This dilute brown strain was developed by CC Little, while in Castle's laboratory at Harvard University. There are a large number of differences between the DBA/1 and DBA/2 strains. Carries a Y chromosome of Mus musculus domesticus origin (Tucker et al, 1992).

Predominant characteristics

1. Extreme aversion to drugs of abuse, including alcohol (Phillips et al, 1994), morphine (Berrettini et al, 1994), and cocaine (Tolliver et al, 1995).

2. Highly susceptible to audiogenic and chemically induced seizures (Desarro et al, 1995; Ferraro et al, 1995).

Infectious agents

Susceptible to: Friend virus (Bartman et al, 1994); Trypanosoma cruzi (Reed et al, 1994), Candida albicans (Ashman et al, 1993).

Resistant to: Yersinia enterolitica-induced arthritis (Yong et al, 1988), allergic encephalomyelitis (Takeda et al, 1993), Salmonella typbimurium (Kita et al, 1992), Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Flory et al, 1992), females resistant, males susceptible to Leishmania mexicana (Alexander 1988), Plasmodium chabaudi (Stevenson et al, 1982).

Immunological parameters

Hemolytic complement sufficient (Rhodes et al, 1980). High IgE responder (Mori et al, 1990). DBA/2 carries the H2d haplotype, DBA/1 carries B2C (Klein et al, 1983).

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