Pharmaceutical interest

Anti-inflammatory and hepatoprotector properties: The anti-inflammatory property of Elephantopus scaber L. is confirmed: teng khia u, a Taiwanese drug consisting of Elephantopus scaber L., Elephantopus mollis H. B. K. and Pseudoelephantopus spicatus (Juss.) Rohr., reduces acute arthritis caused by carrageenan (Chin CT et al., 1999) significantly and lowers the serum levels of glutamate oxalic acetic transaminase [aspartate aminotransferase] (SGOT) and glutamate pyruvic acid transaminase [alanine aminotransferase] (SGPT) in animals, poisoned with p-D-galactosamine and acetaminophen (Lin C etal., 1995).

Cytotoxic properties: Elephantopus species are interesting because they produce germacranolide sesquiterpenes which are cytotoxic, such as elephan-topin characterized from Elephantopus elatus (Kupchan SM etal., 1969). Ele-phantopus scaber L. contain cytotoxic germacranolide sesquiterpenes (But PPH et al., 1997), the cytotoxicity of which would be worthwhile testing.

deoxylephantopin isodeoxyelephantopin scabertopin

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