Wongchinsri/2002 [174]

Chart review (1994-1999)


Pope/2004 [175]

Case-control (undetermined)


Hidalgo-Tenorio/2004 [27]

Case-control 12 months


Chen/2004 [23]

Chart review (1991-2001)


Sayarlioglu/2004 [28]

Chart review (1978-2001)


Galindo/2005 [55]

Cohort (1979-2003)


Ng/2006 [54]

Chart review (12 months)

Hong Kong

Abbreviation: NA, not available. a Length of follow up noted only for cohort studies. b Inferred based on country of origin. c Inferred based on characteristics of cohort. d 354 hospitalizations (number used as denominator). e Only zoster infections included (frequency in controls: 7%). f Only polyorticular septic arthritis included.

8 Only urinary tract infections included (frequency in control: 10%). h Only tuberculosis infections included. 1 Major and minor infections, respectively.

488 61 (173

controls) 81 (86

controls) 125 (children) 556 315 91

Asian (Chinese) Whiteb


Asianb (Chinese) Indo Europeanb Whiteb Asian (Chinese)

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