IL10 in Ankylosing Spondylitis

There are much less data on IL-10 in AS compared to ReA. In AS peripheral arthritis is less common than in ReA resulting in less access to synovial fluid and/or synovial membrane. As a consequence, all available data on IL-10 in AS are from peripheral blood. Before better data will be available from the site of inflammation no clear conclusions can yet be drawn.

In one study a correlation between IL-10 levels in plasma and disease activity was reported16 while in another study no difference in median levels of IL10 between AS and controls could be observed.19

Figure 3. Percentage ofIL-10 positive CD8+T cells among patients with AS (all HLA-B27 positive), healthy HLA-B27 positive controls, and healthy HLA-B27 negative controls. The horizontal bars indicate the medians. Reproduced with permission from Rudwaleit et al, 2000. ©2000 BMJ Publishing Group.17

To address this question we measured cytokine-positive CD4+ and CD8+ T cells derived from peripheral blood after mitogenic in vitro stimulation by flow cytometry in 25 HLA-B27-positive patients with active AS in comparison to 18 healthy HLA-B27 positive controls and 22 healthy HLA-B27 negative controls.17 AS patients had a significantly lower percentage of IFNy- or TNFa-positive CD4+ T cells compared to HLA-B27-negative controls while the results for HLA-B27-positive healthy control group was in between these 2 groups. For IL-10-positive T cells, we found a significant increase in the CD8+ T cell subpopulation compared to the B27-positive and B27-negative controls (Fig. 3), but not in the CD4+ subpopulation. Thus, there is also a tendency in AS, similar to ReA, to find a higher amount of IL-10 produced by immunocompetent cells compared to controls. A more recent paper looked for IL-10 polymorphism in AS. No significant effect on susceptibility to AS but a possibly minor role in determining age of disease onset and disease activity was found.18

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