Reiters Syndrome

The classic type of the syndrome as described originally by Hans Reiter in 1916 (Reiter 1916) consists of a triad of urethritis, arthritis, and conjunctivitis. The disease mechanism is still obscure, but an interaction between several different infective organisms and a specific genetic background is now being seriously considered. As more clinical experience and laboratory data accumulate, the existence of various formes frustes of the syndrome have been noted. Further complicating the situation, the syndrome has been described under a number of different names such as sexually acquired reactive arthritis (Keat et al. 1978), incomplete Reiter's syndrome (Arnett et al. 1976), and even rheumatoid variants, creating semantic confusion. A more simple and practical criterion for definite Reiter's syndrome has been proposed by Willkens et al. (1981), who defined the syndrome as an episode of arthritis lasting longer than 1 month in association with urethritis or cervicitis. The syndrome may be associated r>.

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