CC Little, JAX, developed this strain in 1921 from a mating of female 57 with male 52 from Abbie Lathrop's stock. Substrains C57BL/6 and C57BL/10 were separated prior to 1937 (Russell, 1978). LINE-1 elements from Mus spretus detected in the C57BL/6J background suggest a maximum of 6.5% of the C57BL/6J genome may be Mus spretus derived (Rikke et al, 1995). Carries an Asian Mus musculus musculus Y chromosome (Tucker et al, 1992).

Predominant characteristics

1. Develops mouse acquired immune deficiency syndrome (MAIDS) after infection with LP-BM5 MuLV (Simard et al, 1994; Huang et al, 1995).

2. Extremely high preference for drugs of abuse, including alcohol (Chadha et al, 1991); Phillips et al, 1994), morphine (Berrettini et al, 1994; Belknap et al, 1995) and cocaine (Lopez et al, 1992; Watzl et al, 1992; Grahame et al, 1995).

3. Multi-locus model (Ath-) for atherosclerotic-lesions induced by an atherogenic diet (N'ishina et al, 1993).

4. Alopecia areata-like hair loss (Thornburg et al, 1973; Militzer et al, 1986).

Infectious agents

Contrast with the A strain listing in a review by Nes-bitt and Skamene (1984). Susceptible to: rabies virus (Lodmell, 1982); induction of amyloidosis (Hebert el al, 1990), Toxoplasma gondii (McLeod et al, 1984), Mycobacterium avium (Hubbard et al, 1992). Resistant to MTV (Murray et al, 1967), polyoma virus-induced tumorigenesis (Freund et al, 1992), experimental encephalomyocarditis (Mendel et al, 1995), Plasmodium chabaudi (Yap et al, 1992), Mycoplasma fermentens (Gabridge et al, 1972), Angio-strongylus costaricennsis (Ishii et al, 1989), Histo-plasma capsulatum (Wu-Hsieh, 1989), Lyme borreliosis-induced carditis (Barthold et al, 1990), Trypanosoma cruzi (Reed et al, 1994), Actinomyces w'scosMS-induced bone loss (Gilbert et al, 1988), mousepox-1 (Brownstein et al, 1992).

Immunological parameters

Resist arthritis induction (Yong et al, 1988) and ovalbumin-induced anaphylactic shock (Cowdery et al, 1982). High responder to dextran (Fernandez,

1992). Intermediate IgE responder (Mori et al,

1990). Endotoxin-responsive (Lpsn) to TCDD (Clark et al, 1994). High responder to cholera toxin

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