Takagi, Kenji, 1, 2, 3f Theraband exercises, 249f, 263f Thigh circumference, measurement of, 39, 40f Thomas test, 39, 40f, 240, 244f Thrombophlebitis, hip arthroscopy-

related, 234 Total hip arthroplasty, 226 aspiration of, 54 complications of, arthroscopic management of, 31-32, 32f hip arthroscopy after, 167-168, 168f Total hip replacement, as osteoarthritis treatment, 16-17, 20

Traction, 170, 171/ complications of, 229-230, 231, 234

as neurovascular injury cause, 229-230 Trampolines, mini, 94/ Trauma, as hip disorder cause computed tomography of, 51 patient history of, 36 Tumors acetabular, computed tomography of, 51 in children, 210-211 femoral, computed tomography of, 51

imaging of, 66, 66/ skeletal, as chronic groin pain cause, 74 soft-tissue, classification of, 20

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