Proinflammatory mediator; pleiotropic; proinflammatory gene inducer; induces fever, chills, acute phase proteins, anorexia, hypotension, and neutrophilia

Normal phenotype

Clinical treatment for bone marrow reconstitution; adjuvant for tumor vaccines; anti-IL-la used to treat rheumatoid arthritis; side effects include flulike symptoms, hypotension, acute phase response, and capillary leak syndrome;

proinflammatory agent or hematopoiesis stimulator

Alternative Protein Genetic Cellular Up regulators of . , Target cells ^ . , . Clinical

, , , . • 1 . • • • regulators of ,, Functional properties expression ... , . , , , nomenclature characteristics characteristics expression expression . and/or tissues , . c utility/animal models expression analysis


Protein: 17.5



LPS, bacteria,

IL-2, IL-3, IL-4,


Proinflammatory mediator;

Normal phenotype,

Vaccine adjuvant;


kDa (h), 31 kDa;

location: 2ql3-

macrophages, B

virus, cAMP, IL-1,

IL-6, IL-10, IL-


proinflammatory gene

less acute phase

enhancement of bone



q21 (h); 2 (m);

cells, T

IL-2, IL-3, IFN-a,

13, IFN-y, TGF-

fibroblasts, T

inducer; induces fever, chills,

response and fever

marrow reconstitution;


(inactive): 269

exons: six;

lymphocytes, B

IFN-p, IFN-y, TNF-



acute-phase proteins,

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