Human NO production

There has been considerable uncertainty about the ability of human macrophages to produce NO. Human peripheral blood monocytes and some human macrophage cell lines failed to produce appreciable amounts of NO in response to immunological stimuli which readily induce NO synthesis in rodent macrophages. Evidence is accumulating that human macrophages, especially those derived from patients with chronic infection or inflammatory conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, can express significant levels of iNOS and produce relatively large amounts of NO in vitro. However, the conditions for the induction of NO synthesis by human macrophages are likely to be different from those studied in murine models. The optimal stimulatory components required for NO synthesis by human macrophages remains to be determined.

See also: B lymphocyte activation; Interferon 7;

Leishmaniasis; Listeria, infection and immunity; Microbicidal mechanisms, oxygen-dependent; Parasites, immunity to.

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