Pauciarticular disease, 458

Pentadactyly, scapholunate coalition in, 448, 449

Pisiform, description of, 503-504 dislocation of, 499 excision of, technique of, 505 fractures of, diagnosis of, 504 incidence of, 503 mechanism of, 504 treatment of, 504-505 ulnar nerve palsy associated with, 504-505

Pisotriquetral arthritis, clinical and radiologic evaluation of, 524, 525 treatment of, 524-525

Preiser's disease, 457, 475-484

classification for grading scaphoids in, 477-479 diagnosis of, 479, 480

inadequate blood supply to scaphoid in, 475 treatment of, 479-482 nonoperative, 480 proximal row carpectomy in, 480

revascularization procedure in, 480, 481 vascularized bone grafts in, 481 ulnar variance in, 477, 478

Pseudogout, chondrocalcinosis in, 442

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