calcium in the ossification to create strong bones, phosphorus speeds up healing of fractures and reduces losses of calcium. And laboratory experiments on rats indicate that a high intake of phosphorus and a low amount of calcium may cause arthritis: the condition was corrected when twice as much calcium was given.

It has also been found that phosphorus is more easily lost when a cell becomes cancerous, hinting perhaps that phosphorus and calcium added to the diet may provide a preventive measure.

Furthermore, breast-feeding places a strain on the phosphorus mobilization, and many mothers may suffer from a mineral imbalance. As milk production decreases, a woman's levels of phosphorus return to normal.

A possible answer for those who need antacid tablets is to use dolomite, which has highly digestible magnesium carbonate, calcium and phosphorus.

Emotional situations, illness or surgery may cause the adrenal glands to release large amounts of cortisone to protect the body. The cortisone then draws minerals from the bones, precipitating the urinary loss of both calcium and phosphorus—a vicious cycle that continues until the stress is relieved or until proper supplementation takes place.

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