Patellar Femoropatellar Osteoarthritis

Patellar osteoarthritis is characterized by tracer uptake at the lower or upper edge of the retro-patellar facet (Figs. 9.14 and 9.15). The narrowing of the patellofemoral joint and increased uptake in other articular compartments of the knee are important diagnostic features of os-teoarthritis. Due to altered locomotion, osteo-arthritis in genu valgum and genu varus tends to occur in the lateral and medial femorotibial compartment, respectively, whereas osteoar-thritis in flexion deformity is prone to affect the posterior compartment. As discussed below chondromalacia patellae is not osteoar-thritis in the strict sense, and, hence, usually not accompanied by osteoarthritis in other parts of the knee (Fig. 9.16).

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