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GOOD FOR Arthritis • Tennis elbow • Circulation ACUPUNCTURE POINT Quchi (see page 62)

Bend your left knee and lean body sideways and fully extend the left arm with palm facing backward. The right arm should be bent with the fingers touching the left Quchi point (see page 62}, which is just on the crease of the elbow when it is bent.

Move the body back towards the centre while simultaneously closing the left hand over the right arm so the left fingers are now touching the right Quchi point. The right hand will still be briefly touching the left

Quchi point before commencing the next movement. The legs should be straight and even.

3 Bend the right knee and lean the body to the right side. Simultaneously swing the right arm downwards and then upwards again in an arc. The right palm should be facing backwards and left fingers still touching the Quchi point.

4 Swing the body back to the centre and this time fold the right hand over the left arm so that the right fingers are now touching the left Quchi point.

Repeat the exercise on both sides until you feel happy and healthy. When you are ready to finish, fold the left arm over the right arm and straighten both legs and stand straight.

Percy Jackson Fan Art


For breathing, you breathe in on one side and breathe out on the other. Otherwise, just breathe naturally and do not think about it.


When you do the exercise, do not concentrate on the hands. You should concentrate on the waist. As you shift the weight to one side, make sure the movement comes from the waist. The hands are just for connecting the energy. When you swing your arms, the fingertips of one hand should touch the Quchi point of the opposite hand.


Today, so many people work on the computer and use a mouse which can easily cause wrist, elbow and shoulder problems. Our lives are more comfortable and we concentrate on mental development but lack balanced physical training. As a result, the upper body becomes very heavy and the lower body very weak. Even if a shop is just a few blocks away, most people will prefer to drive there. People will take the lift rather than take the stairs, even if only a few flights. In the airport, there are so many people who are sitting in a wheelchair instead of walking when they only have a small problem. Most people will stand on the moving sidewalk rather than walking along it to get to their gate faster.


Because of this, more and more people have weaker legs and a heavy upper body, which will eventually cause problems in the joints. Child Swinging helps us to move our shoulders, elbows and wrists and helps us to develop the legs. This movement will also create strong circulation in the upper body and so it is very good for any injuries to the joints, like tennis elbow, frozen shoulder or stiffness in the neck.


Child Swinging actually comes from the Wing Chun movement, Maan Sau. Wing Chun is a martial art and so in the movement, Maan Sou we use more power and do not use the body to swing back and forth. Child Swinging is a Qigong movement and so we let the whole body connect with the movement. We also use the acupuncture points Quchi, which helps stimulate the large intestine channel and opens all the Qi in the arms and neck.

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