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Forbidden Kill Strikes

Everyone's number one priority is to keep his or her family safe. Children usually feel safe when their parents, especially their father is around. They feel like no one can harm them. Achieving this can be difficult especially when you have no idea about the time when robbers or attackers will come. They can come when parents are not home, exposing the children to danger. You might have every alarm lock system that you desire but if robbers are determined to break into your house, they will. Most of the rape cases in the united states result from break ins. This is the time where the attackers take advantage of their victims and violate their privacy. this is one of the reasons why parents take their children for martial art classes. The forbidden kill strikes talk about how a eight year old girl rescued herself and her friend's family from robbers who wanted to hurt them. Her technique, which seemed like a movie, saved her life that day. The martial act has been considered inhumane since then. How can eight-year-old fight two armed robbers without a weapon and completely make them blind without using any weapons? More here...

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Ultimate Mma Training Program For The Beginner

The Mma QuickStart Training Program provides you with an easy to follow training program that will answer all questions. Everything you get is based on Jeff Joslin's lifetime experience as both a professional fighter and full-time instructor. The great thing is that you can do this entire training program solo and don't need or have to depend on a partner showing up to train with you. It's just you and Jeff, working together to turn you into a mixed martial artist!. No equipment needed other than a little open space, a stop watch and a jump rope. When you follow this program, you'll develop many skills: solid footwork, punching and kicking ability, a strong grasp of the most important basic techniques and vital solo ground movements that will prepare you for partner training in the future, all to help you develop a well rounded skill set and get the quick start you're looking for into the game of mixed martial arts. Inside the program manual is everything you need to know what warm-ups to do, which techniques to practice, the conditioning exercises to include and when to do them all. 18 different one-hour workouts, 2 dynamic warm-up routines including Jeff's actual pre-fight warm-up sequence and a ton of tips to get you good fast! The 12 week easy-to-follow program, with absolutely everything laid out for you. More here...

Ultimate Mma Training Program For The Beginner Summary

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Author: Jeff Joslin
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Damage Control Online Mma Training

Are you ready to start your own training program, or perhaps start an Mma training club with friends? The Damage Control Mma online academy has all of the instruction you need. In addition to a library of around 400 technique videos with more added weekly, members also have direct access to instructors to request specific techniques or upload fight/training videos for helpful feedback. Improve All Aspects of Mma, Learn Muay Thai, Bjj, Combat Submission Wrestling, Catch Wrestling, and Boxing. Check out this sample video for detailed instruction on how to finish an opponent with the Anaconda Throw Quick Kill. More here...

Damage Control Online Mma Training Summary

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Chi Chinese Character

Energy Matter Chinese Character

For centuries the art of internal strength was a closely guarded secret in China. Embracing all the hard and soft martial arts including Tai Chi and Chi Kung, it is only now that it is being unveiled, both in my country and to the world outside. It is rare to find an authentic master of an ancient art. Since the age of 12, Lam Kam Chuen has devoted himself to the internal strengthening and healing of the human body. Since those early days he has studied under masters in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and China, embracing a traditional range of studies that includes herbal medicine, the martial arts, the great religious philosophies of Chinese culture, and classical Chinese opera. He is one of the most highly trained and deeply knowledgeable experts in the art of healing and the study of internal strength currently practising and teaching in the Western world. Master Lam is the founder of the first and only clinic of its type in Europe for treating people on the basis of this powerful yet...

Chapter The Origins of Qigong

Chinese Emperor Surgeons

Although some combined it with their Taiji Quan and other martial arts practice. Then doctors of traditional Chinese medicine started to join in, because their work is based on traditional medical principles like the flow of Qi, the Five Elements, and Yin and Yang (see Chapter 2). Their patients were introduced to Qigong to help them recover from their illnesses, and many improved more quickly than if they had been treated with Western medicine or even Chinese herbs. Old masters of the craft such as Yang Mei Jun, Gou Lin, Ma Li Tang and Que Ya Shui shared their families' skill to help unhealthy people, especially those who had suffered under the Cultural Revolution. At the same time, Taoist and Buddhist monks and nuns came forward to help and to perpetuate their knowledge.

Lohan Hands Eight Section Brocade

Tao of Yiquan The Method of Awareness in the Martial Arts. Volume 2 of the Trilogy Warriors of Stillness. Meditative Traditions in the Chinese Martial Arts. By Jan Diepersloot. Walnut Creek, CA, Center for Healing and the Arts, 1999. Index, notes, 272 pages. MGC. ISBN 0964997614. Terri Morgan. International Wudang Internal Martial Arts, 1999. 244 pages. ISBN 0967288908.

Chen Hunyuan Tai Ji Quan

Chinese believe everything comes from nothing (Wuwai or Wuji), and then becomes something Yauwai or Taiji). I can remember one of Bruce Lee's poems Make the infinite limited, make no method a method . This is how he created his 'Jeet Kune Do'. He tried to break away from all methods, to be able to use anything to become a powerful fighter. This is the way to make something become nothing. The Wuji idea is actually a high level Taoist and Buddhist philosophy. Taoism says if you want to understand Tao, just follow nature. Nature is Tao. Tao has no limit, no way . If you want to reach Wuji (nothing), you need the principle of Taiji to help you understand the concept of Wuji. Buddhists follow fate to reach the The principles of Taiji needs Yin and Yang to balance. It does not matter which family's style of Taijiquan you do Chen, Yang, Wu, Woo or Sun. All of them cover Yin and Yang and are good Taijiquan. Traditional Chinese martial arts all cover Yin and Yang - soft and hard, internal and...

Treatment and Outcome

Painful heel pad The thick elastic pad beneath the calcaneus acts as a shock absorber. This is made up of fatty and elastic tissues separated into numerous cells by tough, fibrous sheets. These may become damaged and sometimes burst, either by severe trauma as when falling from a height or by repetitive minor trauma as occurs in elderly overweight individuals or martial arts practitioners. Treatment is by using a heel pad with or without raising the heel in order to shift weight forward into the foot. An injection of local anaesthetic can relieve pain in severe cases. It is usually a shortlived condition.

Iquan Form

Wushu Posture Form

Martial (Qigong (or Hard (Qigong, Iron Shirt etc.) employs special breathing techniques, dynamic movement, firm stances, striking the body, and special equipment, to enhance physical strength and spirit. The aim of Martial Qigong lies in developing Qi of the bones, muscles and skin and directing it to protect the i nternal body from attack (by bare-hands and weapons) or accidental injury and to repair the body. The seemingly superhuman feats accompanying this method are simply the result of hardship and endurance. The majority of Chinese martial arts, having originated from Shaolin temple, featured this type of internal training as an enhancement of, and complement to, combat skiils. There is a saying, Training in martial arts without internal Qi wiil lead to nothing . This truth becomes evident in old age.

Many ways one way

Form Qigong

As time went by, the movements and dances began to evolve into a more systemised skill. The people of the Yellow River were great observers of nature. So they came to understand that there are two sides to everything. They saw that as summer passes, winter comes breathing in, we must then breathe out we have life, but we also have death. They called this phenomenon Yin and Yang, or the observation of opposites. Yin means dark, soft, hidden, slow, and represents the female. Yang means bright, hard, open, fast, and represents the male. The concept that everything in nature has an opposing force is the foundation of all Chinese culture. It is also the basis of all developments in Chinese medicine, cooking, Qigong, martial arts and philosophy.


Swimming Dragon Qigong

I'd like to spend a few minutes with you just thinking out loud. We could perhaps simply sum up what a good heart entails by using the term sincerity, knowing one's shortcomings and weaknesses and being determined to overcome them whilst retaining a dignified humility. This is essential for progress in martial arts training and in life. It's amazing how many martial arts dojos I visit that display some sort of club manifesto on their walls, usually something to the effect that their particular style exists only as self defence and that the true essence of the art is self Traditionally in China gentlemen were supposed to study and become competent in the five excellencies, that is martial arts, medicine, poetry, painting and calligraphy and meditation. This may seem outmoded now but I believe Wu Shu is the art of not having to fight, the art of being able to avoid conflict, the art of not being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Even street thugs have this skill sometimes. Last year...

Radio Talk

What links a south Liverpool church hall, an attempted mugging, a blind man and Kung Fu hero Bruce Lee The answer is Martin Gale who decided to learn Kung Fu after he faced a gang of potential muggers, even though he was carrying a white stick. Following this incident, Martin enrolled at a school headed by a former Hong Kong police officer, Master Michael Tse, who was himself taught by a famous family of Kung Fu exponents that had taught the legendary Bruce Lee. A. No, doing this will damage your Wing Chun skill. With everything we train weshould followthe system, especially if it is old traditional skill. Weshould follow until we reach the same high standard as our Sifu. Before this we should not change anything. Wing Chun training begins with Siu Lim Tao, Tsum Kiu and then Biu Tze. After these we can learn the Wooden Dummy. This is the traditional way and it is like this because our skill begins by developing soft hands and sensitivity, then we correct our hands, the last thing we...

Cold Shoulder

After a period of five years, I am again doing Wing Chun. Severe arthritis pain and inflammation stopped me almost completely, but I got sick of being sick and no results from Western medicine. So started practising Taiji for a year and a half, untill I could get enough movement to go to a class. I am also taking a herbal remedy. However, I was wondering if there is any Qigong exercise which would help a frozen right shoulder and help improve my Siu Lim Tao, especially the Bong Sau and generally improve my Wing Chun. I am nearly 53 years old and took Wing Chun after being told I could no longer do martial arts due to injuries from a motorcycle accident and back injury. Wing Chun was the perfect answer. Many thanks for your reply. Your sincerely, LG, New Zealand


Clinical trials involving older patients with chronic musculoskeletal pain have shown that moderate levels of training on a regular basis are effective in improving pain and functional status. Training in the form of endurance exercises, strengthening programs (3), and the martial arts has been demonstrated to prevent the physiological changes associated with pain. Tai chi, with its focus on breathing and flowing gestures, is often described as meditation in motion (12). It emerged sometime between the 1300s and the 1600s in China. Some say it was developed by monks, others by a retired general. They agree its ancient roots are in the martial arts, but tai chi movements are never aggressive. They are based on shifting body weight through a series of light, controlled movements that flow rhythmically into one long, graceful gesture. The sequences have poetic names, such as waving hand in the cloud or pushing the mountain, and can be quite beautiful to an observer (13).

Bruce Lee Martial Arts Training Revealed

Bruce Lee Martial Arts Training Revealed

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