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(2), genital ulcer (1), digital necrosis (1) or livedo reticularis (1). At histology, nongranulomatous vasculitis was associated with purpuric lesions, whereas granulomatous inflammation was associated with nonpurpuric lesions. Skin manifestations were associated with a higher frequency of articular and renal involvement (68% vs. 25%; 80% vs. 47%, respectively). These manifestations responded well to steroids and cyclophosphamide, in most of the cases.

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Follow-up and multivariate outcome analysis of 260 patients with PAN and 82 with CSS showed that serum creatinine>1.58mg/dl, proteinuria (due to vascular or glomerular disease), GI tract involvement, specific cardio-myopathy and CNS involvement were independent prognostic factors. The five-factors score (FFS) considers these 5 parameters at initial assessment, and is a good predictor of death. Furthermore, FFS can be used to help the clinician choose the most adequate treatment.

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Handbook of Systemic Autoimmune Diseases, Volume 5 The Skin in Systemic Autoimmune Diseases

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