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these antibodies can be found bound to CII in hyaline cartilage of inflamed joints along with deposits of the complement component C3.

Although several CIA-susceptible mouse strains have been described (Table 15.5.4), DBA/1 and B10.Q (H-2* strains), and B10.RIII (.H-2r) are the most commonly used commercially available strains susceptible to CIA. Susceptibility of H-2r mice differs significantly from H-2q in terms of the species of CII used for immunization. H-2r mice are susceptible to CIA when immunized with bovine or porcine CII but not with chick or human CII. Con versely, H-2q mice are susceptible to CIA when immunized with bovine, chick, and human, but not porcine CII. Unlike the rat model (discussed below), arthritis can also be induced by immunization with either purified a1(II) chains or large cyanogen bromide fragments of CII— e.g., CB11, CII(124-402) for H2 (Terato et al., 1985; Brand et al., 1994) and CB8, CII 403-551 for H-2r (Myers et al., 1995). However, the incidence and severity of arthritis are lower in comparison to that induced by immunization with native CII, and the time of onset is delayed. Other less common H-2q

Collagen-Induced Arthritis

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