Induction And Clinical Evaluation Of Arthritis

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In this protocol, arthritis is induced in Lewis rats by an intraperitoneal injection of an aqueous suspension of Group A PG-PS (SCW), prepared as described in Support Protocol 1. Disease development is monitored by visual inspection or measurement of ankle diameters for periods of 6 to 8 weeks. Incidence of disease should approach 100%.


Lewis rats, female, 6- to 12-weeks-old or 100 to 200 g, specific-pathogen-free

(Harlan Bioproducts) 3 to 6 mg rhamnose/ml 10S PG-PS suspension in sterile 0.85% NaCl (see Support

Protocol 1; alternatively, purchase from Lee Laboratories) 0.85% NaCl, sterile

Scale appropriate for weighing rats Calipers for measuring ankle diameter (optional) Sonicator: Branson Sonifier 350 (VWR) or equivalent 1-ml syringes and 23-G needles

Additional reagents and equipment for animal handling and restraint (unit 1.3), animal identification (unit 1.5), and intraperitoneal injection of rats (unit 1.6)

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