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The Hidden Health Dangers of Leaky Gut Syndrome

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The Hidden Health Dangers of Leaky Gut Syndrome Summary

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Gastrointestinal tract inflammation

One hypothesis is that the inflamed bowel, being more permeable, allows the passage of bacteria or bacterial components across the gut wall where they can be presented to intestinal lymphocytes. This notion is supported by reports of identical T-cell clones in colon mucosa and synovium and by humans and animal studies demonstrating the presence of gut flora derived components such as peptidoglycan in the synovium of patients with chronic arthritis.

Gastrointestinal signs

The presence or absence of associated findings is equally important in the consideration of gastrointestinal system findings in pregnant women who have pre-eclampsia and or gastrointestinal disease. For example, the development of fever, arthritis, uveitis and or conjunctivitis in a pregnant woman with hypertension and proteinuria would suggest at least a concurrent underlying autoimmune condition such as systemic lupus erythematosus.

Upper Gastrointestinal Lesions

NSAID users with a prior history of gastrointestinal disease are more likely to experience adverse gastrointestinal events when taking NSAIDs (Gabriel et al., 1991 Garcia-Rodriguez and Jick, 1994 Weil et al., 2000). Patients with a past history of peptic ulcer disease who are receiving NSAIDs are at a three- to four-fold higher risk of another episode of upper gastrointestinal bleeding than are NSAID users with no past history of ulcer (Garcia-Rodriguez and Jick, 1991 Weil et al., 2000).

Gastrointestinal Disorders

Reyes H 1992 The spectrum of liver and gastrointestinal disease seen in cholestasis of pregnancy. Gastroenterology Clinics of North America, 21 905-921 23. Williamson C and Girling J 2005 Hepatic and gastrointestinal disease in James DK, Steer PJ, Weimer CP and Gonik B (Eds) High Risk Pregnancy Management Options, 3rd Ed. Pennsylvania Saunders Elsevier 1032-1060

Peripheral Nervous System

It has been reported that antineuronal antibodies were found in some patients with severe gut dysmotility of unknown etiology.75 Postmortem analysis of the gastrointestinal tracts of individuals who had paraneoplastic visceral neuropathy is characterized by neuronal and axonal degeneration, lymphoplastic infiltration, and glial cell proliferation within the myen-teric plexus. Often, these patients manifested with severe gastrointestinal dysfunction that included constipation, obstipation, and intestinal pseudo-obstruction.76 Infiltrative diseases, for example amyloidosis, of the colon as the etiology of constipation are typically rare. Amyloidosis refers to a group of disorders characterized by the extracellular accumulation of insoluble, fibrillar proteins (amyloid). In a case report in an elderly patient who presented with intestinal pseudoobstruction and had a subsequent colectomy, immunohistochemical analysis of the resected 9. Bi L, Triadafilopoulos G. Exercise and...

Crohn Arthritis Research

Amarnath RP, Fleming CR, Perrault J (1987) Home parenteral nutrition in chronic intestinal diseases its effect on growth and development. J Pediatr Gastroenterol Nutr 6 89-95 43. Klein S (1993) Nutritional therapy for patients with gastrointestinal diseases. In Sleisenger MH, Fordtran JS (eds) Gastrointestinal disease. Saunders, Philadelphia 57. Hollander D, Vadheim C, Brettholz E et al (1986) Increased intestinal permeability in patients with Crohn's disease and their relatives. Ann Intern Med 105 883-885 60. Teahaon K, Smethurst P, Pearson M et al (1991) The effect of elemental diet on intestinal permeability and inflammation in Crohn's disease. Gastroenterology 101 84-89 77. Atreya R, Mudter J, Finotto S et al (2000) Blockade of interleukin 6 trans signaling suppresses T-cell resistance against apoptosis in chronic intestinal inflammation evidence in Crohn's disease and experimental colitis in vivo. Nat Med 6 583-588 88. Bernstein CN, Leslie WD LeBoff MS (2003) AGA technical...

The Cascade of Inflammatory Signaling

Exposure to environmental chemicals, such as pesticides and heavy metals, may also disrupt the neuroendocrine-immune system, leading to upregulation of inflammatory signaling. Endocrine disruptors include dioxin and dioxin-like compounds, polychlorinated biphenyls, DDT and other pesticides, and plasticizers such as phtha-lates and bisphenol A (BPA). Endocrine disruptors may be found in many everyday products - including plastic bottles, metal food cans, detergents, flame retardants, food, toys, cosmetics, and pesticides and have been linked to insulin resistance. Exposure to BPA has been found to cause biological effects, and its mode of action appears to mimic that of the female hormone, estrogen. Studies have found that BPA does increase the risk of developing cancer 4 . Phthalates are another compound commonly found in cosmetics and personal care items such as shampoos. Phthalates are reported to also affect neuroendocrine-immune balance. A recent study reported that approximately...

Adventitious Organisms And Biotechnology

Several uncommon febrile illnesses have been recently associated with new viral diseases such as hantavirus pulmonary syndrome (13). Fredricks and Relman describe the fascinating microbial detective work via the use of PCR-based assays, thus allowing parallels to be drawn between the genetic sequences found in infected host tissues and suspected pathogens, particularly intracellular pathogens such as mycoplasma, rickettsia, and viral infections. The authors cite the detection of genetic sequences from M. paratuberculosis in 72 of Crohn's disease patients compared with 29 of other gastrointestinal disease patients, and wonder if the finding points to causation or opportunistic infection. Other examples include a number of infectious diseases associated with dormant or latent organisms, including chronic Lyme arthritis, virus-associated cancers (70), and polycystic kidney disease (PKD), (previously thought to be purely hereditary) (75). The LAL assay ( differential activation protocol )...

Synovial fluid See Appendix II

Gastrointestinal disease Almost any part of the gastrointestinal tract from the mouth to the lower bowel may be affected by SLE. Mouth ulcers occur in roughly half of patients. Swallowing difficulties are usually due to the dryness of associated sjogren's syndrome, but poor muscle contraction and reflux of stomach contents similar to that in the CREST syndrome are also found. The most common stomach complaints are those related to NSAID use, but there is an association with atro-phic gastritis and vitamin B12 deficiency. SLE patients with abdominal pain may, of course, have any of the causes anybody else might have. However, it has been shown that if the SLE is active in a number of other areas it is much more likely that the abdominal pain is directly related to lupus rather than due to something else such as gallstones. Most severely ill patients with an acute abdomen and active lupus have an ischemic bowel (loss of blood supply) due to either vasculitis or a thrombosis. These...

Alternative Health As Process

Several informants linked the idea of developing heightened awareness of oneself and one's environment with the ability to avoid stress. According to Richard, You're aware of yourself and you're moving through things in a clear, relaxed and fluid manner, and you're not spending your time, your gut isn't eating you away. Similarly, Randal told me, You need to take time for M E spelling me. You need to slow down. Stop doing for everybody else. You've got to stop burning the candle at both ends. Your body is shutting down and saying take time for me, take time to slow down. And Lucy said this What I have to do is avoid a lot of stress because stress puts even more stress upon your health. So you have to become a lot more aware of your environment, a lot more aware of your own personal reactions, and if you do then you're fine. I think it's up to you, the individual, to get second opinions if, in your intuitive part, your gut feeling, if it doesn't sit right. Like that D and C Dilation...

Gut Microflora Influences

As discussed by Kjeldsen-Kragh,5 there are several ways in which the ecology of the gut flora may make an impact on the course of RA. For example, the bacteria Proteus mirabilis, a normal intestinal species that can also give rise to urinary tract infections, contains in one of its surface-membrane proteins a sequence of six amino acids that is only two amino acids different from a sequence found on several types of human leukocyte antigen (HLADR) associated with RA. Antibody activity against a synthetically prepared peptide containing the sequence from Proteus was increased in patients with rheumatoid arthritis compared to healthy controls or patients with ankylosing spondylitis.6,7 In addition, the sequence occurring on the HLA has been shown to be the target of elevated levels of autoantibodies in a study of Japanese patients with RA.8

A major breakthrough identification of the CARD15NOD2 gene

The CARD15 NOD2 protein contains three different parts a leucine-rich repeat domain (LRR) with a horseshoe structure a nucleotide binding domain (NBD) involved in protein self-oligomerization and two caspase recruitment domains (CARDs) usually involved in homophilic CARD CARD interactions (Ogura et al., 2001b). CARD15 NOD2 therefore has a structure very similar to proteins involved in innate immunity, including plant proteins, such as that involved in resistance to tobacco mosaic virus. As expected for a gene involved in innate immunity, CARD15 NOD2 is mainly expressed in white blood cells, including monocytes, macrophages and dendritic cells (Gutierrez et al., 2002). CARD15 NOD2 can also be expressed by enterocytes after activation by inflammatory cytokines, such as TNFa or IFNg (Gutierrez et al., 2002 Rosenstiel et al., 2003). Among the enterocytes, specialized cells, known as Paneth cells seem to express CARD15 NOD2 at a high level (Lala et al., 2003 Ogura et al., 2003). These...

The Triggering Infection

Stimulation of the immune system in IBD by translocated gut bacteria therefore might well trigger AS, and T cells primed in the gut could recognize related bacteria or cross-reacting self-antigens in the joints 79 . When the T cell repertoire from an inflamed joint was compared with gut biopsies from a patient who had both IBD and arthritis, the same antigen specificities were found in both compartments. Furthermore, the CD8+ T cell receptor repertoire matched that of lymphocytes from patients with ReA 78 , supporting the concept that there may be common dominant bacterial antigens in AS and related diseases. Finally, although fewer than 10 of AS patients complain of preceding infections or IBD, infections with ReA-associated bacteria and gut lesions in IBD patients are often subclinical 107 .

Scw Pg-ps 10s Rat Arthritis Model

Velop arthritis may also be related to an inapparent infection or to unusually stressed animals. Therefore, maintenance of a specific-pathogen-free environment and minimal stress generates the most consistent arthritic responses. Cage overcrowding should be avoided. The gut flora also appear to affect disease expression, so it is important to obtain the animals from a single source to maintain consistency. In this context, it is interesting that germ-free F344 rats are relatively susceptible to arthritis, whereas specific-pathogen-free or conventional F344 rats are relatively resistant to disease (Van Den Broek et al., 1992a,b). The mechanisms underlying these observations are not well defined, but are a subject of continuing investigation.

What You Can Do to Plug the Leaks

Glutamine is an amino acid that acts as a major fuel for the small intestine. Biochemically, it is converted to glutamic acid and then to alpha-ketogluterate, which goes on to form ATP for energy. Normally, I do not advise supplementing with glutamine because in the brain it is also converted to glutamic acid, where it can contribute to excitotoxicity, but because of the severity of the leaky gut problem, a short-term course of glutamine is less dangerous than the problems associated with this disorder. Glutamine also has been shown to lengthen intestinal villi, thicken mucosa, and increase IgA secretion. In cases of radiation and chemotherapy injury, glutamine has produced significant improvement in gut healing. Quercetin (found in onions, tea, cranberries, and apples) is a powerful histamine inhibitor, not only making it a great supplement for hayfever and sinusitis, but also for leaky gut. Mast cells in the gut, which secrete histamine, promote the development of the leaky gut...

Responses To Hsp 65 In Adjuvant Arthritis And Other Arthritis Models

The presence of shared antigenic epitopes in the arthritogenic preparation might account for hsp 65 recognition in SCW arthritis. A model in which this cannot be the case is pristane arthritis in the mouse. This model is induced in susceptible strains (BALB c and CBA Igb) by intraperitoneal injection of the mineral oil pristane (2,6,10,14-tetramethylpentadecane) (10). In this model, several studies by Thompson et al. have revealed clear T-cell responsiveness to hsp 65 using splenocytes from arthritic mice. The magnitude of responses to hsp 65 were clearly higher in mice with gross arthritic disease compared with mice that received pristane but did not develop disease (36). As this model uses no antigenic component capable of inducing hsp 65 cross-reactive T cells, the priming for responses to hsp 65 must be the result of activation by endogenous antigens. These antigens may be the elusive cross-reactive joint-specific antigens which appear to be involved in the AA model or...

Treatment of Gout and Hyperuricemia

Gout Radiographs Lumbar Spine

Indomethacin (Indocin) is commonly used. One regimen involves giving indomethacin 50 mg four times a day for the first 2 days, then 50 mg three times a day for a week, then 50 mg twice a day for a week, then 25 mg two or three times a day for 2 to 3 weeks (or more). Acute gout can also be treated with colchicine in a dose of 0.6 mg hr by mouth up to a total of 5 or 6 mg until relief or severe gastrointestinal side effects occur. At one time it was thought that colchicine was effective only for acute gouty arthritis, and so its use had utility in the differential diagnosis it is now known that colchicine is at times successful for any form of acute arthritis.15 Colchicine can be given intravenously, a method that reduces side effects but the drug is potentially toxic in this form, and it is recommended that physicians considering the use of intravenous colchicine carefully review the instructions for its use.16 For patients who are unlikely to tolerate treatment with NSAIDs or...

HLAB27 and bacteria in the pathogenesis of AS

Despite the fact that IBD cannot be seen as a bacterial infection stimulation of the immune system by local gut bacteria as a consequence of lesions in the gut mucosa serves most probably a similar purpose. Patients with IBD who are positive for HLA-B27 have an especially high risk to develop AS. In one large study 54 HLA-B27-positive Crohn's patients developed AS, while AS could be diagnosed only in 2.6 of HLA-B27-negative Crohn's patients 20 . Although again less than 10 of patients with primary AS do have clinical evidence of IBD it has become clear that in up to 50 of patients with so-called idiopathic AS macroscopic or microscopic mucosal chronic lesions resembling Crohn's disease can be detected in the gut by colonoscopy 21 . Thus, probably in most, if not all, of the AS patients a bacterial trigger is essential in the pathogenesis of the disease. These patients normally have to be positive for HLA-B27.


The use of pharmaceutical agents to improve intestinal motility can be expected to be successful only if there is remaining function of enteric nerves and muscles for the drugs to have a beneficial effect. In general, in those with severe and recurrent episodes of functional obstruction, pharmaceutical agents play little role. Agents that have been tried include cisapride, domperidone, metoclopramide, erythromycin and octreotide. Ondansetron, a 5-hydroxytryptamine3 antagonist, may be helpful in those cases in which the emetic reflex is activated, but it does not appear to affect episodes of obstruction. Surgical intervention should be limited to the placement of decompression stomas, feeding gastrostomies and the provision of full-thickness intestinal biopsies for a specific diagnosis. Bowel resection may help in patients where the disease is limited to a specific segment of the gut such as the colon, but for those children with diffuse disease other than the placement of a...


Diverticulitis is a painful inflammation and infection of a diverticulum. Diverticulitis frequently causes left lower quadrant abdominal pain along with fever, nausea, diarrhea, and constipation. Perforation of a diverticulum resulting in peritonitis or intraabdominal abscess formation can be a complication. Diverticulitis is typically treated with bowel rest and antibiotics effective against gut flora. A combination of a quinolone and an agent for anaerobic organisms, such as metronidazole, is one commonly used regimen. In severe cases, or when perforation occurs, surgery may be indicated.

Age Effects

Although the toxicological significance has yet to be studied, age-related differences in the absorption of foreign compounds are demonstrable. Neonatal and geriatric human subjects have low gastric acid secretion, and consequently the absorption of some foreign compounds may be altered. Thus, in the neonate penicillin absorption is enhanced whereas paracetamol absorption is decreased. Intestinal motility may also be influenced by age, with various effects on the absorption of foreign compounds dependent upon the site of such absorption. The absence of gut flora in the neonate may have as yet unknown influences on the disposition of foreign compounds in the gastro-intestinal tract. Once absorbed, foreign compounds may react with plasma proteins and distribute into various body compartments. In both neonates and elderly human subjects both total plasma-protein and plasmaalbumin levels are decreased. In the neonate the plasma proteins may also show certain differences which decrease the...

Yellow Nail Syndrome

Pincer nails have excessive curvature along the long axis of the nail and usually affect the great toenails. The nail plate in pincer nails arises from under the proximal nail fold normally but then distally it becomes laterally compressed to varying degrees. Tight shoes and osteoarthritis may play a role. Recently, it has been described as a nail sign of gastrointestinal disease.

Dr Walt Stoll

The immune system sees the world in black and white. Something entering your body that it comes in contact with is either you or it is not you. If it is you, the immune system is not supposed to attack, and if not you, then it is supposed to attack. One of the things that your digestive tract does is to break down things from the environment into particles small enough for you to absorb without alerting your immune system that they came from somewhere else besides you. But if, for example, your gut is not doing the job perfectly, and it leaks a particle of protein (a peptide) that is large enough to alert the immune system, in your joints, muscles, or ligaments, for instance, then your immune system can't tell the difference between the protein particle from outside and the one in your tissues, so it attacks both. Let's imagine that every time you have corn, for example, you don't break it down perfectly and one of those peptides leaks out of your intestine. Your body attacks the corn...

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