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The Checklist in History Taking

Traditionally, students have learned to take a history by memorizing a standard checklist and have been warned that a checklist should not be used in front of the patient. 2. The history can be taken more rapidly with a list of questions than without, because you are not trying to recall your place as would be necessary with a memorized checklist, especially if the patient rambles. This functional classification (4) refers to fatigue, dyspnea, or angina. The original classification is too long to memorize, and a simplified one follows.

General Remarks And Conclusion

In the remaining space I have, I would like to raise two sets of issues for future consideration. First, although I agree with Marsh et al. regarding the value of grounding prospective memory research in theory and method derived from memory research in general, I would claim that new advances in experimental approaches toward prospective memory research also require more careful explication of theoretical concepts like limited central resources, attentional resources, and the central executive. The chapters by Guynn and Ellis and Freeman do this to an extent, but more work is probably required (see also Burgess et al., chap. 11, this volume). The central executive, its constituent processes and mechanisms, and the degree to which operations of the central executive require awareness and controlled attention are a focus of current research in areas such as working memory and attention (e.g., Engle & Kane, 2004 Miyake et al., 2000). New neurologically grounded models of cognitive...

Primary lateral sclerosis 259

Pregnenolone is one of several steroid drugs researchers are investigating for possible memory enhancement properties. While several rat and mice studies have seemed to suggest a link between memory improvement and the steroid, the mechanism by which steroids influence memory and learning remains little understood. scientists suggest pregnenolone might enhance memory because it serves as a raw material for the production of all steroid hormones used in storing information in memory. concentrations of many of these steroids decline with age by restoring these levels, pregnenolone may bring back memory abilities that had begun to erode.

Celastrus paniculatus Willd

Withanolides Mechanisms

Further studies are necessary to establish the mechanism of action to explain the observed effects of the root extract on the CNS, and also to identify the compounds responsible for activity. It has been suggested that memory enhancement in vivo could be explained by an increase in functional growth of neurons of the amygdala, since this effect was observed in rodents orally administered with an aqueous root extract of C. ternatea 187 .

Prospective Memory in the Real World The Case of Medical Adherence and Aging

The results from this study indicated again that (a) older participants showed decreased speed of processing, working memory, and long-term memory compared to younger participants (b) middle-aged adults (those from 34 to 54) made the most adherence errors (c) the oldest adults had the best rate of adherence and (d) structural equation modeling indicated that the best predictor of nonadherence was busyness rather than cognition. So again, in this study, we reported that old adults, despite their cognitive frailties, were the most adherent, contrary to the many suggestions in the literature that were largely based on speculation rather than empirical data. By including a large array of individual differences measures and controlling for both age and cognitive function, we were able to determine that measures of busyness and routine were the most important factors in determining adherence. Middle-aged adults scored much higher on the Martin and Park...

Physical effects of chronic stress

The physical effects of stress hormones on the brain include interference with memory and learning. Acute stress interferes with short-term memory, although this effect goes away after the stress is resolved. People who are under severe stress become unable to concentrate they may become physically inefficient, clumsy, and accident-prone. In children, however, the brain's biochemical responses to stress clearly hamper the ability to learn.

Case Study III Psychiatric Perspectives

Walker was in her usual state of health, an active retiree (retired schoolteacher), until about three years before this evaluation when she developed some short-term memory difficulties. Over the ensuing year, this memory difficulty slowly progressed, and she found she was burning food on the stove and getting lost driving when she ventured beyond her neighborhood. She remained active, however (volunteering at her local church four days a week), and in good spirits. She was initially seen by her internist, who, after performing a physical examination and obtaining routine laboratory studies, found no immediate cause for this memory loss and referred her for neurologic evaluation. The consulting neurologist diagnosed early-stage AD and prescribed donepezil, 10 mg day. Her Folstein MMSE score at that time was 26. An MRI scan was essentially normal, with only a question of minimal cortical atrophy.

Muscarinic Receptor Stimulation

Some studies indicate that phytoestrogens may alter anxiety, learning and memory in vivo 99 . Phytoestrogens, particularly the soya isoflavones, are reported to improve cognitive function, not only in some animal studies but also in some clinical studies, and have been suggested to offer protection against AD development 100-102 . One study in student volunteers suggested that a high soya diet (100 mg total isoflavones d for 10 weeks) may improve short- and long-term memory in both females and males 100 . Another study showed that consumption of soya isoflavones by postmenopausal women for a period of 12 weeks improved cognitive function 103 . In a double-blind, randomised, placebo-controlled trial, some cognitive benefits, particularly verbal memory, occurred in postmenopausal women taking isoflavone supplements for 6 months 104 .

Alzheimers Disease and Alzheimers Dementia

Recent memory is easier to assess reliably than remote memory and is thought to be disproportionately severely involved. Nonetheless, remote memory is also abnormal, and there is a gradient effect regarding recall over a retrograde time interval The oldest memories appear to be the best preserved, with proportionately greater forgetting as the retrograde interval shortens. y In contrast, procedural memory appears to be relatively spared. Alzheimer's patients are able to learn simple skills as easily as normal controls and better than patients with subcortical patterns of dementia or patients with various types of sensorimotor deficits. y Although apraxia is one of the defining features of cortical dementia, it is rarely severe in mild to moderate stages of AD and can be very difficult to distinguish from impaired comprehension in these patients. One very important skill that needs to be addressed clinically is driving. Despite the relative preservation of procedural memory, patients...

Excitotoxins and the Elderly

This glucose carrier system begins to fail as we age, making it difficult to control glucose entry.268 As a result, the brain becomes starved for glucose, creating a very strange situation where blood can have high levels of glucose while the brain is starved for it. The result is an isolated hypoglycemic brain. If you suffer from this condition, a doctor testing your blood would find normal or possibly elevated glucose levels. As a result, the doctor would assure you that all was well, and that your memory loss is just the result of normal aging. It has been noted that Alzheimer's disease resembles hypoglycemia in many ways, the only difference being that you cannot recover by eating something sweet.269

Radio Talk

We need time to calm down and think of nothing. While we practise Qigong we cannot think of other things, because our concentration is on the practise and our mind will be calm and settled. This gives time for the brain to arrange all other things in your mind, which is a little bit like a computer, the more things on the computer the more easily problems can happen. Unlike a computer we cannot put more memory into our brains, so if the brain has too many things to think about, it will automatically arrange all your memory and it will keep what is important and get rid of those that are not important things (or those things that are used


The answer is b. (Goldman, 21 e, pp 20-22.) Delirium is a transient global disorder characterized by waxing and waning levels of consciousness, hallucinations, anxiety, restlessness, combative behavior, paranoia, short attention span, autonomic disturbances (tachycardia and diaphoresis), and decreased short-term memory. Patients often worsen in the evening hours ( sundowning ). Risk factors for delirium include Hypoxemia, Infection, Drugs, and Electrolyte abnormalities (HIDE) the mainstay of treatment is to treat the underlying cause.

Mental health

Research into feeding a high soy isoflavone diet (0.6 mg g isoflavones) to rats investigated the neurobehavioural effects. It was found that soy consumption resulted in very high plasma isoflavone levels, which significantly altered dimorphic brain regions, anxiety, learning and memory.24 Few trials have been carried out in humans, and most of these concentrated on the effects in menopausal women. Evidence that post-menopausal women suffer cognitive decline is possibly due to decreased oestrogen levels, and soy has been considered to be an alternative to hormone replacement therapy (HRT), after controversy over evidence suggesting this leads to increase risk in breast cancer, and additionally that the cognitive benefits of HRT may actually be reversed over long-term usage.25 There is limited evidence to substantiate the benefits of soy isoflavones, one trial on 53 postmenopausal women over six months showed a significant improvement in one of five cognitive tests, insignificant...


One well known effect of THC is to life the spirit, or make you high. Cannabis users in Jamaica praise ganja's benefits for meditation, concentration, consciousness-raising and promoting a state of well being and self assertiveness.5 This kind of attitude adjustment, along with a healthier appetite and better rest, often represents the difference between feeling like you are dying of AIDS or cancer and feeling like you are living with AIDS or cancer. Cannabis also eases small pains and some big ones and helps senior citizens live with aches and pains like arthritis, insomnia and debilitating infirmities, and enjoy life in greater dignity and comfort. Legend has it, and medical evidence indicates, that cannabis is the best overall treatment for dementia, senility, and maybe Alzheimer's disease, for long-term memory gain and hundreds of other benefits. U.S. statistics of the 1970s indicated

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